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Top 5 Mobile App Development Ideas To Counter The Impact Of COVID-19

  • April 29, 2020
  • By priyanka negi

The global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic raptured our lives completely. The entire world is together fighting the battle against this deadly virus by imposing all necessary precautions & restrictions to control the spread. However, the rising count of COVID-19 patients across the global nations is puzzling us to predict the departure of this epidemic.

Now getting to the point, to deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic, entrepreneurs must be looking for a backup plan for their survival in the current market. If you’re on the same page then this blog is for you. Follow these top 5 mobile app development ideas amid COVID to steer away from waves of downfalls in your business.

Talking about the impact of coronavirus, the spread of this highly contagious virus is adversely affecting the livestock of the worldwide population in many ways. All the sections of society are struggling hard to survive under the strict actions taken by the government for coronavirus prevention & control. Amidst the nationwide lockdown, people are encouraged to stay adhere to social distancing norms for safety. Therefore, more and more business experts are working remotely from their homes alongside brainstorming simple app ideas that make money during this time.

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How Appreneurs are Emerging as Major Business Opportunists During a Lockdown?

The impact of Covid-19 is hitting hard on all industries & business sectors. From small scale enterprises to SMEs and leading firms, global ventures are facing unseen challenges to cope with the current situation.

However, amid this coronavirus outbreak, businesses are adopting new tactics & strategies to reach their customers through online mobile app platforms. In this way, mobile app development service providers are getting manifold opportunities to make money with their trending mobile app ideas in 2020. Despite COVID-19 impact, entrepreneurs are advised to turn their businesses online for these reasons:

  • Rise in the mobile app market: Keeping aside the crisis caused by COVID-19, the mobile app revenues are predicted to increase at double-fold rates by the end of 2024. The mobile app downloads are now estimated to turn 183.7 billion i.e around 9% higher than then predicted before the spread of the pandemic.
  • Reduced human contact gains prominence: Online businesses specifically eCommerce companies are already contactless deliveries as a precautionary step against infection. This will be a good reason to step in the digital marketplace as consumers are now relying more on online platforms for their basic necessities & services.
  • A boom to online shopping: Retail businesses are turning online as leading e-commerce companies, online pharmacies, & grocery stores like Amazon, Bigbasket, Grofers, Flipkart, Pharmeasy, 1mg, etc. have gone out-of-stock due to the increased demand for daily essentials during the lockdown.
  • More value to online services: Though the government had allowed online retail and logistics during this time, most business experts are suggested to adopt these mobile app development ideas amid COVID-19. Believe it or not, the sales of product categories like electronics & health have increased exponentially from 91% to 109% amidst coronavirus spread.

The above stats might have changed your mind towards thought-provoking mobile app development ideas. Your wait ends here as these are top 5 strategies you need to implement to grow your business via mobile apps.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Ideas Amid Corona-19 in 2020

1. For E-commerce

The sudden turmoil caused due to COVID-19 lockdown, the global population got strangled into a massive crisis as there was a huge panic among people. Even though the market witnessed a high surge in the demand for daily essentials, eCommerce platforms came at rescue throughout the difficult times. Online marketplaces are seeing increased sales of daily used products these days for many reasons and here are the proofs:

  • Amongst the household essentials, sanitary items like toilet papers, alcohol-based sanitizers, antibacterial sprays, masks, etc.
  • The sale of these products has been increased by 817% as compared to the existing market share.
  • For the treatment of common health problems like cold, flu, & fever, people are switching to mobile apps for getting medicines. The rate of sales of medicines has been on the rise by 198% currently.

2. For Online Education

Now students are attending virtual classes through online portals. The education industry is on the way to transform as online education is on the top of mobile app development ideas amid COVID-19. E-learning is empowering the entire education nowadays and this concept is trending among teachers as well as learners who’re switching to smart classrooms for interactive and better learning that also encourages social distancing.

Online education apps like BYJU’s are getting popular among students. Here are a few interesting stats on the rise of e-learning during coronavirus spread:

  • More than 67% of US education firms are investing in mobile app development ideas to provide mobile learning services to students, teachers, tutors, & education institutions.
  • The overall revenues generated from e-learning services surged by a massive rate of 900% b/w 2000-2017.
  • The e-learning industry will turn $325 billion by the end of 2025.
  • IBM saved an amount of $200 million in the case of e-learning investment on the verge of scheduling and cost-saving benefits.

3. For Supply Chain & Logistic Firms

All the business processes will fail if the supply chain is interrupted for any reason. Even during the lockdown phase, the government allowed essential supply delivery to avoid crowding and rush in the market. Through the regular supply of daily essentials, consumers would be able to get their groceries or other household products by using a mobile app. This has been made possible due to the wide network of supply chain and distribution centers registered to fulfill the orders and that’s the big reason to consider this mobile app development idea amid COVID-19 for this business sector.

4. For Crowdfunding Firms

A large number of blue-collar workers are left jobless during coronavirus crises. To help people who depend on daily wages for their living, various fundraisers are taking initiatives to fulfill their needs for food. Digital crowdfunding becomes a solid mobile app idea in the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak as it is helpful in collecting funds for the welfare of the needy.

Even in such a difficult time, crowdfunding is getting a positive response from the global communities as various reputed brands and organizations are coming forward for their contribution. Recently, the US’s Prompt achieved the proposed funding target within 19 days of its launch on 25th Feb, 20.  We all know the USA is one of those nations that are going the worst phase of coronavirus spread, a popular apparel company based in the US named Oros raised funds of more than $210,000 in just 2 hours of launch on March 10th. Thanks to the power of social media campaigns on Facebook &Instagram that are encouraging wider communities to contribute to the social cause during the COVID-19 lockdown days.

5. Healthcare, Fitness, & Medical Van Booking

Although government & healthcare service providers are well prepared and highly alert these days, mobile apps are bridging the gaps in improving remote healthcare system during a virus outbreak. We all know that immediate medical help and proper healthcare is a need of an hour and amid this isolation time, mobile app development idea amid COVID-19 for on-demand doctors or caretakers, healthcare consultations, expert advice for fitness and boosting immunity, or getting immediate medical help via mobile app.

The impact of coronavirus rippled the global economy alongside causing irreparable damage to millions of lives across the world. As similar to the way businesses are dealing with tons of uncertain challenges for their survival with mobile app development ideas, we’re strongly hopeful that the vaccination of COVID-19 will soon arrive to end this pandemic completely. During this tough time, we need to stay alert and safe at home as that’s all we can do for coronavirus prevention. We hope the blog inspired your entrepreneurial goals amid COVID.

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priyanka negi

Priyanka Negi is a content specialist who works as a technical writer at MobileCoderz Technologies. She holds remarkable experience in SEO writing for several industrial domains. Her adeptness in technical writing is backed by a proven track record of being a prominent professional in the IT industry.

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