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Trends that are topping the charts in Android App Development

  • February 25, 2016
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

True to the popular saying that change is the only constant thing in the world, trends keep varying in markets and businesses. This is particularly true when it comes to mobile apps. When we talk about mobile apps, Android can’t be far behind for it is one of the most popular OS platforms in the world today (after all, it is Google’s own brainchild!). Every year, trends in mobile app development keep changing and the focus keeps shifting from one thing to another. While if security is the prime focus for a quarter, user experience dominates another and so on. Read on to learn about the top trends doing the rounds in the Android app development circle; every Android application development company is focusing on these!

Shorter development lifecycles are in thing today

Consumer demand for mobile apps is growing by the day and to capitalize on it and to cater to it, it is important that mobile apps are developed as rapidly as possible. Thus, shorter the development lifecycle, the faster the time to market and this is something that every mobile application development company is focusing on today.

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Get more out of your Wi-Fi

We feel that this is one of the coolest things yet and the beacon technology is most definitely here to stay! The market for Wi-Fi is expected to grow what with data consumption becoming exponentially more by every quarter and using services that are location-based that help customers locate services in the vicinity are huge attractions. At MobileCoderz, we have successfully worked on creating mobile apps that exploit this technology and have met with huge success.

Big Data is popular in the mobile app world too!

Analytics and big data aren’t just popular in certain industries; they have a huge market in the mobile apps market too. After all, an average user spends 10% of his day using his mobile and with the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) and wearable tech gear, there is a need to track and analyze data that will help in decision making. We predict that the market for this is sure to rise immensely and as an award-winning mobile application development company, we have experts in this field as well as working on interesting new projects. Watch our blogs for more info on the same.

Mobile App Marketing will be much more focussed

Earlier, mobile app marketing was all about user engagement. However, trends indicate that customer loyalty and engagement is more likely if one were to focus on acquiring users by specific targeting. Today, with beacon technology and location-based Wi-Fi, mobile apps can target users based on their location and acquire them using helpful services, offers, and tips. Users acquired in an organic fashion tend to be more loyal than those acquired by means of other channels.

Apart from the above-mentioned trends, security, and user experience, mobile commerce, cloud integration, enterprise apps, in-app ads and purchases, smart offices and homes are other emerging trends that are likely to drive app development in 2016.

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