Wearable app development is the future

Creating sustainable, robust and innovative wearable app solutions for your business

Wearable tech is here to stay, it is the future and with its wide array of interesting applications, not getting into the bandwagon of wearable app development would be a mistake! With notifications, important and critical health applications, iOT and customized apps, the wearable tech segment is estimated to be a #45 billion industry in the coming years.

MobileCoderz has worked on interesting wearable app development and we have delivered apps that have focussed on fitness, payments, iOT and other smart watch apps for a variety of clients. We are the name behind countless wearable apps and our apps have been featured on both the App Store and the Play Store. We have domain expertise in this area as we’ve been at it since the early stages of wearable devices and thus we are very well versed in wearable technology.

Rated 4.9/5.0 by 300+ clients for iOS and Android development services on various platforms.

MobileCoderz – the wearable devices app development company you’ve been looking for

We are not new to this business! We’ve worked with wearable tech since it was in its nascent stages and our expertise is unparalleled in the area.


We’ve worked on fitness apps, iOT apps and customized apps for businesses apart from apps that are meant for wireless payments and health and fitness related apps. Today, wearable tech can be used to monitor health conditions, personal safety and even has high end medical applications such as monitoring for pre-eclampsia, heart issues, migraines and so on. Since we began working on this technology since the very beginning, we are well versed in both the hardware and software components that are required for a robust wearable app.

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We have a team of wearable app developers who are well versed in the software and hardware aspects of wearable tech development. Our team has engineered many scalable and robust apps that interface seamlessly with various devices. Our team boasts of expertise in drivers for Linux and other operating systems, power management, data analytics, data visualization, UI/UX design, industrial electronics, ultra-low voltage devices and SCADA.

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Celebrated Apps

MobileCoderz has a long history of having apps featured on the App Store and Play Store and we provide free support and maintenance post launch up to one year. With our focus on quality and crafting innovation, your wearable app is sure to create a lot of buzz and stay on top of the charts for a long while. We offer a unique combination of experience, expertise and focus on user engagement that ensures that any app that we launch is a hit among the intended target audience.

Wearables will be in every household similar to smartphones by 2020; cash in on the trend and build a futuristic wearable app for your business with us!

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