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Why React Native is a Cost-Effective Solution for App Development?

  • December 5, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Nowadays, mobile apps are the showstopper for any business. This smart device is constantly stealing the show. Businesses are constantly experimenting with different tools and technologies for mobile app development

If you want to have a strong place in the market you must have a good presence across all the platforms. Hence, cross-platform apps such as React  Native apps can be great for your business.

As per Statista, this is the most commonly used cross-platform framework.

React Native is a Cost-Effective Solutions for app Development

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Factors That Influence Mobile App Development Cost 

Before we delve into the details, let us first consider the fundamental factors that impact the development cost

  • UI/UX Design

A significant part of mobile app development. The costing may depend exceptionally upon definite specifications of the design. For instance, while considering your application UI, you can choose already-ready templates for Android app development or iOS apps.

This approach is quicker and more practical. It can even save a lot of your investments. Another alternative is custom design. This approach will assist you in having a unique architecture for each UI component. It will take time for planning and demonstrably can prove to be more expensive.

  • Platforms

Would you like to develop iOS or Android apps, or both? Every platform includes distinctive languages of programming and different tools for development. Also, the design of the user experience of iOS apps differs altogether from Android applications. 

Deciding on the platform will help you to anticipate development time, cost, team size, etc. It is always good to read the guidelines shared by the app store. This will be a great help in Android and iPhone app development.

  • Kinds of Mobile App Development

This is yet another factor that can influence the development cost. It includes the kind of application you want to build, for example, cross-platform or native apps. 

Cross-platform development will permit you to reduce expenses and save designing time. You can utilize similar code. The methodology of Native apps can be all the more expensive.  Here, you need to plan and develop programming for every platform independently.

  • The Complexity of Features & Functionality

The features and functionality have a great influence on the development cost of mobile apps. 

For instance, if your product has fundamental functionalities such as a calculator. It will substantially require less time for development and investment.

Assume you have to develop a large app that will fabricate complex functionalities (a huge data set, different integration, features of AR/VR, and so on). All things considered, you will need a greater group, considerably more time.

react native app development

  • Integrations of Third-Party Applications

Suppose you need to add additional features from different sources.

For instance, adding integration of GPS, integration of payment, social login. It includes Apple Pay. In short, it will essentially expand the absolute cost for mobile app development. 

  • Explicit Backend

At each phase in the development process, you ought to check that the product runs appropriately. It should not have any vulnerabilities and bugs. You need to hire a QA engineer. They will ensure that they maintain the quality of your app and minimize the issues.

Hence, it is good that you hire a React Native development company to do the entire development process. You can get your hands-on designers, SEO experts, analysts, etc., all under one roof.

React Native is The Best Answer For Cost-Efficient Mobile Apps

React Native empowers businesses to save money. The utilization of this framework offers the below-mentioned advantages-

  1. Quicker Application Development

The greatest advantage of this framework is the quicker development of mobile applications. There are numerous third-party plugins. Moreover, the code is not difficult to compose. It makes the whole development cycle fast. 

What’s more, the development time of this framework can be reduced by 50%. The main reason for this is the feature of code reusability. It likewise provides simple migration of applications.

Organizations do not have to invest resources and time for a long time for development.

  1. Maintain The Development Cost By 40%

You must ensure to hire React Native app developers from established service providers. It can help you to save the cost of development by 40%. Since they can quickly develop faster, you can save by a high margin.

You, as an organization, can launch your app quickly and begin procuring income. If you have an early launch, you can get sufficient time to plan and market your product. It can help you to have the best updates on incremental. 

  1. Quick Transition & Migration 

Yet another added benefit of hiring a React Native application development company. Without much of a problem, you can migrate your existing app to React Native application. 

You do not need to incur major expenses on migrating your app and database. In addition, you can rapidly translate your web application into React Native apps.  And the best part is you do not have to rewrite the codes from scratch. 

You just have to restyle the design and layout to get the feel and look of the React apps. 

  1. Single Codebase

Perhaps this is one of the added benefits of React Native app development. You can accomplish the development quickly by simply using a solitary codebase. An adept React Native app developer can construct Android and iOS applications from a similar code. 

It will help you save a ton of time and offer your organizations more opportunities to advertise and launch. The single codebase wipes out the additional exertion that goes into composing code independently for both platforms.

react native app development

Leading Brands Built Their Business Using This Framework:-

These days, the leading enterprises recognize the potential and advantages of React Native. Let’s check some of the leading projects with React Native and see why this framework is appropriate for mobile application development. 


Today, it’s presumably the most well-known app worldwide, with more than 1 billion dynamic users. By picking React Native, the Instagram engineers figured out how to generously improve their speed.


Airbnb is an acclaimed American marketplace for online vacation rentals. At first, the organization just had an objective to penetrate the market quickly and speed up the development time. 

They needed innovation and technology that assisted them in reaching their goal. React Native was their best decision, and accordingly, they got the popular application in a brief time frame. Presently Airbnb is enriched with 43.3 million clients in the US alone. 


Bloomberg is a well-known mobile application for Android and iOS. This platform gives worldwide news related to finance and business. The organization chose this framework to speed up the launch of new items. This provided their users with interactive and streamlined experiences across all their platforms.

Facebook Ads 

Facebook developed Facebook Ads using this framework and accomplished fantastic outcomes. Today, Facebook Ads is a rapidly responsive application with intuitive user experience and clean User interference on both platforms. 

In a nutshell!!

React Native can save a lot on costs due to numerous reasons. This framework will allow you to develop mobile solutions at a faster rate and direct approach. You can save time and cost.

Plans to develop secure, fast, and cost-efficient mobile app development using React Native? Hire React Native app developers from MobileCoderz Technologies Pvt Ltd, the leading React Native app development company.

We develop cost-effective, scalable, and robust React Native apps!!

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