How Much Does It Cost to Build an E-Commerce App Like Idealz?

You will start an online eCommerce store for your brand after knowing different facts relevant to Idealz. The significant one includes that digital shopping trends have reshaped traditional marketplaces and are set to overtake the retail landscape.

However, everyone understands the real challenge that eCommerce applications have to survive in this competitive world. The companies might back off from this thought of expanding online when they see different eCommerce apps like amazon already ruling the domain.

But, before that, you need to consider the cost of developing such an app or an online shopping app like Idealz. We will discuss these elements in this blog that influence the costs of building an eCommerce app as a reliable eCommerce web app development company.

Further, it would help business owners use the potential of eCommerce applications by taking professional assistance from mobile app development companies.

Statistics of the E-commerce App Industry and Its Future Scope

Do you know that the retail landscape has substantially transformed over the last few years? Yes. But, if you still feel unsure about the profit your investment in the eCommerce web app development company would bring you, you must look at the statistics mentioned here.

According to a survey, the number of digital buyers in 2023 is 2.64 billion, making up 33.3 percent of the population worldwide.

Your business has a higher chance of attracting potential customers, with survey reports revealing that more than one-third of American small businesses do not have a website.

Thus, these facts reveal that eCommerce mobile app solutions have enhanced their popularity in the eCommerce industry. It might increase your curiosity about hiring a mobile app development company for building an eCommerce application like Ideaz, the cost for creation, and other significant points. You may proceed further in this blog to understand these topics briefly and invest better in your business.

Business Models of Idealz App

Do you know that Idealz is a mobile app that sells extravagance items like watches, ornaments, or other rewards for customers who get vouchers? This feature is responsible for the app’s popularity in Dubai and UAE.

Therefore, customers that purchase vouchers can get the opportunity to win luxury items purchased through the Idealz app using various payment options. Idealz automatically allows customers who have got vouchers into the draw for a chance to win luxury products.

Further, Idealz offers different other rewards to their customers, like cash prizes & gift cards, and supports charitable causes through its business model. The app donates a portion of the payment from voucher sales to various charitable organizations with a personalized user experience.

Likewise, the Idealz app provides customer support with customized product recommendations and notifications based on user behavior & preferences. They offer a better experience through a chat function within the app, allowing users to get help with any issues or questions quickly.

Thus, the Idealz app is a specific app that offers customers a chance to win luxury items while supporting charitable causes. The app is a user-friendly platform for customers through its personalized experience and customer support.

Difference Between Idealz App from Conventional E-commerce Apps

Difference Between Idealz App from Conventional E-commerce Apps

E-commerce apps has witnessed immense growth in the last few years by bringing new shopping trends to the conventional eCommerce market. Jad Toubayly brought it in 2016 and successfully shifted the idea of the online shopping concept.

He integrated his thought with the best eCommerce application development services. So, the reasons that make eCommerce apps stand apart in every industry arise. Its better answer appears when we witness that customers shopping through Idealz online shopping store by default will be eligible to win a luxurious prize.

Moreover, they have a wide choice of ongoing campaigns and business promotions from this app. Customers get a participation ticket after purchasing the app store. Also, the best part of this drawing system is that the whole process is followed by adhering to proper norms and regulations set by the government.

It offers the consumer a fair chance to try their luck and win a luxurious price on this shopping app that is tried & tested. So, you may have become excited about creating your E-commerce app similar to Idealz.

It might even compel you to determine the app development cost and step ahead to hire an eCommerce web app development company. However, you need to look at various features empowering Idealz mobile apps that would assist you in taking further steps.

Functionalities to Create an E-commerce App Like Idealz

Does every eCommerce app providing different services succeed in the market? Most of you would say no, as various applications offer different products or services under one roof. However, an eCommerce application’s success highly depends on the choice of functionalities it has, making a more significant difference from other apps. Above all, an eCommerce web app development company can help you determine the right features for your app. 

Functionalities to Create an E-commerce App Like Idealz

1. User Login

You may allow your users to get started with an app once they download it by using the email id, social media credentials, or phone number for error-free and fast login access.

2. View Products

Your app should offer your users various products and services. It may depend on applying filters, like product name, quantity, or size.

3. Reward Points

The app should have a feature to offer redeemable reward points to the users. It may allow them to donate their loyalty points to anyone effortlessly.

4. Product Division

You should define categories of products in your app as Idealz does—for instance, stationaries for books, pencils, notebooks, and other things relevant to this category.

