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Avoid 10 Mistakes When Developing React Native Apps

  • December 4, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Are you planning to build up a React Native App for your business? Indeed, at that point, you must know about the errors and the mistakes you are inclined to. This blog covers basic slip-ups that you can avoid some mistakes when developing react native apps

Before we find out about the “can occur” missteps and how to dodge them, we should return to the essentials of React Native Development and why it is popular today.

About React Native App Development

React Native, developed by Facebook, is one of the most used cross-stage application development platforms. With its high prominence in the market, this platform has effectively taken app development higher than ever before. It is the reason why industries opt to hire React Native app developers

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Not just this, since the year 2019, it has attained its positions at the top in cross-platform app development. Around 42% of designers and developers use it for application development. 

The explanation for this is that it annihilates the need to create diverse applications for various platforms. 

Below mentioned are some basic consideration why you should choose React Native for the business:-

  1. It employs JavaScript.
  2. They can easily and completely assemble local applications 
  3. The interaction to establish is immediate and quick.
  4. It upgrades according to the engineers’ profitability 
  5. It gets immense support from the local area. 

Indeed, even amid these and other un-referenced advantages, a few difficulties innately arises in the React Native App development. Some errors can create a mess in the whole application. This might affect the impressions and user engagement of the application. 

While using this framework for the practices of iPhone and Android app development, it is good to hire a React Native app development company. They will implement some amazing ideas that can earn benefits for your business.

Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid For Developing React Native Apps

To improvise the operation as well as the profitability of the React Native App, you must maintain a strategical plan distance

1. Unoptimized Images

There are numerous designers and developers who do not consider optimized images. However, the fact of the matter is that one must pay special attention to it. As it can influence the working/ operation of the app.

So, what precisely does an optimized image will do?

It is essential to resize the images locally and then transfers them to cloud storage using the help of a server such as s3. The developer at this point gets a CDN interface that can be used through an API. 

This whole interaction lessens the picture stacking time. What’s more, on and off chance if you leave your pictures unoptimized, it might expand the burden time. Moreover, it will also raise questions in the minds of the users regarding your authenticity. So, it is better that you take the measures accordingly.

2. Incorrect Task Structure

To work and deal with some unacceptable task structure is extremely troublesome and you may end up in a challenging situation. Hence, it is important to venture into possibilities from various perspectives. Thanks to the advancement, the developers can easily manage by sorting numerous organizers, records, and tasks. 

The businesses generally do not focus and this in turn heap the issues. It is challenging to get a decent task structure.

3. Not Perusing The Foreign Codes & Modules

Many businesses do not implement foreign codes. The outside module makes things quicker, simpler and helps in the process of documentation. In any case, at some point, it probably won’t demonstrate the value or as expected functioning of your app because modules break. 

Hence, it is essential to peruse the code and treat this progression as extraordinary compared to other responding local application advancement rehearses. Issues can be settled effectively by expecting some unacceptable module.

4. Constraints in Abstraction Layer

For adding the best functionality you must add an abstraction layer to the framework of React Native and this you can add in the local stage. This layer in itself accompanies some relentless issues – and you must ensure to avoid such issues:-

  1. Distinguishing the bugs which you encounter in the abstraction layer. If you have bugs it can cause numerous troubles.
  2. High reliance on third-party libraries and services. 
  3.  Reliance on executing the designs that are custom. 

5. Estimation is Totally Wrong

1. Design & Layout for Android and iOS and Android version

There is a huge number of components available that can be re-used. The mere structure and simple design of an application page can be completely different for both iOS and Android totally. 

2. Forms

You must ensure to appraise and estimate the validation of the layout. When you develop an application in the React Native framework, you must make sure to compose more codes in comparison to the Hybrid apps.

3. To Develop a Web App

You should always check the variant endpoints which are generally given by the backend. There is no doubt that you would be in a situation where you have to deal with the rationales on your apps. Hence, it would be wise that you think about the coding and how you can implement it effectively. You must have an idea about the structure of your data and how will you use the elements, etc.

6. Mutating The State Inside The Function of Render

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The picture above shows how the interconnection is taking place between Datastore and View. The datastore has all the essential data contains in the segment and the view is delivered based on state. In this area, it devours into an advanced state from the data store and displays it. 

To accomplish this,  React is embedded with the setState() function where the new object is taken and contrasted with the past state. 

After this stage, another function is added after consolidation with the function state and then shipped off to the datastore.  

Presently,  if you change the state straightforwardly, the lifecycle gets wrecked and it corrupts the past stages. This prompts the applications to operate unusually or there are chances that they may end up crashing. This on the other hand will make you reach a position where the functionalities across the segment will give you the suggestion to compose the custom codes in place of React. In a later stage, you may end up having the codes that are unmanageable and substantial for your application.

7. Left “console.log” Articulations

The statement of the console.log is very helpful. They even give assistance troubleshooting the application execution. Have you ever given a thought about what will occur if you just leave the statements(log) in the app as it is? 

It can seriously be a significant issue if you keep all the techniques (that renders) and logistics as it is, inside the app, specifically the ones that are asynchronous. As these can cause trouble in the bottleneck which you can see on the thread of the JavaScript. As a result, the application will operate slowly.

8. Unit Tests

It is always essential to be attentive while developing a mobile app. People think that they can manage to establish themselves in the market without any unit test. Well, this perception is extremely wrong. It is important to focus on the unit test. This will ensure that the segment of your apps is independently running. Adding to it, it is necessary to test the functionalities properly using the unit test. 

This platform development should be done ideally to track the bugs. And the major benefit of running the unit test is that you can track the bugs and earn good results.

9. Using the Component of The Stateless to Attain The Performance

The stateless component generally means that the classes of any component do not extend. There are mainly two React native app development mistakes which one does:-

  1. Utilizing the stateless component every time
  2. Not initiating the state in an orderly manner

10. Passing Additional Bindings & Parameters

This is the common mistake that one takes while binding the application using the rendering method. This rendering method instead of using the former method constructs new methods every time. It can be easily sorted by using the binding method such as handle- WatchList() which you can see in the property or constructor syntax of the initializer.

Comparing Native and React Native

React Native was launched by Facebook and it is used to optimize the entire process of development. It is quicker to develop an app using React Native for iOS or Android platforms.

Pros of React Native App Development

There are numerous benefits of React Native app development, they are:-

  1. One can save a lot on costings
  2. Live reloads
  3. Intuitive and modular architecture

Wrapping it up!!

If you are launching your React Native apps ensure that you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes. Nobody wants a glitchy product in the market and nobody would love to lose their image on the rookie mistake.

Hence, it is better that you hire React Native developers from leading mobile app development company. MobileCoderz is an adroit React Native app development company. We, as a business partner has helped many businesses to establish their mark in the market using React Native app development.


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