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Our Top 4 Pick In Popular Mobile App Trends To Watch For

  • February 5, 2016
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Mobile trends keep varying every year and while some emerge as clear winners, others may not catch up as expected. For a mobile application development company to be successful it is important to gauge the market trends, customer expectations and understand the requisites for providing the ultimate user experience in mobile apps and this isn’t as easily done as it seems. Keeping tabs on competition and market trends is no easy task and yet it is quite important to do so to feel the customer’s pulse and understand their expectations. Let us have a look at the recent top mobile app trends that have garnered a lot of attention in recent times.

Top Mobile App Trends To Watch For

1) Security is Paramount

When it comes to mobile apps, even the most dedicated mobile app developers tend to focus a lot on the usability and user experience. They consequently put in a lot of effort in this area and security is something that takes a hit in the process. In fact, Garner Inc. announced a shocking number of up to 75% mobile apps (developed in both the iOS and Android platforms) failing even fundamental tests for security. Every mobile application development company needs to focus on this area and we take it upon ourselves to put our apps through rigorous security tests and hand them over to our customers only post stringent scrutiny and evaluation.

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2) Automated Pricing Changes – Dynamic Way to Price Apps and Monitor Performance

A popular platform for analyzing the price and performance of mobile apps, The Loadown also allows developers to dynamically change pricing of apps. The platforms allows users to have a dynamic pricing model that changes prices based on certain triggers such as usage rate, conversion, etc. and also change the price and monitor the effects as well.

3) Internet of Things – For Better User App Interaction

This has been a popular trend for a long time and many giants have come up with their own solutions in this area. Siri, Amazon Dash buttons, Samsung’s Smart Things, Amazon Echo are some of the examples in this area. These are regarded as solutions that are providing for a futuristic world and these solutions integrate and allow users to interact with a variety of different systems and appliances.

4) Email Capture – The in Thing For Marketing and Revenue Generation Today

With user sending about 10% of their time using their mobile every day, this one of the latest avenues that marketing analysts are looking to exploit and this is where email capture in apps comes into play. Most apps capture email info during registration and use it to improve their subscriptions. Mobile ads are a new way to improve revenue and every iPhone mobile application development company and Android mobile application development company is trying to use it to their advantage.

At MobileCoderz, we keep tabs on all recent trends and employ every technique and tactic that could boost sales and revenue for our clients. Keep reading our blogs for more info on recent trends and updates on latest technologies and solutions that are abuzz in the app development world.

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