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The Next New Generation in Town: Flutter 2.0

  • March 24, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Google on 3 March 2021 announced a major upgrade in town-Flutter 2.0. This new upgrade can help to develop portable, fast, and aesthetic apps for any platform. Yes, you read it right “ ANY PLATFORM”. 

For the next new generation Flutter 2.0, you can employ the same codebase to export the native applications to the five major O.S, this includes macOS, Linux,  iOS, Windows, and Android.

Well, the list does not end here.

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Flutter 2.O has propelled the reusability of coding to another level by targeting browsers such as Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. This magnificent advancement can be embedded in Television, cars, and smart home appliances, as it will provide the most portable as well as pervasive experience for the glorifying world of ambient computing.

Let’s Delve Through The History

Flutter 1.0 in a very short span of time merged 17,039 PRs and closed 24,541 issues, from 765 contributors. 

The latter Flutter 1.22 merged an estimate of 4091 PRs and closed 5807 issues from 298 contributors.

So, What Flutter 2.0 Has in Store For You

Null Safety

Null safety is one of the greatest sticking points for many professionals who are waging hard to shift the language “Dart” over other languages such as Kotlin. It will give recommendations of the types that are not null. Thus, will allow the compiler to understand the variables (which are not null). It can help the compiler to dodge redundant null checks. 

Apart from that, it can also help one to avoid complications just before time. How? It will just not simply compile the codings if things are not handled properly. 

Even though it evoked some concerns among the individual about how the existing package will work with the null safety. But as per the sources, the major packages are already shifted and the team has already applied strategy to shift the other to null safety. 

It will also allow to shrink the sizes of the coding as the extra checks can be dismissed.

On The Web

Perhaps this one of the best announcement made by Flutter 2. The earlier foundation of the web was document-centric. But the platform of the web has evolved to enclose richer APIs. The best things about the announcement of Flutter web is the development of PWA (Progressive Web Apps).  It allows the site to have a mobile-like behaviour. Since the codes of Flutter are optimized to deal with the layout of the mobile. Thus, the development of PWA will be incredibly easy.

The Interesting Experience!

It will allow you to handcraft the dazzling experience where your designs and brands come at the vanguard. It is bagged with thousands of contributors who are extending the ecosystem adding the core frameworks to the ecosystem.

Pranay Aggarwal Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at MobileCoderz, shares this announcement will leverage the businesses as it will add new opportune. It can perfectly integrate the performance, practicality, and functionality all in one place. You can consider it as one of the best solutions to develop multiplatform applications.

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  1. Jaane says:

    It’s launched, Futter 2.0 has had a major fan base. It has certainly caught the attention of many business owners.

  2. Richard says:

    its launch, Futter 2.0 has a distinguished fan base. It has definitely gained the eye of many enterprise house owners.

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