How Much Does It Cost To Develop An eCommerce Mobile App?

The eCommerce market has seen another sphere, thanks to smartphones. This thriving sector has opened new opportunities for enthusiastic retailers. It has alike given another dimension to start-ups. Many have already started checking the cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app.

It’s true that ever-changing requirements and intensifying completion can spoil the entire scenario. At this stage, a feature-rich eCommerce app can give another dimension. 


The retailers can gear the potentiality of mobile apps. This can meet the challenges in the best, efficient, and cost-effective way. Hence, it is essential to understand the cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app

To give you an ambiguous idea, let’s check some jaw-dropping projections.

1. As per reliable sources, 4.89 trillion USD is expected to grow by 2021. It clearly indicates that there is an expansion of this business that too at a multi-dimensional level.

2. Google’s research clearly indicated that more than 58% of users employ smartphones. This they use to compare the products and monitor the prices. This can help to make a quick purchasing decision. Many speculate that mobile phones play a huge role to share information. It can be regarding the discounts, offers, and deals.

develop an eCommerce mobile app

The Criteria That Decide Estimation Cost To Develop An eCommerce Mobile App

# Platform

You will come across the variant type of O.S It includes Android, iOS, etc. These platforms offer an approach to variable solutions. This will be from demographic variables. So, it is always wise to get in touch with adroit iOS or Android app development companies

As an enterprise owner, you must choose the platforms depending upon your potential audience. These platforms must also be chosen upon the types of apps. 

Below in this blog we have highlighted the types of apps, they are:-

  1. Native Mobile Apps: These apps can be installed as well as operated from anywhere. The best part is you do not need any internet connection for it’s working. A native app development company will offer you better insight. 
  2. Hybrid Mobile apps: These types of apps are enclosed with attributes of web-based and native mobile apps. Make sure you check popular listing platforms and check the ratings. It will help you to get the best hybrid app development services
  3. Web-Based Apps: It can only operate on hardware and requires an active network connection. Progressive web app development is earning a lot of prominence in the market. 

Out of them, native mobile apps are pretty costly in comparison to the other two types. But it offers superior functionalities.

It is always advisable to go for native app development because it guarantees the utmost utility. Hence, you can maximize the potential sale of your product/ services.

# Functionalities

The second main impetus stage that affects the cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app is functionalities. These functionalities are based upon technical specifications as well as coding.

# Design of Mobile Apps

Now this section talks about visuals. On average, the cost to develop this stage ranges somewhat between $2000-$30,000.It covers the price to design the icon, screen, etc. 

You do not have to invest much in Hybrid apps as compared to native apps. Again iOS platforms are comparatively costly to design. 

Let’s understand this more clearly in chronological order:-

Visual Design Cost

We just got the briefing above. Let us understand this more in detail:-

1. Cost to Develop Wireframe

This is the initial stage and one of the essential stages. The developers mainly focus on this stage for the process of development. You can term it as visual architecture that gives the first glimpse of your app. It will include the following:-

  1. Physical layouts
  2. Displaying the content
  3. Position of pages, etc. 

In short, you can claim it as the blueprint of your app. This is the vital step for the next step i.e Visual design.

It usually takes 1-2 hours to develop unique and creative screens. Again it usually depends upon the complexity and functionalities of each screen.

Total cost for wireframe design: ~$700 - $2000 (cost varies between regions)

2. Cost to Develop UI

Now, depending upon the wireframe from the previous stage, the designer works his magic. They will develop a UI that will change the overall charm of the mobile app. 

You must understand that an engaging interface is entitled to investment. Since human beings are inclined to visual appeal. Hence, a well-designed User Interface can play a new role. 

Literally, an average eCommerce app will take almost 87 hours. Now, we are talking about an app that does not have a complex or custom screen. A skilled eCommerce app development company based on experience can pitch to develop faster.

Total cost for UI design: ~$300 - $17,500 (cost varies between regions)

Source: SimiCart

3. Cost to Develop UX

It is an area where most developments skim. It majorly occurs in view of the budget. If you want to earn a huge RoI then you must certainly ignore this.  

You must understand an optimal UI plays a huge role. A properly designed UX app with a flawless flow will offer an effective and meaningful experience to the users. It will expand the rates to your app.

All the A-lister brands are investing more into this stage. 

Now, the design will take up to 200 hours. It relies on complexity to design an engaging UX for the apps. 

Total cost for UX design: ~$100 - $16,800 (cost varies between regions)

Source: SimiCart

Cost of eCommerce Mobile App Development

There are numerous factors that involve the cost estimation of eCommerce apps. Your app will be developed by a dedicated team. Now this team will include back developers, front-end developers, testing teams, etc. The actual costing is calculated upon the hours spent by the developers for developing apps.

app development hourly rate

1. Location of The Developer

The location of eCommerce developers for any platform such as iOS app development plays a huge role. If you hire eCommerce app developers wisely based on the location, you can save a huge on development cost.

pricing of eCommerce apps
Source: Mobindustry

2. Factors 

There are numerous factors that involve the pricing of eCommerce apps.  It depends upon the advanced functionalities you want to implement in your apps.

The basic app will have the following features:-

  1. Profile of the user
  2. User login
  3. Shopping cart
  4. Payment gateway
  5. Product/ service catalog
  6. Product/ Service search
  7. Order placing
  8. Process of checkout

Additional features that play their role in costing:-

  1. Push notifications
  2. Social integration
  3. Customer service
  4. Wish list button
  5. Reviews and feedback section

The time may vary somewhat between 600-900 hours.  The maximum cost may go up to $50,000. The price is quoted here for complex projects. The minimum cost may somewhat start from $12,000.

3. Deployment and Testing Cost

To ensure that everything operates smoothly, you must have an app that has run a series test. It will make sure that your app is the best and stable. You must ensure that your app is tested via performance management and advanced analytics. 

An expert may take from 40-500 hours. The maximum time is taken for complex logic.

Total cost for testing and deployment: ~$800 - $35,000

Source: SimiCart

4. Additional Cost

It includes legal and minor costs for the development of eCommerce apps. 

  • Costs for App Store

It will cost you registration, service, and subscription fee. This fee is for launching your app on the app store and play store. 

  • Maintenance and Updates

You must ensure to continuously update and invest in the maintenance of your app. Why? 

In the year 2016, Apple discarded over 50,000 apps. These apps did not support the latest releases and guidelines by iOS.

cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app

Do you want a similar denial for your investment

Regular updates and maintenance will increase the functionalities and stability of your app.

If you do fail to take this into account, it will lead to the recipe for disaster. 

Now, it is pretty hard to precisely talk about the maintenance and update cost. It may vary. Hence, you should keep a buffer. 

The app update will serve as the form of the best marketing strategy. It will help your user to identify that your brand is active. It will give an impression to the user that you are not going anywhere and here to stay. 

Are you finding all these stages complicated? Giving a second thought that you should not go for development?

If yes, then check some stats below:-

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app

1. Opportunity for you and your brand.

Well, the bucket list does not end here

2. With the COVID-19 pandemic high on the rise many love to spend time at home. People are avoiding public places. In the region of the U.S, the sales improved from 4% in 2019.

cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app
Source: Apex Chat

3. Modern users love to use smartphones instead of desktops. In 2018 people started relying on mobile apps by 64.5%. As per the latest statistics, it is believed people currently are relying more on mobile apps. This, they have observed in comparison to mobile websites.

cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app
Source: Business Insider

So, don’t give a second thought, go for it!!

The cost-effective solution just for you!!

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