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News and Magazine Application Development Services

  • December 26, 2017
  • By Abhishek Shukla

Everyone is through with various applications be it a gaming application or any other industrial application, moreover every application has its own specialty with its extra benefits for the users. Precisely we are here to talk about the news and magazine application, after all who doesn’t want to keep a track of the latest trending news feeds or to have an overall peak into the entertainment scoops that are still on the charts. Nobody wants a pile of newspaper or a bunch of magazine at their place isn’t it! Because bookmarking is not in the dictionary so lets see how a news and magazine app is helping people to get more customized and personalized with such digitalized tech stuff where news and magazine application development services play a vital role.

How and why mobile news and magazine readers are growing?

A news and magazine application basically holds a users hand and guides him/her with an easy clickable procedure of how they can choose to see the news based on their interests. On the other hand a mobile application makes your work easy with advanced features and specifications. So, The reason has been revealed in the above lines about how the news and magazine readers are increasing, on the other hand as you all know nowadays everyone is holding in a mobile phone even for the sake of reading because its more engaging with the visuals for sure. This also brings up a conclusion that the news and magazine application development services are gaining a lot of attention .

Advantages of having a news and magazine app for Media Houses!

  • A news and magazine app can easily start generating revenue in the present time by adding in app purchase capabilities and integrating advertising platforms like chartboost or google ads.
  • A news and magazine app gives a wider scope for your audience to keep a track about the day to day news related to different industries and thus helps them to keep themselves updated all the time.
  • Such Apps helps your audiences miraculously with its customized elements like the location based news, push notifications for breaking news, personalized news based on your interests etc.
  • A news and magazine app also provides with the business related feeds and scoops which might be very useful for your audience or young enterprenuers having interest in finance markets.

How MobileCoderz can help you develop your news and magazine app idea!

1) Our expert team of Mobile App Developers gives special attention to overall user experience of the app which is very vital for the overnight success of any application.

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2) Through our research, we’ve identified some key features like location based news, push notifications, news based on interests which will make your news app different from other ordinary apps out there in the market.

3) Our dexterous team will not only help you with the app development but will also helps you in identifying potential revenue generation models. With an idea of selling subscription for e-papers, audio & video clips within you news and magazine application development might take your business to an all new level.

4) Being a top rated mobile app development company, we’ve always appreciated the power of of social media. Our R & D wing finds that apps integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, twitter are 90% more likely to be succeeded. Hence, we always integrate our customers app with social media platforms.

What makes a difference between the news and magazine application development

Well let’s start with the news apps

News apps

A news application gives you all in one updates about the latest news-feed where there are categories specified in which a user can choose with his/her favorite topic of reading. A news application also features live video option of the trending or breaking news. In conclusion a news and magazine application even lets you save the unwatched news updates.

Magazine apps

As the name suggests, a magazine app is a digitalized magazine where you get hottest digs about the entertainment, sports, political industry and more. An application basically never gets destroyed whereas a hardcopy like paper books and magazines can easily become a scrap. Magazine apps also give you a colorful visualization with the graphics. 

What makes us different from other mobile app companies?

MobileCoderz is recognized as one of the most reputed mobile and web Development Company globally. We have an enthusiastic team of developers who are extremely passionate about mobile & web app development. Well here we mention some more of the advantages we sell out.

  • Certified team of 50+ Mobile App geeks with 5+ years of industry experience.
  • Always happy to sign NDA to keep your idea confidential & protect your intellectual rights on source code.
  • Flexible engagement models to meet your business requirements.
  • 90 days of free post development support that gives you an extra edge over your competitors. Furthermore, paid tech support at a very affordable price.
  • Free wire-framing / prototyping & consultancy services to bring your app idea to life.

Call us and avail our services at the earliest!

In conclusion every news and magazine app has its own perks with its innovation into the tech market so do try one and tell us your experience.

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Abhishek Shukla
Abhishek Shukla

Co-founder of MobileCoderz Technologies and a skilled IT consultant with exemplary brilliancy in software engineering. He likes sharing informative blogs mentioning ins & outs of IT consulting with a pinch of trending technologies & techniques. His dexterity in project management led him to shine as a successful entrepreneur & emerging blogger.

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