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Ideas to Make Your App Go Rock N Rolla’ After Mobile App Development – Best Mobile App Promotion Strategies

  • April 6, 2020
  • By Ipsita Srivastava

In this blog, you’ll come across some mobile app promotion strategies that you can use to make your app go viral after mobile app development. The good thing about these tips is that they can be used diversely in apps from various niches.

Let’s Begin With the Content on Your App

A study by The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), a popular marketing channel revealed that more than 81% of the U.S. population is influenced by their friends’ social media posts. Thus, having some content in your app that gets people to talk about it is the best way to spread a word about your app or marketing your mobile app.

You can get people engaged in your business idea once your mobile application development service provider delivers a high-performing mobile app with engaging features. Below are the three basic steps to continue with your app promotion strategy:

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  1. Populate your app with curated content;
  2. Use interesting content/punch lines to plug your app on social media;
  3. Build tools in your app to assist users to create remarkable content.

People share content that helps others, boost their mood, or improves their reputation.

For example, here are some points that can be used to create an intriguing content – Breaking news articles, easy meal ideas, and insider’s travel guides. These are that some types of content folks will want to share with others.

Dave McClure, in his presentation ‘How to Pitch a VC’, focuses on three motivators that you simply can use to make your app popular.

They’re money, sex, and power.

He says that great products do one in every of three things: get you laid, get you paid, or get you made. Help your users make money, help them look attractive to others, and permit them to achieve something valuable kind of special status and posting permissions, or the facility to ask new members to hitch. Product Hunt, as an example, only grants commenting and merchandise posting permissions to those members who are nominated by someone within the community.

Once you’re done with mobile application development, you can start sharing positive and uplifting content as it has more chances to urge social shares than negative content that inspires low arousal like sadness or contentment. Inspiring quotes, pictures with cute animals, and articles about innovation and science trigger high arousal emotions, like awe, amusement, and excitement. This will be the reason why this type of content often gets shared on social media.

  • Make Users Curious

People (users) nowadays are very curious about new technologies, fashion, food, or any other services of their interests. They’re interested in knowing what’s going on in other people’s lives, how famous company offices look like and why certain things become viral and others don’t. Now in this case concealing features that your app may have should not be your choice. In reality, you must consider the likes, dislikes, preferences, & customer behavior to decide which features can get more app shares and to do this all you need do initial research work in the right approach.

The Wokamon Fitness App contains hundreds of animated monsters that keep growing as you work out using the app. Every calorie burned unlocks more creatures. You can collect all of them by practicing more or earning reward points for connecting with friends on social media through Wokamon. This concept not only encourages people to stay on their workout routine but also keep them engaged in the enticing features of the app.

Another great idea about how to make your app go viral is to surprise your users with gifts or rewards. An app named ‘Clear’ is popular for its hidden themes that users can discover by completing different tasks. One of these tasks is to follow Clear on Twitter, the other is to complete 100 tasks and tell friends about it by posting this news to Facebook. Getting your customers indulged in mystery is what makes your more product desirable like ever. Create a puzzle if you want to question about how to enhance the distribution of your data. People are interested in knowing the secret. Steve Jobs understood this, and he focused on the anonymity of new Apple items, until the moment of announcing them on MacWorld keynote. So, if you’re planning to invest in mobile application development services then you must not forget that curiosity can attain better user engagement for your app.

  • Show Some Strong Social Proof

Display evidence of social standing – Social revolutions happen when a product or just an idea creates public excitement and engagement. While planning your promotional strategy after custom mobile app development you must keep one in mind that users are more inclined to use any app or service if they see other people using it on others’ devices. Social proof lets us overcome fear. Here are some ideas for getting the app viral by taking advantage of social facts:

  1. When you log in to your social accounts, go to your friend’s profile and recommend them to follow your most proactive users. Encourage people to connect by explaining specifically how their network will grow. Set a user-friendly sharing feature. You will learn how to encourage others to enter.
  2. Although you would be thankful to the expertise of the mobile app development company you’ve hired for getting your deep app if your app has been featured on a tech magazine, has won a design award, or if a star is talking about it, you ought to mention this in your app’s description on the App Store. Quoting a respected source will also add reliability and supply social proof.
  3. Promote the most active users – You can target the most active users to be found, give them rights to manage special groups, organize events, and make unique invitations. Target influencers, journalists, and celebrities. You need powerful users who have the foremost connections.
  • Earnings & Rewards

People will tell everybody around them to check-in if you’ll incentivize them with rewards. Tangible rewards may vary and can be divided into two types:

  1. The in-app currency that users can spend in exchange for physical goods, and
  2. Digital rewards that haven’t any value outside the app.

