Top 8 Advantages of Using Flutter in Mobile App Development

Flutter is one of the most prominent software that has been introduced by Google in 2018. It is a portable UI toolkit to build natively-compiled apps across desktop, web, and mobile using a single database (Here in this blog we will be talking about the advantages of using Flutter in mobile app development). More than one lakh apps have been developed using Flutter since the day of its launch. New York Times,, Tencent, etc. are some of the best sample work of this UI software development kit.

In fact, as per the study conducted by LinkedIn, Flutter has evolved as the agile developing skills among software engineers. They (LinkedIn) have also shared the data that uncovers and supports all the claims associated with it. This software has also empowered the ever-growing demands of Google Assistant apps. 

There are numerous innumerable benefits and attributes that have made Flutter app development the prominent technologies of programming to create hi-end mobile apps.

Larry McKenzie, the senior engineer at eBay quoted

“Flutter is fast! Features that once kept us occupied for multiple days can now be finished within a single day. Numerous errors can be easily fixed as we now take the minimum time to find the right spot. Our team can now focus more time to create more polished delivering functionalities and user experience. Flutter is enabling us to exceed expectations!”

Let’s check some Flutter number’s

1. As per the report shared by the product manager of Dart and Flutter at Google, Tim Sneath since the day of its (Flutter’s) launch over more than two million developers have used it for development.

2. As reported by Statista, this software is the second most prominent mobile cross-platform mobile framework used by developers worldwide. As per the graphical representation, 39% used Flutter in the year 2020 (this percent has escalated by 9% from 2019). 

Flutter app development
Source: Statista

3. According to the StackOverflow survey, it has been noted that 68.8% of developers love using Flutter. If we analyze these numbers we can clearly understand that it is one of the most wanted and least dreadful applications.

flutter app development
Source: insights.stackoverflow

4. Checking the stats at Google Trends, we can easily understand that the interest in Flutter app development has expanded over the period of time.

Flutter App Development
Source: Google Trends

Advantages of the Flutter App Development

Flutter can speed up the process of mobile app development, can reduce the cost related to the production of the app, and can help you to build an aesthetic app UI that is accompanied by smooth animations. Let us understand the pros and cons of Flutter app development, let’s delve further to find out:

1. The Proposition of Cross-Platform

The primary objective for any business is to develop premium mobile apps that can earn maximum ROI (Return Of Investment). And the best approach is to develop a cross-platform mobile app that can target the maximum users. 

If we talk about the user’s experience related to the cross-platform, it was not at all good in comparison to the native apps. The developers had to take the support of Javascript to create a good UI experience. 

Flutter offers you the advantage to write codes and develop an aesthetic app alongside some amazing performance. It can also give you a proper development for Fuchsia (It is considered to replace Android).

2. Best for MVP (Most Valuable Player)

If you are a start-up and are in short of money or time or do not want to invest more in app development then this software is the best solution for your business. The reason is quite simple as you need not separately hire iOS and Android app developers. 

Developing Flutter apps are more convenient and cost-effective. 

Note:- You must ensure to develop your Flutter app using core features only.

3. Hot Reloads

Flutter allows you to examine the changes you make in the app instantly. Moreover, it also allows you to amend the changes quickly. 

The “Hot Reload” can by default save the changes you make instantly. It has offered a better collaboration between developers and designers to improvise the UI of the app. As a result, the development time to develop the Flutter app is pretty less. It is because of this reason businesses hire flutter app developers having expertise for either Java/Kotlin or Swift/Objective-C.

4. High Performance

Flutter employs the language “Dart”, an object-oriented and strong programming language. The programming styles are declarative and reactive. It does not use the JavaScript bridge (this improves the overall performance and start-up time of the app).

Dart attains high performance as a result of the AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation. It also induces better use of JIT (Just-in-Time) compilation alongside Flutter and improvises the development workflow.

