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iOS 10 – its bigger, its way better!

  • July 18, 2016
  • By pranay agarwal

Well, the WWDC 2016 got over last month and there were a lot of interesting updates! The mother of them all was the grand release of iOS 10. Being the leading iOS App development company in India, this certainly got our attention and we have already begun working on app development for iOS 10! Read on as we highlight the key features and what got our interest in the latest iOS release!

#1: 3D Touch lives up to all the hype

Prior to the release of iPhone 6s, 3D Touch was one of the most hyped things and it did create a lot of buzz! This technology, it was believed by many would put Apple way ahead of competition. However, only with the introduction of iOS 10 the technology has truly ignited sparks and has got a sort of facelift.

#2: Siri is now better too!

We simply love Siri, there’s no going two ways about it. What we loved about this WWDC was that it announced the integration of Siri with voicemail and also the fact that it is open to 3rd parties now! We have been rejoicing ever since we heard this and we have already begun to explore the plethora of options this makes available when we think of app development for iOS 10.

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#3: Photos uses facial, object and scene recognition now

What this means in common parlance is that you can now get to see automated edited films that are termed Memory Movies that comprise of a common theme. This is similar to what Facebook already has and is very convenient for grouping photos.

#4: Maps stands tweaked

Earlier on, we weren’t fans of Apple Maps – it wasn’t all that good! It has been tweaked a bit to help you search for restaurants, petrol stations and other route based info and will also give you information about traffic and time estimations and so on. The app now has an extensions feature that will let you book tables at a diner, book a cab and so on.

#5: Default Apps can be deleted

This wasn’t a huge announcement but more of an observation. The default apps are now available at the App Store for downloaded implying that they can be deleted which is a welcome option in our opinion.

#6: iMessage has been beefed up

There is an all new iMessage app store and as the top iOS App Development Company in India, we are excited about this! This means you get to book tickets, do financial transactions and what not without ever leaving your current conversation. What’s more, you can even text in your own handwriting. Stickers, invisible ink, emojis and message bubbles are the other additions to iMessage that has the whole world in raptures.

#7: The Lock Screen has been redesigned

Apple has always been popular for its emphasis on user experience and the Lock Screen according to Apple has been redesigned for a powerful and better user experience. The Rise to Wake feature, 3D Touch shortcuts and the redesigned control centre have been receiving rave reviews.

#8: Apple Music has been revamped

The design is cleaner and provides for a better user experience this time around and it is pretty easy to navigate now!

#9: Transcribed voicemails

You don’t have to bother listening to voice mails now! Apple has a new feature that will transcribe the voice mail for you. Though how effective the voice recognition part of it is going to be, we are not so sure about. This is still a very good feature to have though!

#10: Apple Home Kit

If all your devices support Home Kit, then you should be able to view them from Home and the Scene feature even lets you take control of connected devices. This is an extremely interesting feature and helps with better connectivity and working across devices easier.

We hope this blog helps you get a glimpse of the hottest features of iOS 10. Watch our blog space for more interesting updates on latest releases from Apple!

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pranay agarwal

Pranay Agrawal is a co-founder of MobileCoderz Technologies & enthusiastic mobility consultant. His keenness in technology & demonstrated expertise in strategic business consulting encourage him to share his thoughts via interesting blog posts. He prominently focuses on the analytical aspects of business development with core understanding of marketing strategies & techniques.

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