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Ionic & Angular JS – the perfect combination for your next app development venture

  • August 9, 2016
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

To develop an app that is cutting edge and all new, you most certainly need the help of the latest technological advancements and platforms. With frameworks and tools getting updated every now and then, it is imperative that app developers keep themselves updated and stay in sync with the latest trends. When we talk of mobile app development, hybrid mobile app development is very popular and is quite the rage these days as compared to native app development. Hybrid apps are easier to maintain and offer a lot of advantages over native apps and thus they are preferred over native apps in many cases.

Ionic is the latest entrant in this arena and quite simply put, it is built with Angular JS and is a front end SDK.

Being a top rated Ionic App Development Company, we have come up with a list of features that will help you understand the Ionic and Angular JS combo better; read on to learn more.

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#1: Can run on many platforms

Ionic being a hybrid mobile application platform offers a lot of advantages. It is optimized for Angular JS and has SaaS apart from offering a whole library that is specifically optimized for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The main advantage in such a scenario is that the code being written is reduced and a single app can actually run on various different platforms. Being mobile app developers, we simply love this idea!

Did you know that nearly 2 million apps have been designed in Ionic worldwide? Yep! It is that popular!

#2: Application display and creation of components becomes easy

Ionic facilitates an easy and effective user experience and it is easy for the developer too! As expert Ionic Developers, we can vouch for the fact that it is indeed a very easy platform to create components with Ionic than in other platforms where one would have to create multiple splash screens and consider various parameters (height, width, type of device, etc.) before getting down to component creation. Similarly, creating a display that is simply perfect is possible with Ionic owing to its guidelines and transition styling.

These however aren’t the only positives when it comes to ionic, there is so much more to it! Now that you have an idea of how good Ionic is, we would like to move on to the Ionic and Angular JS combination and why it is considered to be the best of the lot by experts.

Angular JS and Ionic – the perfect combo

Angular JS is preferred by most developers for its robust and flexible features and when you add Ionic to the mix, the result becomes explosive! Ionic builds on top of Angular JS’ features and presents developers with a platform that is perfect for developing an app.

Lots of Readymade components

Ionic presents a developer with an array of readymade components that are simply perfect to use and come with various themes and can be used in a variety of different platforms as well. It also boasts of typical JS components like input forms, buttons and so on that re functional and extremely stylish to use. In our experience as a top rated Ionic App Development Company, we have found this to be a very useful feature for app development. After all, an app needs to be visually stunning to create an impact!

You can develop. Build, deploy and test with just one command!

Almost all developers would get excited at such an option and we are no exception! The CLI function enables one to do just this and with that single command, we can test the application on the particular platform we wish too. Simply cool, isn’t it? Other exciting features that we are gaga about are the Logging and Live Reload.

While Ionic is your perfect SDK, Angular JS is excellent when it comes to interacting at the backend and we as expert Ionic developers recommend that you try out this combo for your next venture. Good Luck!

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