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The Ultimate Guide To Build An MVP For App Startups

  • October 13, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Every individual has got ideas but some ideas are just exquisite. However, it can only be victorious when he/ she turns those ideas into reality. Hence, the investor (individual) must introduce a top-notch product, not just any cheap knock-offs. So, how will you establish your business in the digital world? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to hire an MVP app development company to build your product? They will implement extravagant strategies in MVP application development.

But before you do that, you need to know if your app idea will be accepted in the market. Will your idea solve the problems of the consumers? etc. Even if your app idea is good but there are high chances it may lead to huge financial losses. So, you need to have detailed research before building an MVP for startups.

So, what is MVP? 

You as an investor must focus on releasing the app idea following the “develop-estimation-learn” loops of feedback.  You should figure out the problems of the real world. Hence, must build MVP for software development. The best MVP app development company will develop an MVP that imitates the functionality of your product. 

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Minimum Viable Product can quicken the whole process. The start-up must definitely craft practical solutions and try out the practicality related to the main flows of your app idea. Once done, MVP can assist your businesses to learn and measure the concept. It includes financial implications, usefulness, and the acceptance of the market. This will help in the MVP application development.

Types of Minimum Viable Product

While there are numerous types of MVP. Here we will feature two significant groups. They are:-

  • High-fidelity MVPs
  • Low-fidelity MVPs

A low-fidelity MVP purely emphasizes the research of the clients’ concerns and existing solutions. On the other hand, the high-fidelity MVP is about feedback and growth from the early adopters. 

Rather than deviating further into subtypes, how about we understand MVPs based on their quintessence:

  • Hypothesis-centric

As a start-up, you have a thought and are attempting to approve it. This is an old-style approach that Eric Ries effectively depicted in his book. 

You can envision your thoughts as Dropbox did, or utilize a crowdfunding platform to assemble profits as Pebble. Explanatory videos, ad campaigns,  blogs, landing pages are some instances of an MVP. This is the reason why many start-ups go for MVP application development because of its practical and easy execution.

  • Feature-centric

This is a straightforward yet successful methodology and is generally considered for MVP application development. Indeed, it is real to construct an MVP that is aimed at one functionality only. Obviously, your product ought to do this with a single component wonderfully, as Buffer did with Twitter scheduling.

  • Model-centric

You can try with a mockup and show it to your users. Then later build MVP for software development in real-time. This must be fully intent on a goal that validates your operational models and business. Here we will only highlight a couple of keys or common alternatives of some MVP.

Concierge type Here some mechanized and automated activities are firstly done by people. Facebook tried this at their beginning phase where every new user was acknowledged manually. Similarly, Airbnb used a comparable methodology for listing in their very basic application. 

Assuming you need a cycle to show up completely automated right from the beginning. You can try the approach “Wizard of Oz”. In the present circumstance, the way that businesses are framing their part is obscured from the client. The best MVP app development company will actively work for this.

Then again, discover one innovation and consolidate it with another, making the combination substantial and successful. It is called a Piecemeal methodology. Groupon crafted their business on the piecemeal MVP. It is a platform that associates clients with local businesses. 

Some stats and facts related to MVP application development

  1. 29% of new businesses (start-ups) fizzle since they run out of money 
  2. New businesses that scale appropriately grow twenty times quicker than those that scale prematurely. 

These details express the advantages of building an MVP for startups.

MVP in mobile app development  

MVP is a fundamental form of mobile app development. It is a course of developing new products with essential functionalities.

The best MVP app development company will introduce the app with minimum features. They will check how the target audience responds to this product. 

Later, they will develop the actual product and will implement full sets of features. They will do it after the progression of iterations and with inputs from early adopters. 

Point to be noted 

It is just about developing the slice across the entire development process instead of each layer in turn.

Minimum Viable Product assists in designing, testing, and launching the final product. It is true that many businesses are into pitfalls while trying MVP for web app and mobile app development. A good app development company plays a major role here. 

You need to understand the whole point while building MVP for software development. They are divided into two sections. This is the case for mobile app development too. 

Marketing and businesses: When you build MVP for software development, it allows you to launch a survey. It will help you to figure out the best advertising platforms and marketing approaches. A leading MVP app development company will launch it for the advancement of the product. 

Proof of Concept: When building an MVP for startups you will attain all the essential technical insights. This includes designing the programming and minimum feature set. This will also help you to develop unique mobile apps. 

Significance of Minimum Viable Product for app startups

  • Helps in Validation

Most start-ups perceive that the market will accept and embrace the new service or product. Many new entrepreneurs develop the product based upon the initial vision and make it accessible to the objective market.

There are many cases where the product does not get that traction as was expected. It is mainly due to two reasons:-

  • Not compelling product
  • Wrong choices for exchanges

Consequently, the app startups deal with a serious level of risk when developing and launching it in the market.

Building an MVP for startups assists in validating their ideas, services, or products. It permits concluding on whether to further invest for development or not. You can likewise alter your app ideas to suit the necessities of an end client better on profiting.

