How Much Should It Cost to Hire Mobile App Developers?

Mobile apps are great for business. As per Statista, there are more than 197 billion apps downloaded in the year 2017. It is speculated that 81% of users spend their time on Facebook apps. Flurry Analytics states that the crowds in America spend almost 5 hours on their smartphones, and 92% are using mobile apps. Hence, major businesses opt to hire mobile app developers to get maximum profits. 

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In the wave of digitization, the majority of tech giants and startups have concluded that they need a business app. Hence, businesses make every measure to hire app developers.

You must understand that every mobile app development idea is interlinked with plenty of expectations. It starts right from business growth to marketing and good prospects. A mobile app developer will focus on these aspects and will develop a mobile app.

Bill Gates quotes “if your business isn’t online, your business will not survive”. Well, You cannot claim his statement as wrong. No matter what business array you belong from, you need a mobile app and the best app development software for that. Hence, you must ensure to hire mobile app developers from an adept mobile app development company

Let’s check some stats and facts why you need mobile apps

1. Statista forecasted that almost 3.5 million users used smartphones in 2020. They predicted that this number would grow to 3.8 million. So, it is a good time to hire app developers and get your business app developed.

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2. The survey report claims that 90% of users spent their maximum time on mobile apps.

3. BuildFire predicted that 49% of users love to check in their favorite apps at least 11 times a day. And, 21% of users use apps 50+ times a day. Don’t you think it is best to hire app developers to expand your business.

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Why do you need to hire mobile app developers?

Suppose if your app has glitches, bugs, or any other similar problems, then there are high chances that users may abandon your app. It is believed 1 in 4 users abandon the mobile app after the first use.

Why do you need to hire mobile app developers?

Now, this is not at all a good sign for your business.  Hence, it is good that you hire Android app developers if you have an Android app requirement. They will introduce some amazing master plans.

How much should it cost to hire mobile app developers?

1. Cost to hire mobile app developers

There are mainly two reasons that lead to the cost to hire app developers:-

  • How much budget are you planning to invest in mobile app development? 
  • How much will the service provider quote the charges?

App Development cost for different app platforms mobilecoderz
No matter whatever your requirements are, upgrading the existing app or constructing a new one. You must hire app developers with experienced knowledge and appropriate skills to finish the project. They will develop and launch with the best perfection.

Below mentioned are some of the factors that lead to the estimation of hiring mobile app developers:-

1.1 Choose the platform: Cross-platform, hybrid, or native platform

Be assured of what platform or operating system you will choose. It includes iOS, Android, Hybrid, Native, or Cross-platform.  

The market price to hire an app development company depends upon the operating platform you choose. 

  • Android and iOS app development

    Planning to develop Android or iOS app development projects? You must hire dedicated app developers who are proficient in generating codebase for a definite platform. 

    You must understand that the development of native apps for numerous platforms can add to the app development cost and time. 

    iOS apps are the operating system of Apple and run on iPad, iPhone, etc. The leading giant has offered resources and tools to create accessories and mobile apps for these devices. Hence, you should hire iOS app developers. They will proficiently program in the native languages such as Objective-C, Swift, etc.  Similarly, you can hire Android app developers to develop Android apps. These developers will proficiently develop Android apps using C++, Kotlin, Java, etc.

  • Cross-platform app development

    In any circumstance, if you are targeting numerous platforms.  It is good that you opt for a hybrid or cross-platform app development. Both these developments are economical options. You can manage the development with a single codebase and these can be operated on multiple platforms. For cross-platform, you can hire Flutter developers.

    There are numerous other profitable and economical options. React Native is the next best answer for that. React Native is the most-sought and used cross-platform app development all across the globe. Hire developers from the renowned company and get your business sorted aptly.

    cross platform mobile frameworks used by developers worldwide 2019 and 2020

    Developers and business owners have their hearts for this development. They are easy and quick to develop. The migration, as well as transition, is pretty quick. If you want to drop in the bucket in terms of budget, you can hire React Native app developers and develop your business idea economically.

1.2 Complexity and scope of your Project

Does your mobile app need the integration of complicated API? If you do not have that much experience or have difficulties, you can hire dedicated app developers. They will have proficiency and aptitude to handle different dialects. 

The complexity of the project is the principal factor that leads to the development of mobile apps. 

Next, are the significant components. It includes the Operating System, the number of hardware, and technical complexities. Lastly, that leads to the development cost to hire app developers depends upon your requirement of animations and custom design.

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If you have plans to outsource an app development company for your existing project, then ensure to check their working culture. You can check the reviews and testimonials. The experience and working knowledge in various innovations and technology can be another added advantage. Always remember this team would be working with your team. Hence, you must hire Android developers, iOS developers, or any other developers that are trained in a well-advanced working culture.

