Top Healthcare App Development Features Everyone Should Know in 2023

In the recent digital era, the mobile healthcare environment is boosting at an overwhelming momentum. New and advanced development features have revolutionized medical care. It is speculated that over 64% of patients use digital devices to care for their health. Hence, healthcare businesses must opt to develop healthcare apps with the best healthcare app development features to deliver more innovative and robust healthcare services/products. 

The emerging demand for care is inciting the health revolution and healthcare industry. The manageable features that are incorporated in apps make it easy for the users to store/ record their data. These healthcare application development features allow the patients to approach doctors and get the best medical treatment. Thus, it has reduced the requirement of in-person doctor consultation. 

Before understanding the features let us first delve into the market of mobile healthcare solutions. Can the mobile app development company give you great results for your business? Read ahead to find out:-

By 2025, the market of healthcare apps will produce a yield of 111.1 $billion. So, this is the right time to invest in healthcare application development. The features of mobile healthcare solutions may vary but the goal will always remain the same. So, hire the best mobile app development company. They will help you to choose your features wisely while designing healthcare applications. These features can make the process easier for doctors, admin, and patients.

The mobile healthcare solutions will allow the patients to keep track of their test results, pay medical bills, etc. Now, healthcare application development will also simplify the jobs of hospitals and doctors. Doctors do not have to wait for files to check the progress of the patients as they traditionally did. Rather, the patients can check by analyzing the progress digitally. So, ensure to choose the best healthcare mobile app development features.

This indicates that the mobile healthcare solution is booming and will grow in the coming years. Have doubts? Let’s go through this example:-

During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous countries developed digital apps to trace novel coronavirus. This contact-tracing app fully relies on technologies and approaches. According to Nature Study, the digital revolution has transformed lifestyles. 

The answer is “Yes”

Even though novel coronavirus acted as a catalyst, you can foresee the trend, “do it remotely” continue. Telehealth mobile applications are continuing in the market and are a great example to prove this. Entrepreneur states that telemedicine application is laying the perfect, affordable, and efficient roadmap for healthcare’s destiny. Hence, make sure to hire the best mobile app development company. They will introduce the best healthcare mobile app development features.

Now, you must be certain about the platform. For example, the majority of users use iOS phones in the United States. So, if you have plans make sure to concentrate on this aspect. But, if your potential crowds are using Android phones. Then consider hiring an Android app development company to develop and launch a successful healthcare app. They are the best professionals who can give you a great understanding of healthcare mobile app development features.

Top Healthcare App Development Features 

  • Signup and login

This is one of the healthcare application development features that you must give attention to. The users will have the first impression of your healthcare app. Hence, you need to think of ways to create a good impression about yourself and your brand. 

The best Mobile app development company will ensure a simple signup process. Hence, your users will not be disenchanted from your healthcare apps. Hence, you do not have to dishearten the low usage results. You cannot develop a healthcare app like a proficient healthcare software developer. They may have an idea about the odds such as fewer fields to get the information about the users for healthcare app development. So, consider hiring a healthcare app development company. So, consider hiring a healthcare app development company that can adeptly implement healthcare mobile app development features.

  • Booking

Many entrepreneurs give special focus to this healthcare app development feature. It is essential to include in the healthcare apps for patients. So, the user can book video consultations and appointments. 

The app users can check for the availability of the doctor and raise requests for appointments. Contrary, the doctors can see their calendars and control the upcoming appointments. Isn’t it one of the great healthcare mobile app development features?

Healthcare app developers can help you build healthcare apps that can be simply used by patients. They will incorporate strategies that make it easier for users who find it difficult to adapt to changing innovations. 

  • Integration of EHR

Have you ever wondered what happens after you end your online consultation? How will the physician or his team update the data/ health record of the patient? Will it be stored on the internal system of the hospital? Modern mobile healthcare solutions usually provide this healthcare app development feature

The best mobile app development company will craft separate interfaces while designing healthcare applications. Here, the doctors can simply fill all the data and health forms and transfer them into the internal system.

  • Tracking the progress 

Another essential healthcare app development feature that tracks the progress of the patients. For instance, doctors can review the diet, blood pressure, or heart rate of their patients. 

This healthcare mobile app development feature can help physicians to keep an eye on the vitals and health of their patients. 

The best mobile app development company will monitor the progress and help you to design a great user experience. 

  • Notifications

Yet another essential healthcare app development feature. It will remind the doctor about their visits and also guide the patients on when to take medications. However, you must figure out the right balance for this healthcare app development feature.

You must make sure that you do not annoy your users with constant notifications. 