The mobile app development of the trending music discovery platform Tradiio is strategized in such a way that it allows users to take a position digital currency in songs from emerging artists. If a song they invested in increases in value, they will share their stake at a profit and use the proceeds to shop for actual things like Tradiio t-shirts, tote bags, and music festival tickets.

Tangible rewards could even be discounts, extra storage, free wallpapers, a free upgrade, stars and badges, and even real money. Like, this app GymPact – allows users to earn cash rewards by reaching their health goals. These rewards provide extrinsic value to users. But there’s also intrinsic motivation which will be far more powerful. Intrinsic motivation is triggered by internal factors, like enjoyment that folks get from doing something they love.

So, how are you gonna use these enjoyable activities to make users share your app? To solve this, you need to understand what consistently motivates your potential customers.

Some people want to print out a photograph to offer to their friends for brand spanking New Year’s, others want to ride 30 kilometers by bike and let everybody realize their success. Some would like to read writing tips every morning and publish the notable of them to their Facebook feed while some would like to read them every morning. It is up to you how you’re going to marketize your brand with successful mobile application development. Hence, you must learn who your users are, and reward them by giving them what they want.

  • Earn the Users’ Trust

When people are sure of safety and security, they learn to trust your product. Trust builds strong relationships that are very hard to break. Trust isn’t easily won, but once you win it, no market competition is a threat to your product. Gaining trust can make your app popular & profitable.

To build your credibility as a reliable brand, use push notifications and emails that cater to individual needs and offer highly relevant information. Making people feel cared about can dramatically increase their desire to inform others about your product.

Let your users know how their information is going to be used. You can take suggestions from your mobile app development service provider to know how the app’s features will benefit app promoters in terms of building trust with potential customers. Requesting access to a user’s location services should be accompanied by a message telling users exactly how their experience will improve by allowing this access. Look at how Snapchat does it: By doing this they’ll enjoy sharing their personal information with you and you earn their trust. There is no word of mouth without trust.

Therefore, gaining a user’s trust should be a top priority in the long run so that they don’t forget about your app as soon as you stop rewarding them.

  • Build Relationships

Making users download your app is just the beginning and not an end goal. The longer time people spend using your app, the more likely they’re to speak about it. You need to create relationships with users one-to-one if you would like them to continue being entangled in your app. A friendly greeting or a simple smiley can make someone’s day. Appreciate your users and communicate with them regularly to stay relationships going.

  1. People like to mention themselves and about what they think, so ask people about themselves. Listen to them attentively. Flatter them, but don’t lie. People remember every step you take and the words you use, and they can see through deceptive and manipulative tactics.
  2. People won’t trust you unless you are willing to trust them. Tell people about yourself and what you care about. Give them a sense of who you are and why you do what you do. Tell a story. Put it on your website within the “About” section and watch people sharing it.
  3. Like, when I receive an email or a simple message from my favorite food apps like Swiggy about the recent updates or their latest techniques they are using to serve us better, I tend to use the app more because they’ve created great trust in user relationship.
  4. People want to become a part of something bigger than themselves. Create a community, not just an app, and they’ll come to trust you. Build relationships together with your users and you would possibly never need to puzzle your brain over the way to make your app go viral.

Ending Notes

Mobile app promotion strategies started from the app’s content, socializing for brand promotion, rewards/engagement programs, & building connections on the verge of credibility & trust. Even if you’re an aspiring appreneur, you must know the value of promoting your product alongside hiring a full-stack mobile application development service provider for your project. Having shared all this, I hope these tips help you in making your app more successful without much hassle. Do let me know which of these tips you find helpful and how you’ll be implementing them.

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Ipsita Srivastava

This blog has been written by Ipsita Srivastava, a proficient multitasker who is designated as a senior business development associate at MobileCoderz Technologies. Her technical skills & interests include wider areas of digital media, brand awareness, consumer behaviour, & promotional campaigning. Having a flair in writing info-rich blogs, she loves sharing her knowledge & strategies to inform readers.

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