Now, there are mainly three ways to outsource app developers:-

a. Fixed Price Model

You need to hire developers for recurring and small projects. Here, in this model, you must be clear with your app ideas and vision. You just need to invest for the time the developer invests in your project. 

  • The set-up is quite easy
  • They are hardly any risk
  • You can enjoy the flexibility

b. Hourly Price Model

Now, in this model, you need to hire developers for a stipulated period. The hourly price model has proved to be best for complicated projects.  You would be the controller. Hence, you can reshape or med the parameters. You can do this in the running proposals. 

  • Model is best for a fixed project
  • You can get the product/ project on the fixed deadline

c. Dedicated Price Model

This model is best for agencies who want to expand their team size to fulfill a project. Now in this model, you can hire dedicated mobile app developers as per the demand of your project.

For example, you plan to develop native apps and have the requirement to develop iOS and Android apps. You want 2 iOS app developers and 1 Android app developer to develop your project. 

In this hiring model, you can hire developers and get your task done. These developers will dedicatedly work with your team.

Project management is quite quick and easy. They will have the proficiency to manage the most complex issues if you are hiring app developers from renowned mobile app development companies. 

  • This is an affordable model
  • It works best for long projects.
  • The onboarding is scalable and easy.

1.3 As Per The Experience

There are indeed multiple programming languages, frameworks, and technologies available for the development of mobile apps. Nevertheless, you can only taste success when you hire mobile app developers from a renowned agency. 

They will be adept in techniques and strategies to customize the feel and look of the mobile app.

You must understand that different types of mobile app developers have different skills, responsibilities, and credibility. This all may add up to the estimation of mobile apps. 

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1.4 Based Upon The Location

The cost to hire app developers of the app development company greatly depends upon the location you want to hire. If you are concerned about hiring an app developer cost to make sure to check the geolocation of the developer. 

According to the leading sources, India, Ukraine, etc., are some of the locations that provide the cheapest mobile app development services.

app development cost by geography Infographic

Source: GoodFirms

1.5 Types of Mobile App Development

Types of mobile app development

Well, people generally ask this question; “How much does it cost to make an app?”. Well, it depends upon the types of mobile apps you want to develop. It will also depend upon the complexity, new technologies, and tools you want to implement.

The cost to hire app developers may highly fluctuate when you are choosing the types of apps. We know that you would be confused about what the cost has to do with types of apps. Well, it does!!

These types of apps are dominating the market. The mobile app developers have to implement strategies and planning so that your app may rule the market. They will have to introduce the methodology that can allure the attention of the users.

2. App development company or freelancers

If you are an agency, then it is worth it to outsource app developers from well-established companies. 

Now, there are several developers available to build your own app, but hiring the service providers is not all an easy task. 

Many business owners opt for freelancers. Well, that is not at all a good idea. Having an established team is more feasible because you can reach them back for your product/ project.  

Your mobile app will stay in the market for a longer time. Hence, you need a team that you can go back to for the latest technological implementation. However, you may not claim that for freelancers. They might be working for a shorter duration. Hence, there are chances they may not be there while you reach them in the future.

Here are some tips to hire an app development company that is proficient, experienced, and skilled:-

  1. Check the portfolio and experience of the mobile app developer for hire.
  2. Check the size of the team.
  3. Reviews and history of the mobile app development company.

Other than this, it is always advised to get detailed info about the profile of the company. It will help you to identify whether they can handle your project. Also, ensure to check their past histories (case studies). It will help you to understand the expertise and skills they possess. 

Next, for mobile app development, you must concentrate on the UI and UX of the mobile app. Hence, ensure that they are employed with expertise in this field. 

app development hourly rate

You can hire UI/ UX designers from the same service provider. You can get the team with different expertise under the same roof.

Other than that, you must pay close attention to the communication process. If you have hired ios developers or any other platform developer from different time zones, make sure they are available according to your team. Check with them about the communication channels they will use. 

Lastly, ensure to ask about their payment and fees procedures. Make sure you ask about the Non-Disclosure Agreement. 


Signing an NDA is always good when you hire dedicated app developers. This document will be in a written format. It will include confidential data and information and they cannot share somewhere else. So, you can steer clear from any loss of data or ambiguity. It will safeguard the information that will be shared with you and the service provider. 

Have a detailed discussion about the fees structure. You can avoid the burden of any additional, hidden, and overtime fees later.

You must also ensure that your app is bug-free and ensure it is looked upon well before the delivery. 

In a nutshell!!

Hiring an adept mobile app developer is not all a daunting task. But, you must be clear with your expectations and requirements,  budget, and skills. 

Looking for a reasonable app development company? 

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