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How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

  • December 9, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Glancing around, you would clearly see the astounding advancement of technologies opening up new space for the business around the world. Whether you are a leading business or a startup, you can rule the digital world with a smart step in 2021. React Native has opened a new space for modern businesses. Why? Well, the React Native app development cost is pretty less in comparison to any other platform. Thus has been widely adopted by numerous start-ups and A-lister companies.

As per the prediction, the market of the mobile app development sector will be making 935.2 billion dollars by the year 2023. Hence, investors are demanding to bring their brand to smartphones. But however, they do not want to invest much. Generally, mobile app development cost ranges between $25,000 -$2,50,000. 

If you are not in favor of investing that much, you can opt for cross-platforms like React Native app development. Here, we have enlightened about “how much does React Native app development costs?

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An Overview of React Native

Many supreme brands such as Walmart, Tesla, Bloomberg, Airbnb, and Wix are opting for this hi-end framework, React Native app development. And thus is flourishing in the market with the best competitive edge. 

React Native App Development is outshining in the market because it hardly causes any strain on the budget. So, let see how popular this platform is:-

Check the market share of React Native below:-

Apps that contain react native

Great…!! Don’t you think?

These stats are especially indicating that top mobile apps on Google Play Store and App Store are developed in this framework. Let us evaluate this more closely. For instance, if we take the data of the best 500 apps in the United States, almost 14.85% of businesses have opted for React Native App development. As per the data of AppBrain, React Native holds the third position after Android Architecture Components and Kotlin.

According to Statista, 38% used React Native app development.

React Native App development Cost

So, What Exactly is React Native?

React Native is an open-source platform that provides a huge spectrum of widgets as well as tools to develop iOS and   Android apps. Businesses are saving almost 30% of the development cost and up to 90% on development time using this framework. 

It allows combining traditional and modern techniques to develop mobile apps as per the JavaScript principle. 

So, opting for React Native App Development is the shot to target a potential audience at a low cost.

Cost to Develop React Native Apps

Regardless of whether you are a startup or an A-lister brand that is running low on the budget but still needs to have an application. They must go for cross-platform development, especially React Native App Development. React Native is an ideal choice and a reliable framework.

Nonetheless, just like any other mobile app cost, it is quite difficult to quote an exact cost to develop React Native apps. It purely depends upon the requirements and complexity of the app. But still, if you are eagerly looking for a hypothetical estimation, it may somewhere cost you between $15 to higher.

A tricky tip: Top ways for saving on React Native app development cost

#Tip No 1: Outsource The Developers From Different Locations

Many of us believe that remote employees can bring in the best. But it’s not true!! Numerous agencies nowadays hire React Native app developers from India. Why? The No#1 reason is the affordable React Native app development cost

React Native App development cost

Here, you can get quality and top-notch customized React Native app development services. The React Native developers in this location are hired to work on different projects. Thus, they have proficiency in React Native app development and are more adept to overcome any challenges during the development and designing process. These developers will also be well versed with different platforms.

These developers will strive to offer an easier UI (User Interface). So, the users can smoothly sail through your app. The loading time will be pretty quick. Again the React Native app developers from India are known for their punctuality, dedication, quality work, agile process, etc. Hence, you can expect top-notch React Native app development. 

Now, if you are in doubt you can simply check their testimonials and review section. You can also visit sites like GoodFirms, AppFutura, and Clutch. These are top reviewing sites wherein the client shares their feedback about the development process and team. You can also get in touch with their prior or existing clients (can find details from these sites) and get to know about the React Native app development cost.

Outsourcing is yet another golden way to save on React Native app development costs. You can cut down the cost that you otherwise have to spend on the infrastructure, utility bills, monthly salaries, and providing regular training to your development team.

#Tip 2: Hire React Native App Development Company

When it comes to saving on React Native app development costs many people hire freelancers. But this is not a great idea. 

A fully functional React Native app development involves lots of professionals. This includes UI/UX designers, analysts, testers, React Native developers, project managers, marketing team, etc. When you Hire a React Native App Development Company, you can have them all under a single roof. On the other hand, with freelancers, you have to hire professionals single-handedly. There would be chances of miscommunication. This can lead your project to a great fallback. 

Moreover, a hired React Native App development company will keep a close check on the detailing and will only deliver high-quality projects. These developers have taken baby steps to earn a remarkable name in the market. Therefore, will not take any step that will defame them in the market. 

The best thing about hiring a React Native app development company is you can go back to them after a certain period. You have to do maintenance and update it with the latest technology after a certain period. You have to present an app that is according to the current guidelines of the Google Play Store and App Store. So, you always need a development partner who is available at your call.

