How to Develop an eLearning App Like Duolingo?

Duolingo, an American language-learning mobile app came into the picture in the year 2011. This e-learning works as a translation language and teaching app. Since then this language learning platform, eLearning app Duolingo has ruled the market and transformed itself as a leading business with turnovers of $700+ million. It also earned its position as the first EdTech application that topped $140 Million in yearly income.

A Brief History About The eLearning App: Duolingo

This e-learning app handles around 36 languages and has embraced a freemium-based model. You can learn the language courses free of cost. However, there are premium subscription plans for the users.

It is a fabulous foreign language app to satiate your hunger for learning an unknown language. The gamification highlight in the Duolingo application resembles good to beat all. It inspires its clients to proceed with their learning by sending push notifications. There are plenty of engagement and bounty stories and we are certain you would be enticed to look for them.

Working of Duolingo eLearning App

Duolingo works as an AR embedded with a multilingual chatbot, flaunting the capabilities of speech recognition. This language learning platform is a virtual language assistant app that works 24*7 and gives interactive sessions to countless students worldwide in nearly 40 languages.

Advanced and trending technologies play a significant role in the Duolingo app. Similarly impressive, Machine Learning innovation is embedded in the application. This permits it to likewise learn from its users while instructing them. The apps like Duolingo accomplish this by guaranteeing it’s content is not simply thoroughly checked and tried by their AI-based algorithms.

Yet by additionally seeking verifications from its students. The Duolingo app does this by choosing the appropriate responses offered by most clients, continually updating its information/ knowledge base of languages.

The logistics and language behind the Duolingo app give an intelligent encounter to its clients.  Here the users can decipher words, expressions, phrases, and sentences of their chosen language for learning, from their native tongue.

This mobile application is not only the main driving force behind the learning apps like Duolingo. The site is additionally stacked with its group of programming and algorithms. It is set up to give innovative learning provisions to the DuoLingo community.

Features to Integrate Into An App Like Duolingo

Features of Duolingo App

You must opt for e-learning app development with the following elements:-

#1. Sign-in

Developing a language learning platform, you should deal with the authorization systems. Duolingo has tackled the issue basically: you answer a couple of inquiries (age, sex, email, name), enter the password and it’s finished!

#2. Filling out an individual profile

Now when the user holds an account, he must fill his details into the profile. To create your own language app Like Duolingo, you should raise the request for the following information:

  1. Individual information: Here, to develop apps like Duolingo we mean all that identifies with the individual’s identity. It will include the age, sex, photograph, etc., of the user.
  2. Language: A language that a client will contemplate. The list of languages is very noteworthy in e-learning mobile app development. It must incorporate not just well-known ones such as English, French, and German. 
  3. Put out a day-by-day objective: This is enclosed of how many minutes the user will spend on the app per day to learn the best foreign language in-app
  4. Determine the language level: If a user already has an idea about the specific language, he can test through an examination to sort out which exercise he is smarter, to begin with. This is a prerequisite for e-learning mobile app development.

If you are developing language learning platforms like Duolingo, then opt for a similar scheme or think of an out-of-box plan of your own.

#3. Revisions and Practice sessions

This feature is specifically required to track and monitor the performance and process of the user. The e-learning app can incorporate a history marked by exercises, accomplishments, and disciplines, for example, the DuoLingo ‘Hearts Feature‘. This e-learning app has features that include options like translations, listening, and speaking.

#4. Animation and Gamification

It is noted that the approach of Duolingo adds up the level of fun in learning. This e-learning app has also stimulated the process of learning for the users. Hence, it would be beneficial if you implement animations and sound effects to function accordingly. 

#5. Social

Once more, not a total necessity, but rather there are advantages to having a community of students collaborating through your application. 

DuoLingo initially had a ‘Club’s feature’ which they initially build for the ‘Leaderboard‘ feature. This was pointed toward empowering the Duo people to hold discussions revolving around their present standings. Users could likewise compete with each other to complete the task.

#6. Voice Recognition w/ Chatbots

An outright need for a functioning eLearning app development is a 24*7 multilingual chatbot. It should be installed with the capabilities of speech recognition. This isn’t not only used for teaching purposes yet in addition to improving the performance of the application employing Machine Learning.

While a chatbot is perhaps the trickiest component in eLearning mobile app development to coordinate, this kind of AI-powered innovation has limitless potential in the EdTech business. 

