The Importance of Having a Landing Page For Your Mobile App

The importance of a landing page for websites has been realized by marketers now and its full potential is being exploited. However, the same cannot be said of mobile apps. Even though landing pages are as important for mobile apps as they are for websites, mobile marketers are yet to realize its value and use it to their advantage. Read on as we outline the importance of having a landing page for your mobile app.

What Exactly is a Landing Page?

Before we delve into the use of landing pages and why they are crucial, let’s take a look at what landing pages are.

Simply put, it is the page where your user lands when they click on your app. To make that first impression and pique the curiosity of the user, what you present on the landing page matters.


We believe that every landing page should have a few things – recognizable features, a clear picture as to what your app is all about and of course a call to action, a helping hand that enables users to navigate your app with ease. In our experience as leaders in mobile app development, any landing page that has all of these is sure to captivate the user.

Why is a Landing Page so Crucial?

Having worked across various mobile application platforms, we have collated a few concise points here for your perusal. These in our opinion are why landing pages are crucial and should be an integral part of every mobile app.

1. Contains All the Information Necessary

A landing page typically contains all the information about the mobile app in a concise fashion and in essence is your app’s heart and soul.

2. Gives Your App its Personality

It contains your logo, color schemes, and typography and in short screams out to the user and communicates the idea behind the app and its design aspects.

3. Showcases Your App’s Capabilities

Our landing pages are designed to communicate not only the app’s core idea but also its functionality and features to the user. In our experience as a leading mobile app development company, we consider it to be one of the most effective marketing tools.

4. Helps You with Analysis

Landing pages are effective tools for collecting data about users and they can help you analyze your marketing messages and strategies. We employ them to refine our strategies and have hit the jackpot time and again!

5. Very Helpful for Feedback and Beta Testing

We like to engage our audience even before the launch of the app and value their feedback to refine our app. In our experience in mobile app development, we’ve found that landing pages can help with feedback collection and help the app evolve.

What Should Your Landing Page Contain?

Now that we’ve focused on why having a landing page is important, let’s move on to the elements of the landing page.

We would like to specifically focus on one key aspect that most mobile app developers tend to ignore – discovering mobile apps outside the app store or play store.

What we mean by this is pretty simple! Your app should be discover able beyond the app store and here’s how a landing page can help. Similar to your typical SEO, a landing page should contain the most important keywords pertaining to your app and this is a sure-shot way of driving organic traffic on to the mobile app.

However, we would like to add on that stuffing keywords and make it seem unreadable and reducing the informational content is not likely to get you success. Infuse the right amount of keywords, have a lot of solid info about your app and half your marketing is done!

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