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Top 10 Trends That Will Revolutionize Mobile App Development In 2019

  • August 8, 2019
  • By pranay agarwal

The swift shift from desktops to mobile platforms led to the rapid evolution of the smartphone industry. It has been more than two decades since these handheld devices were introduced to transform the way people used to communicate earlier. Unarguably, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Imagining that nothing is easier than scheduling & monitoring your day to day tasks in just a few taps encouraged users to rely on smartphones rather than bounding themselves to desktops. Apart from this, the growing dependency on mobile apps also encourages tech lovers to stay updated with mobile app development trends in the today’s time.

Meanwhile, the global population continued switching to mobile phones; the influx of smart technology raptured the existing barriers in the expansion of digital space. The report by Statista reveals that the mobile app market will raise revenues of around 189 billion US dollars by 2020 via in-app advertising and app store.  The underlying reason behind the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps unfolds the dependency of startups, SMEs, & leading organizations on the comprehensive benefits of opting for application development. Mobile apps emerge as predominant assets of generating double-fold revenues for diversified domains. Several surveys are elaborating that over 178.1 billion apps are being downloaded from respective app stores and this count will continue to increase up to 258.2 billion by 2022.

With each passing year, the world of mobile app technologies keeps on bringing some mind-blowing innovations to empower app creators. The advent of thought-provoking methodologies for mobile app development also exaggerates the concerns to cope up with the complexities & issues that may incur while designing & writing codes for building an app. Can’t wait to know the latest trends for app creation? Before moving ahead, here is a quick look at the trends that have gained prominence in the previous year:

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A Flashback to the Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

2018 remarked some stupendous development in the mobile app market as these trends rolled out in the year:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • On-demand apps
  • Personalization
  • Mobile app security
  • Cloud-based mobile app
  • Accelerated apps
  • Secure payment gateways

Now it is Time to Keep Your Fingers Crossed as Here is a List of Top 10 mobile app development trends that are currently dominating in the market:

1. Chatbots Continue to Gain Attention

This year, Chatbots are at the center of the stage and there are two key factors to elaborate on the reasons behind this:

  • Personalized communication for better customer experience

According to Statista, the worldwide Chatbot market will constitute to generate revenues up to 1250 million dollars by the year 2025 which is currently estimated at around 1000 million dollars. These growth stats simply indicate that Chatbots made their own space in the sphere of digital reality. Chatbots simplify the address of issues with maximum focus on bridging the communication gaps between previous, existing, & potential customers.

  • Increased demand due to better results

Since chatbots began assisting businesses to handle & monitor routine undertakings, they gather positive reviews as clients are immensely satisfied with the routine undertakings. Firstly, the idea of leveraging a chatbot to your any of your accounts or profiles on Facebook, Slack, or Skype will add fuel to the fire as it will add on to your practices for improved user engagement. Secondly, the integration of AI functionality with a steller application without using intricate coding sets up a new trend that builds customer relations.

2. Beacon Technologies are More Prominent than Before

The innovation associated with signal-based features goes well to the wider dimensions of client administration. Before the launch of iBeacon technology, indoor situating frameworks of mobile apps impose restrictions subjected to the need for client authorization. There is no room to question the ability of beacon technology as it offers a bucket-full of benefits to stretch out your client base with accurate mapping, viability, etc. Consolidating a robust mobile application with a Beacon-enabled gadget adds perfection to the seamless functionality of apps. The concept behind the integration of the Beacon feature favours the action of distinguishing target audience and getting on the routes to reach them out in the most impactful way.

3. Augment Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

The world goes around AR & VR technologies and they’re eventually contributing to reshaping the future of the gaming industry. The record-breaking success rate of AR/VR apps such as PokemonGo, PubG, etc. signifies that both technologies are all set to get enlisted among the top mobile app trends in 2019 as well. Recalling the extreme craze for a game app like PokemonGo, developers take a dig into AR and VR technologies to reap the benefits from the latest trends. Since Instagram, Snapchat, & Facebook Messenger fall under the roofs of AR/VR innovations, these technologies will continue to justify their significance in terms of imparting enthralling user experience with superb interaction.

