How has ‘Squid Game’ the hyper-violent show opened new doors for coders?

Since its debut, the latest Netflix series, Squid Game has become the hottest show of the year. This popular show poses a dystopian world, exploring the most unimaginable shores of being human and what they are capable of in order to survive.

Flix Patrol reported that this show has fan bases from dozens of countries. The majority of show lovers are from the United Kingdom, South Korea, and the U.S. Be it orchestral tunes, “Red Light/Green Light creepy doll, or star’s spectacular performances, the show offers a fresh take.

 So what is this show all about?

Squid Game revolves around the characters who are in debt and finding it hard to bear their lives. These characters are willing to take up any challenge that can help them to earn money. 

Now, at their vulnerable stage, a stranger comes into the scene and plays with the potential player. If the player wins he/ she can earn the money otherwise (if the player loses) has to bear the consequence i.e. to get slapped by the stranger. The stranger leaves a card with their contact details for the players if they need to procure more. 

Since these players do not have anything to lose, most of them end up joining the game. The victor gets 45.6 billion while the failures (players who fail) may need to repay with their bodies.

The 9-episode-long thriller happens on an island with a great designed setup. Once the characters acknowledge the offer, an enigmatic Van comes to get the Squid game players. As soon as they board, they are sedated. Now, the lives of the players fundamentally belong to the game administrators except if the players collaborate and request that the games stop. 

As soon as they wake up, they meet the concealed individuals in red garments who are accountable for making everything go flawlessly as per the principles. They have masks with geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, and circles.  These shapes mark their position in the progression. Moreover, as a sign of their identity, the players wear tracksuits. Each player is given a number and the games start.

So, what makes the series a great sensation? Pranay Agrawal, Co-founder shares, “It is not a pioneer show and there is seemingly nothing spectacular about it truly. But the show is all about the person who fails rather than the winner. We can clearly see characters like Gi-hun who barely manage with the help of other players. There are quite a few lessons that we learn from the show such as the choices we make today affect our future.”

Pranay further exclaims, In fact, this series has left a lot of lessons for coders like us too. 

#Lesson No 1:

Lend your support and help others when they are stuck, someday they may also turn up for you when in a distress position.

#Lesson No 2:

There are plenty of routes to resolve a problem.

#Lesson No 3:

You must write clean codes as it may turn out to be messy and less understanding when you read later.


#Lesson No 4:

Try to fix bugs as earliest as possible or they might trouble you later.

#Lesson No 5:

Be hungry!! not for money but for knowledge.

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