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MobileCoderz is a leading OTT app development company to deliver standout streaming video and media content experience across multiple device platforms. Fit all your VOD (Video On Demand Platform) business requirements with our OTT app development solutions, which offer scalable video streaming applications for fabulous OTT platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

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Creating World-Class Omnichannel Viewing Experince With Tailored OTT Platforms

We at Mobilecoderz assist businesses in the world of tailored video streaming platforms with our next-gen OTT app development services. Our app experts help you manage, distribute, and monetize your OTT content by offering a unique omnichannel experience to your viewers across all devices.

We provide on-demand and high quality streaming content that support multiple mobile devices, web browsers, and media players. Our experts have specialization in developing top-notch OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. We create latest-standard OTT apps fully powered with advanced features that support HD video streaming and high-quality content to ensure users get seamless and engaging user experience.

We have years of experience in developing appealing and engaging live streaming and video applications where users can get a rich user experience, increased brand loyalty, and high revenues.

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End-to-end OTT app development solutions for seamless streaming experiences.

Streaming video

These are the most popular type of OTT applications, and include services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. They allow users to stream a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and original content on a subscription basis.

Payment and Banking apps

Payment applications allow users to manage their financial transactions and make payments using their mobile devices.

Live TV streaming

These applications allow users to stream live TV channels and on-demand content, such as Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

Music streaming

These applications allow users to stream music and create playlists, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Gaming streaming

These applications allow users to stream and play video games on a subscription basis, such as Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, and Amazon Luna.

News streaming

These applications allow users to stream news and current events, such as CNN Go, BBC iPlayer, and NBC News.

Social media

These allow users to stream live videos and watch content from influencers, such as TikTok, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live.

Podcast streaming

These applications allow users to stream and download audio content, such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Soundcloud.

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Features Of OTT Applications

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  • Scalability

    We build powerful and reliable OTT applications that ensure scalability and build the infrastructure to handle a large number of users and streams.

  • Security

    Our OTT applications are integrated with high security features to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access to content.

  • Integration

    We integrate our robust OTT applications with third-party APIs efficiently and flawlessly.

  • Monetization

    We provide seamless multiple payment models free, premium or subscription based. Users can choose the payment model as per their convenience.

  • User experience

    Our OTT applications are user-friendly, engaging, and the quality of the streaming service is consistent when it comes to low internet connection speeds, network congestion, and other factors.

Revolutionizing video-on-demand platforms With Top-Notch OTT Services

The media and entertainment industry has unlocked multiple opportunities for brands to grow and drive sales. We are stepping into the future of tailored video solutions and top-notch omnichannel experiences for your viewers across various devices. At Mobilecoderz, we provide you with an extensive suite of next-gen OTT development services and ensure anytime-anywhere access to users worldwide.

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  • Strict NDA to protect IP Rights

    We use strict non-disclosure agreements with our clients to protect their IP rights and keep them safe. This ensures that your app idea will be kept confidential. Keeping your intellectual property private and protected is our top priority.

  • Flexible Hiring Models

    We offer our clients multiple hiring methods to engage with us. Irrespective of providing our talented resources on rigid parameters, we offer flexibility to our clients to choose multiple hiring models that satisfy your project requirements.

  • Agile Development

    Our experts implement Agile methodology during the OTT application development process to deliver the finest results and add maximum value to your business. Our app developers utilize next-gen technologies to deliver impeccable and amazing user experience with continuous innovation.

  • Certified & Vetted Developers

    We have a team of 20+ certified and vetted oTT application developers having deep industry experience and expertise in building robust and industry-grade OTT applications utilizing the latest technologies. Our proficient and expert OTT application developers are learning consistently to enhance their knowledge with the latest industry trends.

  • Long term Support & Maintenance

    Our experts didn't stop at the deployment process. We at Mobilecoderz provide professional and seamless round-the-clock app development support and maintenance post-launch. Our app development team works dedicatedly to assist you in smooth app development.

  • Modern Tools & Programming Languages

    The app developers at MobileCoderz leverages the latest technologies to create innovative OTT solutions that upscale your business. We have built expertise in next-gen technologies including IoT, AI, AR/VR, Wearables, and Cloud Computing.

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Explore Some of Our Highly Successful OTT App projects

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On-Demand Video Streaming Platform

On-Demand video content is one of the rising demands of the tech-savvy people today. We build an on-demand video streaming services platform/ mobile app in Java that comes with multiple features like live streaming, media conversion, and cloudfront for streaming requests. The app provides multiple types of content catering to different industry verticals including sports, entertainment, and motorsports, biographies, documentaries, etc

View Portfolio Raised $2M

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Shyam client Shyam Kalirajah Owner, Finku

"They filled in the specification gaps and delivered a great outcome.The team at MobileCoderz is professional as well as transparent. They stick to the timeline and cost estimations. Their team's on time with milestones"

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Ali client Jan Ruehl Founder, Dirtlej

"We are happy with our engagement with Mobilecoderz team & We are looking forward to bringing in their team again to add more features. We know that our app was very complicated to create, but they responded to our comments until the final version was just right."

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Ali client Julie Garnier Founder, My pet corner

"They had excellent developers.The process and the project were well-managed.They were able to put all of our requested features into the app."

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Grape client Antoine Petigny-Samuelson Founder, Grape Vista

"Their work is really impressive. Project management is very good. The great thing about them is that we speak on almost a daily basis through Skype. It’s been great communication in every step of the process"

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Ali client Ali Mahmood uTrack, CEO

"Delighted in dealing with MobileCoderz due to their briskness , seriousness , professional & esteem dealing , problem solving i.e. they always come back with a solution even if they take a generous amount of time for the R&D "

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Brian client Brian Frias Brand and Technology Manager,
Masterfit Enterprises

"Their follow-up has been great and their willingness to squash out a few bugs and rush new versions to the mobile stores has earned them my respect."

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