How to Develop a Flutter Web Application?

There is a huge demand for cross-platform apps in the age of the skyrocketing app development industry. Thus, it has become essential for businesses to develop apps for multiple platforms. Developers prefer Flutter for developing amazing cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and the web. When businesses invest in Flutter web app development, they are able to create highly scalable and robust applications. 

Continue reading this blog to learn how Flutter for web apps is ideal for developing your web application. 

What is Flutter Web App Development ?

Flutter web app development helps you in the development of complex web apps, graphically intensive, and interactive content to engage the end-users on a variety of devices. In fact, it provides a delivery model based on various web browsers for existing Flutter apps. It even works with Windows Apps.

In Flutter web app development, you will be able to render the apps smoothly just like your iOS or Android apps. In fact, you will be able to convert your development project into native code when you want to deploy the app. Flutter apps are almost smooth as native apps. However, the performance also heavily depends on the web browser and devices’ hardware capabilities.

Why Do Businesses Prefer Flutter Web App Development?

Businesses prefer Flutter web app development because it offers them a faster development process, reduction in development cost, and allows them to implement interactive designs and smooth animations. 

Flutter web app development gives them the perfect solution to develop a mobile and web app at the same time with the same codebase. Plus, it also offers an incredible user interface and experience that engages the users. Many businesses prefer Flutter since it is a cost-effective way of developing an MVP to showcase to the investors for investment purposes. Lastly, the fact that Flutter for web apps is backed by Google gives you an assurance of a bright future for this framework. You have the guarantee that Google will be releasing new updates and fix the existing bugs.  

How to Develop a Flutter Web Application?

Today, Flutter has become one of the most famous and prominent cross-platform frameworks. Big global companies like Alibaba, Google, BMW, Dream11, eBay and several others are using it to create mobile and web apps. Thus, let’s see how you can create your own Flutter app; 

Requirements in Flutter Web App Development

Before we dive into the development process, we should understand the requirements for Flutter web app development; 

  • You have to first install the Flutter SDK  
  • Then, you will need Google Chrome as Flutter for web apps relies on it for debugging web apps 
  • You will also need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Android Studio, Visual Studio, or IntelliJ IDEA for effective Flutter web app development 
  • You might also need to install Dart and Flutter plugins to enable language support and tools. 

Programming Language Used in Flutter

Google had developed Flutter, which is based on the Dart programming language. This new language has the goal of replacing the classic JavaScript. For this reason, Dart programs can directly run on a server. The web browser converts the code into JavaScript with the help of the Dart2js trans compiler.

Steps of Flutter Web App Development

Step-Up the Editor

In the first step, you have to set up Flutter for web apps on your preferred editor. Then, you have to run it with the commands of your preference. In Flutter web app development, you have the option to use the current version or the stable version. Above all, choosing the stable version is a sensible decision because it provides better stability and reliability for the ideal development environment. 

Create and Execute

When you have the power of the latest web app development tools, the development becomes a lot easier, quicker, and smoother. You can just begin by creating a new project from the chosen IDE or with a command line. Unfortunately, the ‘hot reload’ option is still not there in Flutter web app development. Instead, we have to rely on the ‘hot restart’ option to launch the app quickly. 

Building and Deploying

You might need to hire flutter app developers from a Flutter app development company to run the command for generating the release build. Furthermore, you can utilize the ‘Flutter build web’ or release mode for fulfilling a directory with in-built files. These files are very useful for developers to understand the project structure and its key features to finish the final product. 

Working on the Design

The UI/UX elements are the most important elements of a mobile or web application. In fact, it determines the complete interactivity with its users or admins. However, the design of the web app depends on the web app type. In any case, you have to make sure your web app’s intent is very clear to the users. Thus, they will be able to understand your business at first glance itself. Furthermore, you have to be very precise and decisive with font, color palette, size, format, and other UI elements.

Working on the Images 

Next, you have to work on the images to make them compatible with the web application. In Flutter web app development, you must know that the web supports the standard ‘image’ widget to show the images to users. However, you might face certain limitations during image customization because Flutter gives more options to mobile devices than on the web.

Working with the Web Renderer

You don’t need to worry about web rendering because Flutter will automatically choose the web renderer while you are trying to create an app. For example, an app will automatically run with the HTML renderer if it gets executed on a mobile browser. Plus, an app will automatically choose Canvas kit while being executed on desktop browsers. However, when you hire flutter app developers, you have the free hand to change the web renderer according to your requirements.

Proper Minification 

In Flutter web app development, you never need to worry about minification. The Flutter framework is intelligent enough to handle the job minification by itself. In fact, it effectively removes unnecessary or redundant data in the mobile app development process. 

Testing the Web App

Developers have the option to easily test their application in the Flutter web app development process. You should first run the code on the Google Chrome platform to check its integrity and reliability. The web app will start compiling and then get executed on the browser automatically. 


After completing the testing process, you have to deploy the app to a trustworthy hosting service. Thus, this will help you ensure that your apps have flawless performance and incredible security. A Flutter app development company can help to choose the most relevant hosting service from GitHub Pages, Google Cloud Hosting, Firebase hosting, etc.

Features That You Should Consider Adding During Flutter for Web App Development 

The list of features on your Flutter web app would ultimately determine the user experience and interactivity with the end-users. Thus, you have to be very decisive and careful while listing down the features of the Flutter web app. A Flutter app development company can help you align your business intent and user behavior with your app. Above all, the web app must be very accessible, fast, easy and fulfilling to use. 

  • Include a search box or a navigation bar to help users to discover their desired information
  • Use compressed images for user readability, faster loading times, and responsive design
  • A push notification system to keep the users notified about the latest news and updates 
  • Branding Information that will help you to create a brand identity and explain your offerings 
  • An easy to understand dashboard to help your marketing and SEO team to understand and analyze user activity 
  • Integration of a content management system to effectively manage content-heavy web apps

Technical Edge with Flutter Web App Development?

Using Flutter gives you access to an open-source mobile app development platform to create mobile and web apps. It is being heavily supported by Google to help developers to create cross-platform apps. These are some reasons for considering Flutter web app development; 

  • It is a very flexible cross-platform app development framework
  • Developers are able to rely on a single codebase for developing mobile apps and web apps
  • Flutter gives a very consistent and uniform experience across different platforms 
  • Developers are able to prototype much faster when they are using the Flutter framework
  • The in-app performance is almost the same as a Native app 
  • The developers are able to customize the features of the app with ease 
  • The Hot Reloading features in Flutter web might be very complicated if you don’t have an experienced team 

Things to Consider While Using Flutter for Web

These are some notable points that you should know in Flutter web app development; 

  • You can use Flutter Web for creating single-page applications 
  • It is possible for a web developer to change the native code 
  • You must make your Flutter app web responsive so that it could adapt to different devices with different screen sizes 
  • Although you will find various packages that support web apps, it would be best to learn about the supported platforms before you start coding. 

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