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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Pharmacy App?

  • September 26, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

If you are the pharmacy owner, you probably will be looking at every alternative way to attract customers. This task is really tedious because there are a lot of competitors in the healthcare market. You can opt for online pharmacy app development. Now you might be thinking, How much does it cost to develop an online pharmacy App?”

Here in this blog, we have highlighted all the details about how much it cost for pharmacy delivery app development.


People nowadays are not that patient to wait in long queues. Hence, online pharmacy app development is considered a promising business strategy. Nowadays, Meds have become fundamental in every household. We are confronted with constraints enforced by the COVID-19 peril. 

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According to the sources, one in every person is either a diabetic or a heart patient. These types of patients are specifically advised to stay quarantined at a safer place. It has ultimately led many to a challenging situation while making purchases of medicines. The on-demand pharmacy delivery app development has given great comfort to the disabled, aged, and distressed. Hence, businesses are making their way into this market. 

So, why are businesses investing in online pharmacy app development?

Individuals across the globe have welcomed and embraced online medicine delivery app development. It has only led to the exponential growth of the pharma industry. Experts predict that the projected expansion of this business globally will reach $1494. billion by the year 2023. 

These apps are nowadays integrated with the latest technologies like Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc. It has totally transformed the healthcare domain. As a result, Pharmacy delivery app development is in high demand. Many medical businesses, healthcare providers, and pharmacies are already investing in medical healthcare mobile app development.

online medicine delivery app development

Pharmacy delivery app development

Some Market Facts of This Niche

  • For the past 10 years, the global market size of Online pharmacy app development is continuously evolving. It has been noted there is an on-demand rise of mail-order medicines.  Pharmacy delivery app development has opened new space for the customers, especially the elderly and individuals under medical conditions.
  • Online pharmacy app development has saved efforts and time from waiting in long queues at pharmacies.
  • Pharmacy apps for medicine have experienced exponential growth. It is mainly because of social distancing norms announced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The soaring occurrences of chronic diseases, ascending e-prescriptions are major factors that influenced this sector.
  • The segment of prescription medicines accounted for the major share. This accounted for almost 60% in the year 2019.

Now before you go into details about the cost to develop a pharmacy mobile app, you need to have insight into the types. 

Types of  Pharmacy Delivery App Development 

Always opt for Pharmacy delivery app development that resembles the existing pharmacy business model. You must always align and implement the right plan of action for your pharmacy business. For this, you can hire a medicine delivery app development company from a leading mobile app development company.

#1. Pharmacy Mobile App for Marketplaces

These types of apps allow users to order medicines from nearby pharmacies. The pharma owners just need to list their stores and avoid the monopoly. The users can quickly place their orders and get their medicines delivered from the local providers.

#2. Pharmacy Mobile App for Online Stores

This is excellent for medical businesses and independent pharmacies. Business owners can directly interact and connect with their clients. The medicines are sold directly from the app and accomplish the deliveries.

#3. Pharmacy Mobile App for Store Chains

It is an excellent option for those pharma networks that work under a single brand. It helps to have profitable and exponential sales. Moreover, there are high chances of attaining loyalty from the customers. 

Cost To Develop An Online Pharmacy App

Well, by now you already know online medicine delivery app development is in massive demand. While considering medicine delivery app development, the main question that strikes one is the cost to develop an online Pharmacy App.

There are numerous things that ultimately add to the cost of pharmacy app development. It includes the location of pharmacy app developers, development platforms, features, medicine delivery app development company, complexities. It also depends upon the time taken for medicine delivery app development, platforms, etc.

1. Functionality and Features

It is the essential factor that shapes the cost of Pharmacy delivery app development. Let’s check some of the advanced features that lead to the development cost of pharmacy app for medicine:-

a. Cloud storage

Cloud storage streamlines the functionalities of pharmacy mobile apps. It saves all the data that revolves around delivery, order, etc. on the cloud servers.

b. Uploading the documents for the legitimacy

In this feature, the user can upload their doctor’s prescription or any other important documents. This will help in the verification of legitimacy.

c. Search nearby

It allows the users to search nearby diagnostic labs or clinics.

d. Consultation

On-demand pharmacy mobile apps can widen the new scope for patients. The users can consult the specialist and receive the exact information about the health products or medicines online.

e. Panels and roles

There are majorly four distinguished roles. This includes:-

  • Driver Panel

In this section, you must include features like Driver Login, Delivery Information/Status, Map Tracking, Push Notifications, and many more.

Pharmacy delivery app development

  • Pharmacist Panel

It incorporates order notifications, a dedicated interface, digitized prescriptions, and support.

  • Customer Panel

This includes Easy Onboarding, Category Search, Upload Prescription, Find Substitutes, etc. 

Pharmacy delivery app development

  • Admin Panel

It incorporates Manage Orders, Manage Inventory, Manage Inventory, Reporting, and Analytics, etc.

2. Platforms for Medicine Delivery App Development

Pharmacy delivery app development can be done on any platform. But you can always choose leading platforms like Android and iOS. These two platforms have maximum users all across the globe. You must also implement technologies to these platforms. This will greatly influence your online pharmacy app development.

3. Integration

Now this includes the cloud environment, analytics in real-time, and multiple payment gateways. Even though these features will enhance user experience but will also increase the cost of online medicine delivery app development.

4. Location

The location of the pharmacy app developers plays a key role in the cost of medicine delivery app development. Why?  Well, you need the support of different professionals to develop pharmacy mobile apps. It includes analysts, UI/UX designers, etc. 

You must always hire an online pharmacy app development company for this. These developers will have the impeccable experience to ideate, design, and develop pharmacy apps for medicine.

You can hire an online pharmacy app development company based on the engagement models.

For example, the medicine delivery app development company in the US will charge you $150-$250 per hour. On the other hand, pharmacy app developers in countries like India are the most cost-effective solution.

5. Time

The functionalities and features help one to identify the time required for pharmacy app development.  The developers charge according to the time taken for the development. Now, the team will be enriched with developers of specific platforms, QA testers, designers, project managers, etc.

6. The Reputation of The Development Team

You must always hire a medicine delivery app development company with good experience. 

MobileCoderz Technologies is a leading online pharmacy app development company. We offer innovative solutions crafted by talented and created developers and designers in Budapest. Our developers are adept at working on various platforms. This includes Native app development, cross-platform app development, etc. 

So, what’s keeping you back…Book your free consultation today!!

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