4. Wearable Apps are Still Dominating

The penetration of wearable technology brings out a new mobile app trend to be considered for app creation particularly in the fitness industry. Wearable devices made it possible to keep all your records handy without juggling with your smartphone screen to keep everything on track. From morning exercise to daily step counts, wearable gadgets are simplifying our lives in many ways. Therefore, wearable apps take space in our list of mobile app trends.

5. More Emphasis on Internet of Things

IoT technology captures most of the user base in the global market. These internet-friendly devices are harnessing the whole tech world with a rope of incredible connectivity. Unquestionably, the Internet of Things is proven as the boon for various business verticals with the integration of useful assets & applications that demand low vitality utilization. In 2019, IoT is again in the limelight as several startup ideas are focusing on this technology for full-scale mobile app development. Many techies also favor the use of Blockchain to secure IoT data.

6. App Security Stays a Key Concern in 2019

Programmers are more concerned about app security as any negligence will increase the risks of data breaches. Several statistics regarding hacking, data leak, & cyberattacks, spamming, etc. raise alarms to focus on information security to avoid the hazards of information breaks. It is obvious that mobile apps store sensitive data of users as well as admin at a backend and that’s why mobile app developers take app security seriously.

7. 5G Wireless Connection Makes a Mark

5G is not a new thing to get familiar with as we all must be enjoying super-fast 4G connectivity right now on our devices. Though 5G services will be a hundred times faster than 4G, it is time to pull up your socks to upgrade your existing system to ensure it will be downloaded within a blink of eyes. Therefore, it can be said that the arrival of 5G service is all set to transform the way users access mobile apps specifically those which consume heavy data such as child monitoring apps, 3D gaming apps, & more.

8. Mobile Wallets will Keep Setting Futuristic Goals

Users are neglecting traditional modes of payments and preferring to go for advanced & secured payment gateways for uninterrupted user experience. Therefore, the idea of integrating a secure portal for one-click payments is taking rounds across the minds of mobile app development service providers. It is a matter of digitalization that encourages users to opt for cashless transactions & switch to mobile wallets for the secure usage of digital currencies. The concept of digital wallets brings a new mobile app trend for businesses involved in Mcommerce. In 2019, more & more eCommerce startups are aspiring to come up with a user-friendly mobile app with secure payment gateways and wallets.

9. Adherence to Mobile Application Performance Management (APM)

App performance matters a lot in user engagement. No one will be sitting more than one or two seconds on the same screen to wait until your app loads. It is frustrating for any client if your web page or mobile app is taking too long to fully load on the screen with minimal navigational lags. This mobile app trend significantly focuses on AMP i.e Mobile Application performance Management to analyze the page stacking time to deliver streamlined user experience.

10. The Era of Instant Apps

Last but not least, this mobile app trend is a portrayal of the growing preference to fast-forward access to mobile apps without downloading them. The need for added simplification, lesser time, & one-click access led to the outburst of portable application patterns for constructive mobile app development.

Ending Notes   

That’s all with the top 10 mobile app development trends that are ruling presently in the market. Knowing that it is a prerequisite to stay in touch with the latest happenings & updates in the mobile world, you must have gathered some meaningful insights to boost your knowledge & understanding in mobile app development from the above-detailed pointers.  At MobileCoderz, we determine the feasibility of your app idea with a qualitative analysis of all the above mobile app trends to keep pace with the new technologies. Go for it!

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pranay agarwal
pranay agarwal

Pranay Agrawal is a co-founder of MobileCoderz Technologies & enthusiastic mobility consultant. His keenness in technology & demonstrated expertise in strategic business consulting encourage him to share his thoughts via interesting blog posts. He prominently focuses on the analytical aspects of business development with core understanding of marketing strategies & techniques.

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