Key highlights of Apple WWDC 2016

With Apple’s WWDC 2016 just concluding last week, a lot of new features and updates were released! Every tech enthusiast and iOS application development company had its eyes and ears glued to the event as were we. In this blog, we bring you the key highlights and special features of the 2016 WWDC; read on to learn more!

As expected Apple released the all-new iOS 10 which boasts of ten new segments and it was rightly called the mother of all releases. And then came to the upgraded and Siri, latest versions of the tvOS, watch OS and of course the MacOS. We hope to bring some clear insights on what the WWDC 2016 was all about with this blog; keep reading.

#1: OS X is now called MacOS and there’s much more to it!

This iteration of the OS X or the MacOS as it is called now will be known as Sierra and the primary focus here is going to be continuity across all devices. Universal Desktop, saving the Mac desktop to iCloud, etc. are some of the exciting features in Sierra. The best part about Sierra that had us amazed however was Siri (which will now be available) on the desktop! A really cool feature to have on a desktop don’t you think? As a leading iOS App development company in India, we are pretty excited about this!

#2: The Apple Watch is now faster and better

Did you know that watchOS 3 is seven times faster than its predecessor? Yep! It is that fast and has a whole array of updates that make it almost as good as your iPhone. Scribble (a keyboard)is another feature that lets users respond to messages and Apple Watches will now have a SoS feature for emergency help. Fitness too has been paid attention to the Breathe app that helps users meditate and track their fitness.

#3: Siri is now open to App Developers

As the best iOS App development company in the country, we have already begun planning for this! Siri being open to app developers opens a whole new range of operations such as using voice commands to search the internet for photos, calling a cab, control apps that help with your workout and so on.

#4: iOS 10 – has a ton of amazing features and updates

iOS 10 is perhaps one of the best things about WWDC 2016 and has so many features that it was even called the mother of all releases at the WWDC! Read on as we list a couple of interesting new features in the all-new iOS 10

  • Raise to wake is a cool new feature that will list notifications and help you respond and interact by means of 3D Touch. We are fascinated by this feature and its implications!
  • Raise to wake is a cool new feature that will list notifications and help you respond and interact by means of 3D Touch. We are fascinated by this feature and its implications!
  • Apple Music has been redesigned with a much simpler interface and more fun.
  • Apple Home is a new app with a lot of potential and lets you manage, control and connects with the accessories around the home screen.
  • Messages are getting a lot of updates too as this is one of the most used features in the iOS. Integration with Apple Music, more emojis, emojifiable words, cute animations, bubble effects – Messages has got a lot of updates this time around! We as leaders in iOS App Development are sure that this idea will be a hit among users.


Apple News, stock apps being made removable, uninstall provision for default apps and messages being opened to developers by means of the iMessage feature are other interesting additions and updates to iOS 10.
Keep watching our blog space for a detailed update on all that is new with iOS 10 and the things developers who wish to work on App Development for IOS 10 should keep an eye on!

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