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Outsourcing – the key to save 50 % of the development cost

  • February 18, 2016
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

More often than not, a company has to deal with a lot of managerial decisions that comprise recruitment, outsourcing specific tasks to professionals, training of in house employees and so on. Sometimes, it is better to outsource certain tasks that the in-house team is ill-equipped to handle as this can lead to a significant saving of resources. Many companies hire professionals to train their employees and in the process end up spending up a lot of time and money on it and this may reduce to half the expenditure had the company chosen to outsource as an option.

For instance, if a company runs a retail business, it makes sense for them to outsource the development of their website or mobile app to an award-winning mobile application development company rather than handle it by themselves. By outsourcing, the company saves time, money and resources that would otherwise be spent on setting up in house teams, allocating space and essential equipment, training them, managing and tracking them and so on. When outsourcing to professionals, you need no longer worry about the following:

  • Training in house staff
  • Delays in the project (Outsourcing has much quick TATs)
  • Monitoring staff for productivity
  • Keeping up with the latest technological trends


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When you outsource development of your web application or mobile application to a custom php web application development company or to dedicated mobile app developers, you will get more time to concentrate on your core business activities, which is after all your area of expertise while professionals can handle the software-based requirements (which is their area of expertise). This is a win-win combo and helps you save up to 50% or more on the development cost. In fact, most companies help with implementation and maintenance as well in case you don’t wish to be bothered about such things.

How to choose a company to outsource your software needs?

While we are at the topic, let us explore as to the factors and things that you should look for when you decide to outsource your software development requirements. First of all, look for expertise and track record. Having the requisite expertise and experience is a must if you wish to get your work done efficiently. Also, check out for testimonials from clients and get a look at their previous work to gauge if they fit your requirements to a ‘T’ and then proceed to outsource. There are a lot of companies out there who specialize in mobile application development and web application development, thus keep the competition in mind while negotiating to price. And finally, come up with a binding contract that specifies all your requirements and deadlines, this will help you keep track of things and get a handle on them.
At Mobile Coderz, we provide end to end custom web application development services and work for hand in hand with our clients from the requirements gathering stage to implementation and maintenance. Watch this space for more info about outsourcing trends and how it can help your business; explore our website for information about our services.

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