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Top Reasons Software Projects Fail and How To Get It Right

  • April 16, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

A study conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI) demonstrated that almost 14% of software projects fail. It gives us a clear picture that while the software business keeps on developing dramatically, still there are software projects that do not endeavor as planned out.

In the year 2013, as per PLANVIEW PPM PRO™ (back then it was named INNOTAS® ) uncovered that 50% of organizations encountered an IT project failure within a span of the chances of your ideas getting failed in the market. It is also better that you implement the correct strategy and ideas for your business. 

Note:- A good software company can help you to find a mid-way out and help you to earn profits. Why? Well, according to the 2019 report shared by Startup Genome, a research and policy advisory organization nine out of ten start-ups fail. 

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Shikhar Ghosh in an interview with The Wall Street Journal shared three-quarters ventures-backed start-up failure. As per the Bureau of Labor, almost 2 out of 10 businesses failed in the initial year of launch. 

Now, don’t you think there are huge numbers of businesses who have tried their luck in the market? They have already faced the downfall. The only mistake they made is taking the wrong turn. Do you want to be the next-in-line? 

So, how can you ensure your project does not take a wrong turn? How can you save your valuable ideas? Any idea?

In this blog, we will go through the top four reasons why software projects fail, how to hire proficient software developers who bring actionable solutions.

1. Indistinct or Unclear Projects Prerequisites 

It is very much essential to define the specification of the project.

Anyway, in the eagerness to please the customers and close the deals, organizations ignore subtleties. This could crash the project down the line. In different cases, project prerequisites are ineffectively communicated and misunderstood between parties. 

For example, the customer may require a professional who is capable of developing coding in PHP and .Net. In any case, your understanding might be that the customer is hoping to employ a developer who can manipulate with coding in PHP or .Net. Even though the requirements are the same but can you see the minute difference? This is the minute gap difference where the project fails.

A detailed discussion about point-by-point prerequisites will not only just assist you with characterizing objectives and destinations for finishing the project. Yet it will additionally guarantee you the final results to meet the actual expectation.


So, how can you address this issue? 

Every project is exceptional and unique, and every customer is different and extraordinary. The easiest method to guarantee that you are destined for success is to pose a ton of inquiries. Yes, you read it right. Put up a plethora of questions (specific to your project). Have a brainstorming session with your team. Do your homework. Regardless of whether they appear to be senseless or self-evident, it is in every case preferable to be sure rather than wrong.

Are the prerequisites measurable and specific? Would they be able to be accomplished realistically? Are the prerequisites liquid? These are some of the questions that can altogether address the expectations for the project. 

When you’re certain that you have nailed the prerequisites, note everything down in an extensive document (make sure it is comprehensive). Once you are done with this section then only opt for a one-to-one session with the professionals. Utilize an opportunity to go to and fro, adapt the specifications of requirements, add additional subtleties, and ensure you are on the same page as the professionals.

2. Limited or Poor Communication

One of the primary reasons why software projects fail is the lack of communication. Just because you’ve understood the client’s requirements, doesn’t mean that their developers have. Sometimes, employees are too shy to voice doubts or ask questions. 

One of the essential reasons why software projects generally fall flat is the communication gap. Since the leading team has perceived your prerequisites does not imply that their designers, developers, or analysts have. There are chances that the employees are too bashful to even think about voicing questions or pose inquiries. 

Note:- This is the reason why it is advised to get your project developed from an established and experienced software development company. They will have an experienced team and professionals who know to overcome the challenges. Moreover, they will be adept at having an open end-to-end conversation. 

Tips to overcome such a situation

It’s a simple one: impart the communication in a better way. Set up a culture of genuineness and encourage the professionals to speak up over delays, complaints, or whatever else that is playing on their psyches. 

Set up a weekly candid conversation with the team. Yes, it would lead to some stress or even disagreements arise (in some cases), but it eventually ends up being a successful, fruitful, and well-rounded project. When concerns are bottled up and problems glossed over, you may risk jeopardizing the whole engagement and cause the software project to fail.

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This is the ideal opportunity for you to transparently and genuinely speak with them, persuade them, evaluate their advancement, and address any detours en route. By doing this, everybody is kept mindful of the situation about the project consistently.

In short, you must use this opportunity to be interactive and responsive to your valuable dream.

3. Lack of Foresight 

In a study conducted by Innotas, 55% of IT experts demonstrated that their project was bombed because of the absence of time, staff, and spending plans. The principal explanation for this is poor planning. 

Numerous organizations do not do an appropriate practicality study or even really think about the real logistics of their projects. This can cause ridiculous assumptions and that constantly prompts pressure and disillusionment. In the most pessimistic scenario, there are not sufficient ranking professionals (seniors) relegated to manage the team. Left with no course and restricted inspiration, it’s nothing unexpected when the project eventually fails.

So, what steps can be taken in such a scenario?

It is always better that you involve the upper management from the initial stage of your project. You cannot deny the fact that the employees leave at an uncertain time. Hence, if the top management is involved at the initial stage itself, then there won’t be any chances of any delays and failures. You can rely on the expectations that will be optimistic from the onset. 

There will be someone responsible who will be involved and can adjust as per the plans. You can also be at ease that someone responsible can control the execution of the project. And everything will stay on course.

As a business owner, you must make sure to put up the questions based on the stats and facts. This will ensure that the delivery of the project is successful and impactful. 

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