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5 Top Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022

  • January 6, 2022
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Blockchain technology is one of the most important innovations in the last few years. It has an impact on many sectors, from manufacturing to education. Blockchain technology is an open, censorship-resistant database model that is secured by encryption and centralization. Blockchain stores all details in blocks and then synchronize it across all systems that are part of the network to ensure its stability. We’ve seen many exciting developments in Blockchain technology as companies have started recognizing the potential benefits of this technology. Businesses are predicted to invest 11.7 billion dollars in Blockchain solutions and services in 2022. Below are the five emerging Blockchain Technology Trends that all businesses must follow in 2022. 

Five Top Blockchain Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

The five Blockchain trends to follow in 2022 are:

#1. NFT’s Will Transform Digital Art and Digital Assets

Last year was the year of NFTs in crypto and beyond because this phenomenon attracted all the attention of artists, celebrities, athletes, and other crypto enthusiasts.

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Non-fungible tokens are special electronic assets that are incomparable to one another. One copy of a digital asset can be converted into an NFT. The NFT can then be sold, bought, and collected. Remember that NFTs are not reproducible.

CryptoKitties released NFTs in 2017 and they were a hit. This Ethereum-based game lets players buy, collect and breed virtual kittens. Each cat has its own appearance and characteristics.

Five years later, the NFT Blockchain trends are still thriving. The news of token sales that are worth astronomical amounts of money has “flooded” media around the globe. You can perform anything like videos, GIFs and works of art.

Blockchain apps technology and non-fungible tokens have the potential to transform how digital works and rights are perceived. This is one of the Blockchain technology trends that will dominate in 2022 so the Blockchain companies must consider it.

#2. BAAS is Revolutionizing the Market 

This is among the most crucial Blockchain trends which all businesses must follow. BaaS is “Blockchain As A Service” and it’s another emerging trend in the blockchain. BaaS allows users to create digital products using blockchain. These digital goods are Dapps, smart contracts on blockchains, or more services that don’t need the infrastructure of the Blockchain apps. Only two companies have developed Blockchain applications that offer BaaS, and they are Amazon and Microsoft. This brand new Blockchain application development trend has started getting adopted by thousands of Blockchain companies

#3. Boom for the DeFi Market

Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is rapidly becoming a transparent and permissive way for users to communicate directly with one another. This is among the most important Blockchain technology trends for 2022. The DeFi assets’ value reached $180 billion in 2018, and there are high expectations that it will rise in 2022. We will see an increase in the demand to duplicate physical items properties such as uniqueness and ownership proof. This will lead to a greater uptake of DeFi as well as the introduction of dedicated DeFi apps. The upcoming regulation and the acceptance of crypto as a permanent option may lead to greater convergence between traditional finance (CeFi), and decentralized finance.

Traditional banks are changing their attitude towards DeFi and crypto, particularly the larger ones. The DeFi industry’s principles will be accepted by traditional businesses as more central banks around the globe embrace CDBCs and stable coins. The potential of DeFi to transform inflexible processes is starting to be recognized by the banking industry. As a result of shareholder and client demands, more banks are exploring ways they can engage with DeFi and other crypto markets. Various large names have entered the DeFi market this year to satisfy customers’ demand for cryptocurrency, delivering a variety of DeFi-based applications. The number will rise further in 2022 to allow for greater exposure to the DeFi area.

#4. Integration of Blockchain and IoT Blockchain-IOT–G5

It is a merge of two frontier technologies, Blockchain application development and IoT. Internet of Things refers to a network of interconnected computing devices and systems, mechanical and digital systems,  animals, objects (like doors), individuals with unique identities. These IOT ements can transfer data without the necessity for computer-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

Since IoT allows for a wide range of data to be exchanged between machines, Blockchain technology can be used to create secure records of transactions between smart machines. To make secure and verifiable micropayments, cryptocurrencies can be used by IoT devices to gain access to the services of other devices.

There are many possibilities for IoT and Blockchain to work together. There are many applications that combine both technologies creating opportunities to create new and innovative solutions. The adoption and scale-up of 5G networks in 2022 will improve connectivity between smart devices & speed up transactions on Blockchain application development.

#5. Green Blockchain

Blockchain apps consume a lot of energy, which can lead to higher carbon emissions. So, there are efforts to make blockchains more sustainable in 2022 and beyond by using carbon offset and other methods.

Blockchain technology can also be used in less-energy-intensive ways that do not rely on “proof of stack” algorithms. In 2022, Ethereum, the most well-known blockchain-powered cryptocurrency, is expected to transition to a POS-based model.

It’s fair to say that sustainable energy and renewable technologies will continue to be at the forefront. Operating blockchains will also become greener in this regard. Hence, this trend is something that all should follow in 2022.

Top Reasons Why Businesses Need To Integrate Blockchain Technology 

These are five important benefits of Blockchain explaining why every business must incorporate this technology.

# Transparency

Blockchain technology is making transaction histories more transparent. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that allows all participants to share the same document as individual copies which increases transparency.

# Enhanced Security

Blockchain is secure in many ways. Before transactions can be recorded, they must first be approved. Whenever a transaction is approved, then it is encrypted and linked to the prior transaction. So, Blockchain companies get better security and encrypted data. 

# Traceability Improved

You are likely to deal with products that have a complicated supply chain. WIth Blockchain apps, you can track the origin and journey of any goods exchanged.

# Increased Efficiency

Trading anything using traditional paper-heavy processes is time-consuming and prone to human error. And here third-party mediation is often required. But with Blockchain, all the transactions are faster and more efficient as it streamlines and automates them.

# Lower Costs

Most businesses consider costs a top priority. Blockchain eliminates the need for middlemen or  third parties to give guarantees. Simply, trust the data on Blockchain and that’s all!

Choosing The Right Blockchain Development Company

For developing Blockchain solutions, it is important to trust a reputable Blockchain development company. MobileCoderz can help you with both simple and complex Blockchain solutions.

The company has skilled Blockchain app developers with 4+ years of experience in providing Blockchain apps and solutions to clients around the world.

The developers of this best Blockchain development company are skilled in developing apps such as ledger transactions,  digital cash systems, and Blockchain wallets.

MobileCoderz develops Blockchain applications for customers who require innovative solutions to transform their business models into a secure platform. It is a Blockchain software development company that has developed products for IoT, healthcare, finance, and other areas. Your project will stand out with their expertise, the latest technologies, and tools.

Ending Thoughts 

All these Blockchain technology trends prove that they are going to dominate in 2022. So, we will see huge growth in this technology as it offers many advantages, like cyber-attack protection, lower transaction costs, the ability to modify the rules, operate in an open ecosystem, and maintain confidentiality. Undoubtedly, Blockchain technology will have a different impact on many industries. So, it’s crucial for businesses to follow the trends mentioned above to invest in Blockchain technology.

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