As a startup, you ought to work in a way to learn and guarantee that your vision is practical or not. When you build MVP for software development it will viably supplant the uncertainty with a conviction for app startups. 

New businesses should consistently investigate and test various renditions of the MVP application development. This must be against different measurements to arrive at potential changes that can expand the degree of viability of the application.

  • Assumptions related to testing

Mostly, new companies develop applications with the assumption that the service or product provides additional value to the end-user. And hence, confine to the growth hypothesis. Testing the service or product as an MVP application development can help startups to get prepared for the issues. They can also preliminarily take action to resolve the problem of their client. 

An MVP app development company can indeed help you to understand the advantage of validating the value hypothesis and development. Hence, you can expect a developed and completed version that can effectively help you to be a brand name. They will viably test the suspicions of the business.

  • High Return Of Investment

MVPs are generally safe products. Building an MVP for startups holds the promise of dramatic outcomes. Since they contain only the absolute minimum core features of the product. Hence, they require less time for development but will also cost a small portion of the actual product. 

New companies can set aside time and profits during the development of products and marketing. And thus can help in the reinvestment into the development (engaging more) of customers.

This guarantees a superior application product and expands the success rate. Start-ups must specifically add features that are demanded by the customers while investing in MVP application development.

  • Accumulates early adopters

It is very much essential to target the potential audience building an MVP for startups. You can access the feedback or promote your product to others who belong to your same niche. 

Steps to build MVP for software development

Step #1: Finding out the problems 

The first thing for building an MVP for startups is to examine your app idea. Here, you must list down all the essential things that your business will be solving. You must also figure out who your general audience is and how you will tackle the problem.

Following this, you can save money. You can allow the users to know about your requirements. 

Step #2: Evaluate the Competitors

As soon as you find out the problem you will be resolving it. The next step is to find who else is giving solutions to similar problems. You can do competitor analysis for this. If you are not a pro ask the MVP app development company (you have hired) to do that for you. 

You do not need any direct competitors. Hence, ensure to go for MVP app development with some uniqueness. 

Step #3: Characterize the user flow

You must define the user flow for the future product. This involves focusing on the primary goals for building an MVP for startups.

You must always specify the process stage. It is quite easy because you must justify the steps for the primary goals of your app idea. During MVP application development, you must plan the features and must concentrate on the primitive tasks. 

Step #4: List down all the important features 

The next stage is to craft a list of precise features for each stage. Make sure to find solutions for these questions:-

  • Ask yourself what is the absolute and the most significant activity that you need your clients to achieve. Make it your principal highlight for MVP application development.
  • Ask yourself what different components would you like to offer. Make sure to clarify each of these elements while building an MVP for startups.
  • Sort the features under the classifications ‘couldn’t care less, ‘must-have’, etc.

Step #5: Develop, measure,  and learn

While going through the stages for MVP app development you must test the product. It will help in the improvement and quality of the product. You can go for beta and alpha testing to figure out the working of the product in different scenarios. 

Airbnb MVP: Popular case

Back in the year 2008, Airbnb was established and made the plan to completely transform the world. Nevertheless, its founders couldn’t pay the rent which is the reason they chose to change their family room into a  bedroom. They used pneumatic beds for three individuals. Initially, they developed a website and that site is not even close to what it is now. Later, they developed apps according to the demand of the user. And now they are earning great profits with unique MVP app development.

Resources to build MVP for software development

You need resources for MVP application development and this must be the first thing that you must consider. Need professionals like quality analysts, managers, designers, and developers to build MVP for software development. You can either hire a remote team or outsource MVP app development to a leading MVP app development company.

The app developers for a startup from a hired MVP app development company will take care of everything. It starts from ideation to the development of your product and launch. 

Cost for MVP app development 

The cost to build MVP for software development is based on your requirements. You can choose these approaches for building an MVP for startups. 

  • Hire team or dedicated developer

You can hire a dedicated developer/ team of developers from a leading  MVP app development company. Hiring app developers for a startup from India is one of the best options. You can build MVP for software development as low as $38,100. Here you can find app developers for a startup at affordable costing. 

  • In-House MVP app Development

Hiring a complete in-house team may cost you somewhere $178,770.

  1. Outsource MVP Development

Most start-ups adopt this popular practice. The cost to outsource MVP app development projects comes around $38,100

Now, the cost may vary depending upon technology, complexity, and other factors. 

How can you measure success after building an MVP for startups?

  • Word of mouth
  • Engagement
  • Sign-Up
  • Better Client Appraisals
  • Percentage of active users
  • Client Acquisition Cost
  • Number of Paying Users
  • Client Lifetime Value
  • Churn Rate

Build MVP for software development in the right way

MobileCoderz is the best MVP app development company. We believe in straightforward processes and business-essential features. Our app developers for a startup will concentrate on the pain points in reaching the feature-rich MVP. 

Consult our experts to know more about MVP application development!!

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