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All Hail To the Apple iOS 11 Brand New Features!

  • November 8, 2017
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

As we can see with our eyes wide open, it is the new apple ios version; yet again apple has proved their excellence with their glorious Ios 11 release. Being one of the leading iOS application Development companies in India, they have already grabbed our eyeballs over the features and we decided to work our heart out on the app development for Ios 11. Moreover, we have also summarized a few of the major features which made us inspired in each and every way. Have a look!

#1: Things are now more real and aesthetic with the 3D touch

3D touch control that acts as a more specialized advantage for the users is way ahead of the technology that has been implemented in the new Ios 11 version. You get to discover absolutely new environment with just a click.

#2: Say Hi! to the new “Siri”

“SIRI” is extraordinarily advanced and reflective like never before moreover, it can speak different languages like Chinese, Spanish, etc. It seems like the developers have worked really hard and soul with the enhancement of the device working

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#3: Are you ready to express with these fun-filled faces!

Nowadays everyone is up with different chat platforms for which the company has again provided us with almost 200 emojis to try and enjoy. So get yourself all charged with this amazing feature.

#4: App switcher! What is that?

IOS 11 version has the redesigned app switcher as well that lets you slide over another app being on one already, which is like wow!. You experience a multi-tasker world altogether. 

#5: How does it feel when you see a moving snap?

Yes! It is true..In the camera section clicking pictures has now become more real with the live photos feature. It lets you fall in love with your photos.

#6: Here comes the ‘AirPlay 2’ with its thrilling flaws

On the other hand, if you flip in more into the beauty of the features, you get to experience the new ‘AirPlay 2’ feature with which you can control your home audio system even if you are cooking in your kitchen, You can also play songs at two places at the same time. Great isn’t it!.

#7: Notification on mobile screen lock? Great!

If we talk about the screen lock, it brings you all the notifications on the screen and makes it simple for you to access any time, any minute. 

#8: The up to the minute map feature

Here comes the map feature that makes your journey smoother if you want to go to a restaurant or you have an emergency and you are unable to track locations as well as directions, then this is what you need.

#9: Easy wifi access

Now making a swift reach at your friend’s phone is absolutely easy with the wifi processed with iOS 11. Just by holding your phone near your friend’s phone and the wifi password and you are good to go.

#10: Emergency SOS 

This feature is a phone lifesaver I would say! Yes, this feature lets you put up an emergency alarm in incase you fall into a data hacking trap. You just have to press the button 5 times and it gets activated and calls in for the emergency services and disables the touch id of the phone as well.

Use it when it’s needed!

#11: Hands up for them all in one control center

As you follow this feature you are more determined iOS 11to get an incredible way to go through your files. The feature provides a customized and organized page where you get all your applications segregated accordingly.

Truly masterstroke!

#12: Flick keys! Is it a new identity to your keypad?

It’s a bit tough but as you get used to it, it’s great. Flick keys let you type a number or a symbol as you click on a letter. It basically transforms a letter in the best way.

#13: The do not disturb!

Rolling over your text messages, calls, and many other important pop-ups is very annoying when you are driving, isn’t it!. So this is the only feature that lets you jump over all at once. As you switch on this, you can peacefully drive your car while you are going to your office or anywhere.


Are we done with the most fascinating iOS 11 features, then let’s take a dig about a little bit more that describes how we are with our ios app development.

We are an iOS app development company that believes in smart and intelligent application development.

We MobileCoderz also have a dedicated team of developers who have tons of knowledge in this field, so hire full-time developers from India and get your applications developed in the easiest and most creative way. To be more precise, we have completed almost 55+ projects, and counting, our global clients count on us for the sustainability we provide with our work.

  You can contact us and avail of our services at the earliest!

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