Factors That Play a Huge Role in React Native App Development Cost

#1. Process Developing React Native Apps

The second you start developing React Native apps, you will discover different predefined approaches to adopt them. Let’s face the true fact, this only worked in the era of the 90s. This is not something that any adept React Native app development company can skip while developing React Native apps. In any case, you need to cling to the standard procedures for developing React Native apps.

It is better to handle the breakdown of the React Native app development process to see each phase of React Native app development cost

  • Strategy Planning, Discovery, and Analysis

This step is all about assessing the enterprise app idea. It includes the aim, target audience, competitive analysis, and crafting the roadmap,

As per the report shared by Clutch, 51% of agencies have openly revealed their average React Native app development cost. If you do not find it, you can always reach them via Skype, Zoom, etc. or you can raise a query. Don’t worry, they are experts and won’t charge you for the initial consultation. 

real estate app development cost

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

This stage of the React Native app development is about wireframing. This implies developing blueprints or paper sketches of how the app will look like. Here, React Native app developers will develop a rough impression of your app idea. It will include the screen and the clickable elements so that the investor can understand how their final product will look like.

This step may take 40-50 hours to characterize the flow of the user. A proficient hired React Native app development company will ensure to give you detailed digital presentations and lo-fi sketches.

  • Designing and Development

The other factor that has a great influence on the React Native app development cost. This is the stage where all the implementations and UI designing takes place. The back-end developers, front-end developers, testers, UI/ UX designers will be simultaneously working to develop functional React Native apps. This is specifically the stage that contributes 50–70% of the total React Native app development cost.

  • Testing and Launching

Testing before launching the app is a must to find the non-functional areas, bugs, and fix them instantly. A skilled React Native app development company will first launch the app in Beta Release and check for any usability friction.

  • Post-Delivery Maintenance and Upgrade

To keep a smooth running app, it is very much essential to hire a React Native app development company with extensive experience. They will extend your app to be full-functional and make that ready for the splurge. Now, this phase is not generally counted in React Native app development cost.

Why? Well, with time new technology and innovation take place. And there are high chances you want to implement those in your app. So, the price varies according to the complex tools and technologies you will be used for developing React Native apps.

real estate app development cost

#2. Complexities for Developing React Native Apps

  • Deployment of Architecture Model

The choice purely depends upon you whether to opt for custom mobile app architecture or use BaaS for the backend. Whatever the case, it will help you to have a ready-to-use architecture for the back-end. Remember, if you are going for customization, then the complexity increases. This can also add up to the React Native app development cost

  • Creating Admin Panel

Now, the more features for the admin panel the more React Native app development costs. The complexity expands!!

Now here the components include tracking the activities happening on the app, viewing the stats, and updating the content.

  • Integration of Third-Party Apps

If you have plans to develop client-centric mobile apps then you need to implement certain functionalities. This includes easy payment gateways and third-party logins. However, these types of integrations expand the complexities.

  • In-App Purchases 

If you are looking for a faster Return on Investments then you need to include an in-app purchase. This will again add to the final React Native app development costs

React Native App Development Cost (1)

Why are businesses opting for React Native App development?

Many businesses are opting for this cross-platform app development because it offers numerous benefits.

#1. Cross-Platform and Code-Sharing

Investors need to invest more in the resources because this framework is cross-platform app development. The developers can develop apps using one codebase for multiple platforms. They need to require a specific skill set and do not have to hold an understanding of varied tools and technologies.

#2. Reduction in The Expedition Time

Since developers can manage numerous platforms from a single codebase. Hence, you can reduce the time for the expedition. This makes it a cost-effective choice.

#3. Less Manpower

Unlike Native app development, you require less workforce and resources for developing React Native mobile apps. You can manage with a talented designer, 1 project manager, 2 React Native app developers, QA specialists and can pull the project to hi-end. While for Native, you need to double the resources and workforce.

#4. Hot Reloads

A skilled React Native app development company can help you to establish your business with this feature. You can save plenty of time for development. For instance, if the developer makes any changes it will be quickly reflected instantly.

Tight on budget? Have an amazing app idea and looking for an experienced React Native app development company who can help you in this?

Hire us!!

MobileCoderz Technologies is a leading React Native app development company with its headquarters in India. We have a global presence all across the globe and have lent our development support to various companies from different niches. Our React Native app developers are certified, talented, and creative. They are skilled to develop React Native apps using modern and contemporary technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI, etc.

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