How to Develop Apps for Foldable Smartphones?

A long time back, Foldable smartphones were trendy and lucrative. Owing to a flip phone in such times was a matter of pride. Guess what? They have been resumed again as Huawei and Samsung launched foldable smartphones again in 2019. This has revolutionized the mobile app development domain completely.

The changing trends of integrating innovation within the mobile app development domain have reintroduced foldable smartphones. While superficially, it seems that it is only about obtaining pliable UX in mobile applications but its impact is huge. Foldable devices have brought more opportunities for the development community to create mesmerizing and comprehensive user experiences. This has become possible due to several window APIs in it.

One of the best examples of foldable smartphone apps is video streaming apps. It has the capability to enlarge the screen size to show the videos clearly. Also, this is useful for combining additional functionalities to the app.

Foldable Smartphones: Facts And Infographics

When foldable smartphones have launched into the market, it has majorly affected the mobile app development sector. So, prior to starting with the actual development process, let’s look at some statistics:

  • The consignment of foldable smartphones was more than 3 million units in 2019. It will increase by over 50 million units in 2022. 
  • It has been predicted that foldable smartphones are expecting to list a CAGR of more than 21% between 2019- 2022. 
  • Smartphone users spend 85- 90% of their time on mobile applications. 

Benefits of designing apps for foldable smartphones:

  • For video apps, foldable smartphones are the best option. It can ensure better quality videos having high resolution.
  • Lots of features and functionalities can be added to the foldable smartphones app in comparison to regular smartphones.
  • A bigger and broader screen size creates scope for the detailed content. It would be easy to work on different applications more smoothly.
  • The kind of barrier we used to face while opening the calendar using half of the screen will now be solved easily. Choosing the mobile app development for foldable smartphones can fix things more precisely.

It is a better option to hire a recognized mobile app development company for designing feature-rich mobile apps. Such a firm will have great exposure, particularly in mobile app development. They can design on-demand mobile apps at cost-effective rates. 

Now, it is time to know some important things that you should keep in mind while designing apps for foldable devices. Let’s start:

How to design mobile applications for foldable devices?

Mobile apps development for foldable phones is slightly different from your regular used smartphones. As there is a difference in screen size and in the optimization process, both hard work and expenditure are required for developing apps for such devices in contrast to the regular one. 

Important factors to consider while designing apps for foldable devices:

  • Two states mobile app screen

Every foldable app is available in two states, one is folded and the other is unfolded. The unfolded one would be the main display. A mobile app building firm will strategically design the app. It can allow you to do improvisation in users’ experience. The additional app space available could be used for performing other necessary actions. 

The folded state is the covered display. In this particular state, the phone will look like the traditional smartphones that can be used with one hand.

  • Application design

As you use your phone for exploring different mobile apps and everything that is available on your device, an application needs to be designed accordingly. When it is about the folded state, it is obvious that the user will just use a single hand to tap anywhere on the screen.

While in the case of unfolded smartphones, the user will have to hold the device using both hands. Based on that, the design parameters will change for sure. So, a recognized mobile app development company’s team implements all essential dynamics needed to design a competitive app.

  • Multi-tasking capabilities

Running two applications on the mobile screen concurrently is a general practice, but running more than three apps at the same time needs contemplation. In that case, an app will not only share the screen but also use the device. It’s the main reason why mobile app development companies focus on integrating multi-window mode.

  • Adjustable screen:

Foldable smartphone mobile app development is mainly related to the screen and the different aspects associated with it. There are foldable phones that are available with small and heavy screens. In some cases, the foldable screens would be thin and long. Thus, for creating a smart mobile app for foldable devices, the screen should be adjustable according to different screen sizes. For analyzing the screen compatibility, you can either use minAspectRatio and max aspect ratio.

  • Better app’s screen resumption mode

Foldable devices have the potential to run numerous apps on a mobile screen simultaneously. But, the main problem that arose at the time of using 3-4 apps was poor resumption mode. In such scenarios, it was found that the app that was in frequent use, their activities were resumed. So, the ideal solution to resolve this problem was to enable all active apps to be in the resumed state.

  • Ensure uninterrupted app’s experience

The seamless transition of an application’s screen is required while adjusting it from folded state to an unfolded one. Any disturbance during the process can compel the users to uninstall an app. 

  • Cover all possible test cases

Being a reputed mobile app development company, you should always look forward to all possible conditions to introduce an error-free foldable smartphone application. To develop a successful mobile app for foldable devices, you should cover the maximum number of test cases. It would not be a great idea to compromise with application orientation, screen resolution, etc.

It is required for you to try harder and give your best shot while deciding what can be workable for you to build an indefectible app.

Cost to design apps for foldable smartphones:

Mobile app development companies increasing every day. Investing in mobile app development for foldable devices is helpful for attaining admirable and extraordinary outcomes. Owning an app for a business project is highly essential to compete in this technical world. It is because users always want to try something new and innovative. 

What is great about selecting India to employ a mobile app development company?

The international market of mobile app development has several players. Among them, India is the leading one due to many reasons.

In India, the largest pool of professional app developers is available. This is why 70-75% of businesses from the UK and USA select India as their primary offshore partner. Some of the important benefits of collaborating with India are:

  • High revenues.
  • Budget-friendly app development.
  • Low-risk factors.
  • Flexible govt. policies.
  • Round-the-clock customer support.
  • Implementation of creative and innovative elements.
  • Trusted resources with high technical excellence

Usually, the approximate cost to develop a mobile app ranges between 100,000 – 500,000 dollars. For more clarity, you can have a look at the below-given images.

Wrapping Up

MobileCoderz (a progressive mobile app development company) understands why it is necessary to design a fully functional application that can work for all devices (foldable and non-foldable smartphones). Here, the main priority of our development team is to deliver the best possible app solutions as per clients’ expectations.

We conduct multiple tests before launching a final product. Our eventual goal is to design cost-effective apps for businesses whether it is for foldable or unfoldable smartphones. For more queries regarding app development for foldable devices, you can contact us directly!

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