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How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Chatbot ?

  • November 2, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Chatbots are used by a number of businesses across the globe. They have made their solid way in enterprises from enhancing user engagement to working towards the lead transfer process. Thus, chatbot app development is on a steep rise.

According to statistics, eCommerce enterprises, financial consultancy, healthcare, IT, hospitality, & telecommunication have the biggest market for chatbot-based services. Seeing the financial advantages and the increasing market size, a lot of corporations are planning to construct chatbots. This is to utilize deep NLP and to deploy them for their own apps as well as for others.

So, here we’ll examine the best chatbot app development company and chatbot app development cost in total. However, before delving into the cost comparison of chatbots, let’s take a look at the growing chatbot business.

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Types of Chatbots

When examining the many forms of chatbots, we must consider Superset and Subset-wise segmentation of Chatbot development kinds. Also, there are more other aspects that would go into engaging chatbot creation.

1. The Supersets

You can invest in the two categories of chatbots:

  • Bots in Own App: Such chatbots operate within a mobile app that performs a certain purpose in order to automate the communication between the application and its users.
  • Bots that Work in Messenger: Such chatbots only work in messengers that allow bot communication. These are great for companies that don’t have a standalone app or want to maintain social networking media at the forefront of their marketing strategy.

2. The Subsets

There are a variety of chatbot kinds available within the main categories of the chatbot listed below:

  • A Basic Q&A or FAQ Bot

It gives automatic solutions to frequently asked inquiries in a smooth, understandable question-and-answer dialog format to its consumers.

  • Conversational Chatbot 

This form of chatbot makes use of language processing services to facilitate natural-flowing discussions with users. They are designed to provide helpful details about users and keep them engaged until a real customer service representative comes.

  • Transactional Chatbots

Such chatbots allow app users to ask about any purchase items without having to speak to a human customer service agent.

  • Predictive Chatbots 

Such chatbots come under advanced categories on the market right now. They are created and developed single-handedly. Companies hire predictive chatbots to analyze how clients might behave next by putting extensive machine learning into them.

Why Are Chatbots Essential In Business?

# Excellent Experience For Users 

AI-based chatbots are particularly effective at answering basic consumer questions and provide a consistent experience when directing customers across different portions of the mobile app. Users will save time and they will be encouraged to investigate deeper.

# Cost-Effective 

Chatbots are deemed cost-effective since they reduce any additional costs associated with hiring more individuals to provide customer service.

# Appropriate for App Marketing Techniques 

Chatbots are effective in providing businesses with customer information. Understanding these segments can assist organisations in developing the most progressive and effective marketing techniques to enable them to expand.

# Reduced Labor Costs 

Chatbots can manage and engage with several people simultaneously, reducing labour costs. According to a McKinsey analysis, a well built chatbot can eliminate roughly 29% of customer care professions in the United States. This reduced the cost of hiring additional customer service representatives when call volume spiked.

Customers want enterprises to be accessible 24 hours a day to respond to their questions, also at late times. This is impossible to achieve with individual customer service. So, here chatbots allow you to run your business 24 hours a day.

# Increased Revenue

Enterprises use Chatbots to increase lead generation and income. You can use chatbots to constantly inform your consumers about discounts and ongoing increased sales so that you can make good money at any time.

Time Taken to Develop a Chatbot From The Base

Knowing how long it will take for a chatbot app development company to build them is a crucial component. It helps to understand the entire chatbot app development process. Also, it’s an answer to the chatbot app development cost  to get a reasonable estimate of when they will start seeing extraordinary client satisfaction charts.

So, here’s the hours it will take to construct a bot and it’s something that will create a straight impact on the price of your chatbot.

The time it takes to integrate a chatbot with an application varies depending on the chatbot’s functionality. However, it normally takes 50-56 hours.

Interface Design for Communication 

The user interpreter for command language consumes about 50-56 hours. It takes about 130-160 hours to create a real language UI.

Logic in Business

Depending on the logic amount, adapting current business logic requires 130-160 hours. It takes about 170-192 hours to build successful logic from the ground up.

Now you finally have an estimate of how long it will take to complete various aspects of chatbot creation. It’s time to convert those hours into chatbot app development cost. But before that, let’s understand the ways through which you can cut its building cost by 70%.

How To Cut Chatbot App Development Cost by 70% 

The cost of developing a chatbot is influenced by a variety of factors. However, there are strategies for reducing the financial implications, such as using chatbot creation tools. These tools save time for developers and lower the ultimate cost.

Third-Party Platforms

If developers want to develop a chatbot from the roots up without any prior planning, it is highly costly. Hence, third-party systems are commonly used to overcome this problem. With the help of these well-known platforms, you could easily create a chatbot with minimal time and resources.

Given the fact that these third-party platforms ensure speedy development, they also offer flexibility and responsiveness. These help developers to utilise them frequently.

Below are the chatbot platforms mostly used:

  • Botsify
  • Chatfuel
  • BotPress
  • Dialog Flow
  • Mobile Monkey

How Much Exactly A Chatbot App Development Cost?

We’ve read types of chatbots you can invest in, the business advantages of chatbots and development tools for building chatbots. Now, it’s time to figure out how much chatbot app development cost for your company.

When it comes to developing a chatbot, you have two alternatives.

1. Create Your Own

If someone has the required programming skills or some professional developers on the team, a customized chatbot can be created. Also, you can get it tailored to your specific requirements and desires. The apparent disadvantages here are the cost and the time required to construct. Additionally, you will be solely responsible for continuous maintenance.

2. Using a Chatbot Builder

Apparently, this method entails paying a monthly fee for access to a platform in which you can create your own chatbot. You have a platform to build on along with the maintenance from the vendor, in exchange for making the payment.

Taking into account all of the elements, the chatbot app development cost is estimated to be around $20,000 and $80,000. The price range covers the entire development, design, and integration phase of your chatbot app development.

Also, always maintain your chatbot app because a chatbot is normally a computer program or it’s just software. That implies it’s vulnerable to faults and, over time, will become outdated. The range and duration of the maintenance time is determined by the agreement you have with your contractor. Extra fees will be imposed for services not mentioned in the agreement.

By the way, MobileCoderz, top Mobile, and chatbot app development company has developed a sophisticated chatbot programming solution. As the product is adaptable and customizable, it will precisely meet all of your demands and specifications. Our platform will entirely automate your customer interactions. To learn more, send us an email and we’ll talk about how our platform might benefit your company.

Last Words

Chatbots are creative and fascinating solutions for improving the customer experience. These provide consumers with immediate responses and encourage them in conversation as if they were humans. Building a chatbot is indeed a significant investment for any business regardless of any size. Although chatbots can save a business both money and time, still you need to look for some factors. Some aspects are important to consider when calculating the cost of establishing a chatbot. So, pay attention closely to such aspects.

Ultimately, the chatbot app development cost is determined by a business’s specific needs and might range from $700 to thousands of dollars.

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