Google’s Cloud Natural Language API is a characteristic language innovation that developers from a proficient eLearning app development company can use to consolidate this component into a language learning application.

eLearning app developers


You must always seek assistance from the e-learning app development company. They will have experience. Moreover, you can get a team of professionals under the same roof, including UI/ UX designers, analysts, graphic designers, game developers, testers, etc.

You also get the privilege to develop different types of e-learning app development such as cross-platform app development, hybrid app development, or native app development.

For example, if you are just targeting Android users, you can hire Android app developers with different skill-set and experiences from the same agency.

Tech-Stacks Used for eLearning App Development

To effectively construct a complete e-learning mobile app development like Duolingo, you will require a comprehension of the various layers of the technology behind such e-learning app development.

The tech stack alludes to the combination of vivid technologies based on top of one another streaming here and there down the stack. Remember that the stack behind major applications like Duolingo is continually developing, to keep up with technical debt and trends. An adept eLearning app development company will have proficiency and assist you to develop futuristic language learning platforms.

Below mentioned are the tech stack used for the language learning apps like Duolingo:-

elearning app development

Cost to Develop The Best eLearning Apps Like Duolingo

Now since you are now aware of the type of features and technologies used for e-learning apps. Let us check the potential app development cost to bring your app to reality.

If you are not technically proficient then hiring a custom e-Learning app development company will be the best thing. The phase of e-Learning app development cost is not economical but you can save overall cost by hiring developers from cost-effective locations, hourly rates, and reputation. 

The app development cost depends upon a number of features and complexities to develop an e-learning app. 

Following are the factors that determine the average e-Learning app development cost:-

  1. The number of hours the designers spends designing UI/ UX.
  2. The number of hours developers spend developing the platform.
  3. The hourly rates of the app developers.
  4. The number of hours that the developers spend for backend servers.

eLearning app development cost and time differ a lot. As mentioned earlier, it relies upon the complexities, scope, and number of developers who would be spending time developing the app.

Top Reasons to Create Your Own Language App like Duolingo

The industry of best foreign language apps looks encouraging. The online market of foreign language apps is expected to expand at a CAGR of 18% between 2019 to 2023. Furthermore, it might also cross USD 25.73 billion by 2027. 

Individuals are cherishing the accessibility and comfort of foreign language apps that assist them to brush their abilities. 

The AI-controlled chatbots will take the language learning experience to another level. The best foreign language apps will educate users about some extinct languages such as Welsh, Esperanto, and Gaelic.

Likewise, social media impact and the pattern of knowing no less than one foreign language entice the users to fall back on foreign language apps.

Even though 2020 was the year of turmoil and was very difficult. Yet many individuals took sufficient opportunity to draw in themselves in the best foreign language apps.

These facts clearly prove that it is the right time for e-learning mobile app development like Duolingo.

Investing in an e-learning business is a great opportunity. Hence, it is always wise to get in touch with an e-learning mobile app development company like MobileCoderz Technologies to develop e-learning mobile apps like Duolingo.

Our tech nerds are adept in e-learning app development. We also have a skill set to develop apps on the latest tools and technologies. 

Why wait, book a session with us to create your own language app.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions for e-Learning Mobile App Development

#1. What are the most effective ways for e-learning mobile app development like Duolingo?

For e-learning app development like Duolingo, you will require elements, such as sound effects, multilingual chatbots, voice recognition, etc.

Duolingo utilizes AI and ML to make these components. You can get in touch with a skilled e-learning app development company to develop an engaging and alluring app using effective ways.

#2. What languages would you be able to learn in Duolingo?

Duolingo presently has 36 languages to browse. Probably the most famous courses are accessible in English for Spanish and Russian speakers. The English speakers can benefit from this e-learning app development because they can learn Japanese, German, and French.

#3. What programming was utilized to foster the Duolingo application?

The Duolingo application is developed on Amazon Web Services. Bootstrap jQuery, backbone.js was utilized for the front-end development and Python for the back-end. The Duolingo application is as of now working with 23 distinct technologies.

#4. Can you elaborate Step by step instructions to develop a clone like Duolingo?

To develop a clone like Duolingo you should utilize advanced technologies, for example, AI, ML, and AR. The clone of Duolingo will require embedded features, for example, speech recognition, a multilingual chatbot, and push notifications. An e-learning app development company with extensive years of experience has years of experience in embedding and working on these advanced features.

#5. Is it economical to develop an e-learning mobile app like Duolingo?

The eLearning app development cost depends upon the number of developers, complexities, location, skillset, and experience of the developers who would be investing their time for app development. Well, these types of eLearning app development costs are not economical. But you can save while you hire developers from India.

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