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How Much Does iOS App Development Cost?

  • May 11, 2022
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

How much does iOS app development cost?

Well, the straightforward answer to this question is $30,000

And there are also many misconceptions related to iOS app development costs in the market. Some people say the cost of building iPhone and Android apps is the same, while some sources say it is different. Most business people don’t know the right information. 

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And due to the lack of knowledge, many app founders have to face unexpected changes in their iOS app development budget. Sometimes even they have to re-plan their entire project due to miscalculations in the cost. 

Therefore, knowing iOS app development cost accurately is extremely important because it helps you properly analyze your budget and resources so you can generate maximum ROI from hire iOS app developers or app development project. We know it well that is why we decided to guide you on this topic. 

This blog is an excellent source of information that will tell you-

  • How much does it cost to build an iOS app?
  • What are the hidden factors that affect the overall iOS app development cost?
  • What factors decide the cost of developing an iOS app?
  • What is the difference between the cost of Android and iOS app development?

If you are going to build an iPhone app, don’t miss this blog. 

So let’s get started

Factors That Decide the iOS App Development Cost

There are various factors in iOS app development that affect its cost. From the level of app complexity to the location of the iOS app development company, you need to pay attention to each factor to accurately estimate the final cost. Here, we have discusses all the factors in detail to help you understand how they affect the iOS app development cost

1. Size of iOS App

The size of your iOS mobile application directly affects its cost. If your app has a large number of features or complex functionality, iOS app developers would take much time and effort to enable all these features, and consequently, the cost of iOS app development would increase. It means, the more simple it is, the less size it would have, and eventually the price decreases. 

2. Complexity of Features

Complexity means how much difficulty developers face to create a certain functionality. If your iOS app requires some special or customized solution that consumes great time and effort to enable, then it will increase the development time, and consequently, the cost increases. 

For example, if your iPhone app requires AR/VR capability that allows users to edit the product virtually. Developers will have to put great effort to create a dedicated functionality to enable this specific feature. As a result, your iPhone app development cost will enhance.

3. Number of Features

Features are the most important part which affects the cost of developing an iOS app. When your iPhone incorporates more features, naturally, it enhances the iOS app development time, and subsequently, the cost increases. However, there is some common or essential feature that every iOS or iPhone app has. But if your app requires some additional features, then you should be ready for the increased price. 

4. Category of iOS App

This might sound unusual to you. While most business people think that the cost of developing an iOS app is the same for all types of mobile apps. But the fact is, it directly affects your budget. Every iOS app caters to a certain industry and market niche. And accordingly, its UI/UX design and features are built. Apple App Store has a wide range of categories that define what industry your iPhone app focuses on. 

You need to check for which category you are creating the iPhone app like education, lifestyle, health, business, game, food delivery, etc.  As per Statista report 2022, Games, business, education, and utilities are the most popular categories on Apple App Store. 

iOS app categoryAverage cost
Gaming app$40,000-200,000
Education app$10,000-50,000
Health & Fitness app$10,000-60,000
Business app$10,000-150,000
Travel app$8,000-60,000
Entertainment app$15,000-80,000
Food & Drink app$10,000-25,000
Shopping app$20,000-40,000
Social networking app$15,000-50,000

5. Location of the iOS App Development Company

This is one of the most influential factors in determining the cost of developing an iOS app. If you decide to outsource your app project to a different country and collaborate with a dedicated iOS app development company, check what the location of the company is. 

Every country has different rates of developing iOS apps. For example, an iOS app development company in USA would charge you around $80-$170 per hour for creating an iPhone app. At the same time, if you outsource your same project to an iOS app development company in India, they may charge between $25-40 per hour. 

Hence, check the location of the company or iOS app developer, and based on this, you can easily estimate the cost. 

Location Charge (USD)
Western Europe$90-165
Eastern Europe$30-170

What are the Hidden Costs in iOS App Development?

You might be feeling confident having sound knowledge of iOS app development costs. But wait. The above-mentioned factors are apparent or well-known to most business people. There are some hidden costs associated with the iOS app development that you shouldn’t miss to take into consideration. Below we have mentioned all the hidden costs which most people usually miss. 

Hidden costs in iOS app developmentAverage Cost (Annually)
App maintenance$4000-$10,000
iOS updates$1,000
iOS app developer account annual charge$99
Data storage$500

How Much Does iOS App Development Cost? 

There is a general formula to calculate the exact value of iOS app development cost- 

Calculate iOS App Development Cost – Tech Stack Cost + (UI/UX development hours+ app development hours) x Per Hour Rate

By putting the total time taken in the entire development phase and the charge per hour, you can easily get the right answer. However, if you outsource your project to an iOS app development company in India, the average iOS app development cost would be around $30,000-$40,000 for a basic-level iPhone application. 

Difference Between the Cost of Android and iOS App Development?

While you are focusing on the cost of developing an iOS app, it is also important to know the cost of Android app development. This will give you an idea of where your iOS or iPhone app stands out as compared to Android costs. 

iOS and Android both are different mobile operating systems. Their apps are different in terms of many factors. Hence, to clearly know the difference between the cost of Android and iOS app development, we need to compare them in terms of the following factors: 

1. Design

Android and iOS don’t have much difference in UI/UX design. They are both equally time and resources. However, iPhone apps are considered to be high-class as compared to Android due to the quality standards of the App Store. But in the development process, they don’t make much difference. 

2. Development Time

Android has a large number of device variants and updates in its operating system which makes it time-consuming for developing the app. Plus, Android is built in JavaScript which is a heavy programming language as compared to Swit (iOS programming language). So when it comes to development time, the iPhone app takes less time than Android. 

3. Hourly Rate

iOS app developers charge more than Android app developers to build the app since they use Swift or Objective-C language which is quite easy to implement in coding. 

4. App Launch

To publish your iPhone app on the App Store, you will have to pay $99 annually. Whereas, in Android, Google Play Store charges only a one-time fee of $25. So, in terms of app launch, iOS is more expensive than Android. 

So which is more expensive Android or iOS app development?

Well, the iOS app development cost is usually the same as Android. But the cost of iOS app development increase after launch in terms of app maintenance, updates, and annual developer account charge. 

Therefore, there is no clear answer to the difference between the cost of Android and iOS app development. It primarily depends on various app development factors. 

How MobileCoderz can help you build a budget-friendly iPhone app?

MobileCoderz is the best iOS App development company. We have the industry’s highly experienced and talented iOS app developers and software engineers who are experts in utilizing all resources in less time and with high productivity. 

Our team has solid expertise and great real-life knowledge in using Swift, Objective-C, Xcode IDE, React Native and Flutter to create a full-fledged iPhone app within your budget. 

We understand the value of every hour and your business ambition behind the app. Therefore, when you decide to build the app with us, we help you drive the maximum advantages of Apple’s development resources. 

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