5. Multi-Payment Integration

Your app can provide flexibility to users with the facility to make payments through multiple payment methods. It would help them shop effortlessly, and you can accept payments through credit/debit cards, in-app build e-wallet, and more.

6. In-App Navigation

The app should help users monitor the product location by tracking the real-time location of the product delivery.

7. Push Notification

This feature in your app should allow users to stay updated with every offer, deal, discount, and other information about your products or services. It may give consumers details about order confirmation, prize winners, and more.

8. Fare Calculators

Your app should use ETAs for users to estimate the product fare with the expected VAT charges. It helps the company gain the client’s trust and avoid showing any hidden charges.

9. Campaigns

The app should be able to manage frequent campaigns in-app and enable app owners to launch them regularly.

10. Multi-Language Assistance

This feature offers significant benefits if you target global users, allowing users to access the app in their local language.

11. Multi-Currency Support

Your app is more likely to gain popularity when it accepts currencies like Dollars, Dirham, Rupees, and more for a seamless process. In particular, an eCommerce app like Idealz accepts various currencies and ensures an excellent shopping experience for the user.

After acknowledging its functionality, you may understand the cost of creating an app like Idealz.

Cost of Creating an E-commerce App Like Idealz

Are you thinking about how much it will cost to create an app like Idealz? It would help if you comprehended the parameters influencing the ecommerce app development cost.

1. Platforms

The overall cost of developing an eCommerce app like Idealz is affected by one significant factor: selecting a suitable platform. For instance, Idealz is available on various devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Thus, you need to hire a trustworthy eCommerce web app development company. 

However, you need to understand that the two most popular platforms for eCommerce apps are iOS and Android. We ensure that creating an app for an Android platform would cost you less when compared to iOS.

Also, Android has a larger market share than iOS, with various screen sizes. You may monetize your app as in-app purchases and subscriptions will likely be paid for by iOS users.

2. UI/UX Design

We understand that the design of your online eCommerce store influences your project’s development cost and time. Thus, it would help if you created an engaging and immersive UI, as it is the first point of interaction for users.

Your design will take more development time and cost when you add more UI elements and layouts. So, keep your design to impact your app development cost positively.

Your app becomes less expensive when you present it in basic design through standard UI components and layouts. Therefore, the basic design includes a minimalistic layout, fast loading speed, clear & concise navigation, and others.

It will require more time and effort from developers if you want a customized design. Further, it will impact the development cost by including custom designs like branding features, functionality, accessibility, and more.

3. Features

Your overall app development cost will significantly impact the number of added features and functionalities. So, look at some basic and advanced features to add to your eCommerce platform.

Basic features have user profile creation, push-up notifications, and product filtering. Similarly, advanced features for your eCommerce platform involve personalized product recommendations, multi-language support, product customization, and one-click checkout.

4. Development Team Size

We understand that developing an eCommerce store is a complex and challenging task that involves choosing technologies, deciding on tools & technologies, and more.

For this purpose, hire mobile app developers that provide you with helpful insights to select the technologies. The higher the development cost when you hire more developers.

5. Technologies Used

Your choice of back-end and front-end technologies impact custom eCommerce software development.

6. Programming Languages

Developers use Java & Kotlin for Android and Swift programming languages for iOS. They play a significant role in influencing the cost of creating an eCommerce app like Idealz. Also, developers may use Google analytics for utilities, Stripe & PayPal as payment gateways, and MySQL & MongoDB as databases.

7. Development Team Location

Developers’ location plays a crucial role when you consider estimating the cost of your app like Idealz. They often demand the price for developing an eCommerce app per hour, like developers from the USA would demand $60-$150. Likewise, developers from the UK would demand between $50 to $150, and those from India would work between $20 to $50.

8. Third-Party Integrations

We understand that integrating third-party APIs require additional resources like development time & customization to fit the project’s demands. Thus, it impacts the overall cost of Ecommerce application development. Look at some essential APIs to include in your eCommerce project, like payment gateways, social media, account & bookkeeping, live chat & chatbots.

9. Maintenance & Update Cost

Do you know your app requires continuous support and maintenance post-deployment to work smoothly? Yes, it involves several costs in fixing bugs, implementing security measures, and adding new features or enhancements. You should plan a budget for support and maintenance for a long-term functional and competitive app.

Final Words

MobileCoderz is a reliable eCommerce web app development company with cost-effective solutions. We have skilled members who dedicate their time and effort to providing your company with effective mobile app development services. Further, our mobile app development company proposes solutions to different industries like healthcare, tourism, education, etc. We will build an eCommerce application for your company within budget.

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