5. Easily Handles the Errors

Usually, when an error appears in an app the whole application stops working. This makes the tasks difficult for the developer to identify and rectify the error. 

However, similar is not the case with Flutter. It uses simple and multiple widgets and combines them to develop the whole application. In any scenario, if the error occurs then only the particular and its sub-part will only be affected. Rest application will work smoothly. The error message will be notified in the particular section. This in-fact helps you to quickly handle the errors quickly and easily.

6. Best Server Configuration

It is always better to have exclusive support of firebase as it will help you to launch your mobile app quickly. You can also enjoy using some set of functionalities such as cloud storage as it really compliments well with Flutter. 

It can save your time and resources equally as you do not have to focus on developing the backend. It is quite convenient and easy to club it with tools to automate the development process and unleash the methods such as Fastlane that allow you to have continuous delivery.  

7. Hassle-Free Migration

If you already have an existing mobile app in Android/ iOS then Flutter can help you to migrate to the Flutter app hassle-free and can undoubtedly assist you to convert your existing app to Flutter app. 

It empowers simple and savvy support of your application with a solitary source code. Likewise, give a rich client experience without losing the crispness of the native platform.

8. Examples Set by The Leading Brands

Flutter has been adopted by all the leading brands such as the Xianyu app, an eCommerce app introduced by Alibaba. Google, the leading Search Engine has itself migrated to the Flutter app from Google Ads. There are numerous other Flutter apps that have gained their prominence using Flutter, they are Hamilton Musical, AppTree, JD Finance, Tencent, Bitfolio, etc.

Advantage of flutter app development
Source: icon flux

Cost to Develop Flutter Apps in 2021

There is no independent factor that decides the estimation of Flutter app development. Following are the two stages that determine the cost to develop an app:-

  1. App Deployment Cost
  2. App Discovery Cost

Other factors that affect the Flutter app development cost are:-

1. The complexity of features used for the development of the app, which include the development of Admin panel, in-built features, integration with legacy/ enterprise systems, third-party integration, and deployment of an architecture model.

Cost to develop Flutter apps

2. Categorization of application which includes dramatic shift both in features and functionalities.

Cost to develop Flutter apps

Is Flutter App Development an Excellent Choice for Your Business?

  • It is phenomenally established on Dart (an object-oriented and quick language of programming). 
  • Can offer you its own widgets. Hence, you can draw the maximum benefits with its high-performing rendering machine. These machines are customizable, aesthetic, and fast.
  • Is enriched with rich widgets, this is the reason why Flutter apps feel and look excellent (you can develop your own custom designs of the app).
  • Flutter’s architecture is based upon prominent reactive programming.
  • It has become a serious competitor to native apps but also to React Native. 
  • Flutter has a portable and well-organized GPU executing UI, this is the reason why it has smooth performance across all multiple interfaces. 
  • You do not have to lend or spend more time testing the Flutter app as it has a single codebase for review and also ensures few chances of any bugs. 
  • Its framework supports IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, X Code, and Android.

Now, we can state clearly that Flutter app development is an excellent choice for your business. Currently, the Flutter communities are navigating and discovering the shrouded capability of Flutter SDK. The developers are building Flutter apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS (For example they are taking the support of Codemagic CI/CD). Hence, it is always better you hire reliable and certified Flutter app developers to help you in developing unique and attractive apps for your business.

In a nutshell!!

The technology and software of smartphones are evolving day-by-day along with mobile app development technology. The developers always have their heads up as the newest innovation can shoot them anytime and anywhere. Hence, they are always on their toes to re-strategize the task and processes related to the development. It is the reason why they are up-to-date and cognizant about the latest innovative technology and are enriched with world-class solutions for the project. 

Being an established Flutter app development company, MobileCoderz Technologies Pvt. LTD not only recommends this technology for the startups but also for the leading brands and SMEs who are searching for high-performing, seamless, and faster apps implemented alongside awe-inspiring rich UI.

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