Most Popular and Commonly Used Android API

It would be a cliché to say that Android is the most popular OS in the world for mobile app development. Every mobile application development company tries its hand at developing apps in the Android platform and the community support for Android is unbelievable. The statistics for the number of apps developed every year for Android alone is mind-boggling! Whenever there is a Google IO, expectations skyrocket and with the release of every new OS, every Android application development company ventures into developing Apps on that OS. This frenzy surrounding the release of a new OS from Google leads to various developers taking stock of what is new and how they can put it to good use while developing mobile applications. We are going to take a look at some of the most commonly used and popular Android M (6.0) APIs; read on to learn more.

Heightened security with fingerprint authentication

We for one love this cool new addition to Android 6.0 and we have explored various options of authenticating users accessing our apps with this feature. This exciting feature allows for locking and payment integration and individual app authentication becomes more secure and robust as a result. With security being the major pain point and concern for most app developers, this is a most welcome addition and we have put this to good use in many of our mobile apps. In fact, it was found that most apps even fail basic security tests and in such a scenario, this is a truly useful feature.

– You can now link apps!

App liking helps in linking the web domain to the app and this helps in choosing the default apps that can handle a particular link (web link). This can help avoid prompting app selection from users and provides for better and smooth user experience. After all, asking the user to choose the app to open a particular link could be very annoying for them.

Confirming credentials

You can now authenticate even based on recent unlocking of the device and this helps in the following manner – users no longer need to remember app-specific passwords. When used along with public/secret keys, this provides for a pretty solid authentication system. We are an award-winning mobile application development company and improving user experience has always been our focus along with security. We have thus explored this feature in-depth so as to provide a better authentication system while also improving the user experience.

Apart from these features, there are a couple of interesting ones that are a drastic improvement over the previous Android OS and facilitate a lot of things for end-users such as auto back up for apps, direct share, assist API, direct interactions, Bluetooth stylus support, notifications, themeable colorstatelists, drastic improvements in audio and video features and of course the most important of them all – Android For Work feature. Android For Work facilitates better control for devices, auto-acceptance for updates for the system, certificate installation that is delegated and so on.

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