  • User dashboard

An established and best mobile app development company will craft easy-to-use and prominent dashboards for an effective user experience. You need to develop a dashboard that offers vital information to doctors and patients at a glance. Therefore, must develop a healthcare app that is simple to master and easy to navigate.

  • Real-time updates

Adding this healthcare app development feature will certainly generate the interest of the user in your apps. You need to continuously update the data according to the health changes of the patient.  Doctors need to have real-time information about the patients and offer better care.

  • e-Prescriptions

This innovation has added a great advantage to the healthcare industry. It will offer convenience and save time for both patients and doctors. This healthcare mobile app development feature will allow physicians to create and forward prescriptions. 

Using excellent healthcare app development services, the doctors can even add all the other relevant data.

You can even add additional mobile healthcare solutions that give details about local pharmacies. The users can also check whether the prescribed medicines are available in nearby pharmacies.

  • Management of staff

The healthcare app developers will help you in designing healthcare applications for managing the staff. You need to add features like health records, reviews, schedules of employees. It will improve the efficiency of your staff. Locum is the best mobile healthcare solution that manages pharmacies and simplifies hiring. 

  • HIPAA Video conferencing

Video consultation has replaced in-person appointments.  This healthcare mobile app development feature has replaced in-person visitation. It has become a profound element for both doctors and patients. Now the patients do not have to spend hours waiting outside the doctor’s room. 

Using secure healthcare app development services, you can opt for healthcare application development with the highest levels of privacy. This is at times challenging to achieve in the setting of a crowded hospital.

  • Integration of payment

You must integrate the payment option in healthcare application development. Using healthcare app development services, you can allow your users to pay simply for appointments. 

You can add payment gateways like PayPal, Google Pay, and Stripe. Offering visa options like master debit/ credit cards will also be beneficial. And you can marvel at the user with this healthcare mobile app development feature. 

  • Blockchain

If you are tech-savvy then you can implement this feature in healthcare application development. The healthcare app developers can proficiently develop a healthcare app using innovative solutions. Using Blockchain, you can build healthcare apps for patients.

  • Cloud

Integrating this technology in healthcare application development will allow your patients to check their medical data. This includes prescriptions, medical records, etc. No doubt, the users will love this vital feature.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is widely adopted by businesses recently. This innovation offered great potential in mobile healthcare solutions

You can implement this healthcare mobile app development feature to guide the patients to figure out their exercises.  

  • Patients privacy

It is one of the key examinations for any healthcare apps for patients that accumulate user data. And you must seriously consider it for healthcare application development

You must handle all the medical information with care. Hence, there are numerous rules and regulations that healthcare app developers workaround. But you need to earn the trust of your users. For that, you have to prove yourselves. 

Ensure to go for healthcare application development that complies with HIPAA, American Telemedicine Standards, GDR, and HL7.

  • Messaging

Messaging is an excellent mobile healthcare solution to offer speedy answers to patient’s inquiries. The physicians and doctors can simply interact with one another.

The best mobile app development company can help you to build trust among your users. They will ensure to include a section where the users can leave feedback of the physician or other medical personnel. 

  • Profile for patients and doctors 

The profile of patients and doctors is the best place to start. This is where users can log in to their medical information. It will also allow the physicians to know about their patients and overview of their medication. There are different categories of apps for the healthcare industry.

The patients can rapidly find the best doctors nearby using the doctor’s profile. For instance, the profile of the doctors will have information like healthcare facility, specialization, and recent availability. 

  • Cross-device approachability

When thinking about healthcare application development, you need to understand the audience who are using it. Major users will not use the same device. A best mobile app development company will ensure to concentrate on must-have features that are available on both Android and iOS.

  • Connecting to wearable devices

Over the past few years, wearable devices have risen to popularity. From sport FitBits to smartwatches, wearables are becoming an integral part of human lives. It can be used in numerous ways like monitor wearable ECGs and diabetes monitoring. This market is forecasted to rise by $60 billion by 2023.

This adoption rate has given a great platform to build healthcare apps for patients by integrating with other devices. These devices can accumulate all the essential information like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. This will allow the doctors to know about the routines of the patients and their overall health. Thus, doctors can assist their patients with better guidance. 

  • Integration via Third-party

Using patients, the users can have full control over their data. The hospitals can improvise the adoption of EHR using third-party integration. 

Using Box API, you can store all the critical data. With Doximity API, the user can virtually connect with doctors. Using Human API, you can manage the data of the patients. 

Make sure to apply custom API while designing healthcare applications.

Things that you must contemplate while opting for healthcare application development

  1. Purpose of your healthcare application development
  2. Choose the right technology stack
  3. Understand the requirement of your target audience

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