Cost to Develop an eScooter App Like Lime & Spin

The popularity of on-demand cab booking apps for hassle-free travel experience led to the emergence of several startups with similar business interests. With the introduction of apps like Lime & Spin, entrepreneurs are inspired by the concept of encouraging users to switch to a mobile app for simplifying their day to day commute. Meanwhile, the majority of businesses are busy introducing exciting applications to facilitate one-click taxi or cab booking service, more and more startups with e-scooter sharing apps are emerging to strengthen their foothold in the market.

Factors to Favour E-Scooter App Development

Before moving on with the topic, let’s elaborate on the factors behind the growing demand for e-scooter app development companies among businesses. One of the key reasons to go for e-scooter rental service over cab booking is a travel distance that varies between two points which are too long to walk on foot and too short to book a taxi. People find it more convenient & time-saving to travel via a dockless bike or an electric-assist scooter rather than booking a cab to commute for a shorter distance.

Apps like Lime & Spin made a brilliant success with ever-increasing user base across the US market. E-scooters are popular for their usability, affordability, & eco-friendliness. They’re user-friendly and comparatively safer than other vehicles. Therefore, investing in a scooter sharing app development might be a rewarding idea to kick-start your startup business. Just go through the below-mentioned reasons to go for e-scooter app development:

1. E-scooters are eco-friendly

Unlike other modes of commutation, e-scooters are not driven on gas. They’re more convenient and suitable for the environment.

2. Economical transportation

E-scooter demands the initial expenditure of $1 with a charge of $0.15 on every minute basis. One can easily interpret that riding an e-scooter is far more economical as compared to other vehicles or costs of availing cab rental services.

3. Suitable for riding around congested streets

Just like Bird scooters, this lightweight vehicle offers a couple of benefits in terms of design & size. Anyone can ride a dockless scooter as it is very handy and you don’t need special training to learn to ride it. People who’re frustrated with the traffic must give a try to e-scooters & their compact structure is a major reason for that. The factor behind the growing preference to e-scooters defines that commuters love riding them not only for their comfort but also for dealing with congestion problem.

The inclination to e-scooters reflects that introducing an online booking system for facilitating on-demand rental services might yield double-fold profits. However, there is no doubt that scooter sharing app development is a revolutionary step to reshape automotive & transport industry.

Interesting Statistics To Exemplify The rise Of Scooter Sharing Businesses

  • As per the reports by Polaris Market research, the market size of e-scooter is stretching out with annual revenues of around USD 17,630 million in 2017. Moreover, it is expected to expand with a growth rate of 12.8% specifically throughout the forecast period.
  • It is also predicted that the growing awareness on greenhouse & impact of carbon emissions might bring out the expeditious adoption of e-scooters for the next 8 years.
  • The globally trending e-scooter apps like Lime bike, Bird, Skip, Spin, etc. are as successful as their competitors or popular cab sharing service providers like Uber & Ola.
  • Another important report by Polaris Market research reveals that people reportedly prefer to choose electric scooter over electric motorcycles. The excessive demand for scooter sharing is also expected to dominate the market of an on-demand cab or taxi booking industry.
  • One of the most popular scooter-sharing apps i.e. Bird is planning to introduce its service in the Tel Aviv region. Bird’s competitor Limebike released data to explain that around 60% of users accept that they prefer scooter sharing service rather than commuting by a car either for personal or shared rides. Though the debate focused on the connection between scooter-sharing businesses and public transportation is on, it will be interesting to see which mode of transportation gets ahead in the race.
  • According to Lime’s survey, more than 7,000 scooter riders roam on the streets of San Francisco that constitutes to approx. 0.8% of the city’s population. Another startup named as Wind Mobility is throwing a cut-throat competition on Lime & Spin with a capital of $22 million in seed funding for facilitating e-scooter rental services.
  • One of the recent news stories by reveals the expeditious rise of e-scooter marketing & its contribution to the economy. More than half of the global scooter sharing businesses emerged in 2018 and it is a positive indication to depict the growth of startups involved in offering last-mile transportation services across the worldwide nations.
  • Spin also announced the onset of scooter sharing services right after the launch of its bike-share business in the same month. The introduction of scooter trend by Bird gathered splendid response from the target users and this inspired other new players to come up with similar options to extend their service areas.

Keys Features Of A Scooter Sharing App

Believe it or not, e-scooter rental startups are flying high on the clouds of success with over $300 million series C funding by crossover investor Fidelity as per the report by Axios.

If you’re planning to kick-start your own e-scooter business then it is the right time to spread your wings in the market. Unarguably, presenting a user-friendly platform to let users avail the rental services to avoid the last-minute rush will be cherry on the cake. However, you must get familiar with some technical aspects of your project before hiring an e-scooter app development service provider. So, check out some basic features of an e-scooter booking app & here are they:

a. In-app payment:

To enable cashless transactions by integrating a highly safe & secure gateway to make online payments using PayPal, Braintree,,, & more. In-app payment is a must-have feature for any scooter sharing app.

b. GPS:

The real-time tracking system allows users to track down the location of the nearest e-scooter available in the area. It becomes easier to check out the location of the parking area using a scooter sharing app for convenient rides.

c. Barcode Scan:

Apps like Lime & Bird demand QR code scanning to let users unlock a ride on their own. One has to scan the barcode on the vehicle and reserve it in just a single click.

d. Cross-platform compatibility: 

Just like a popular taxi or cab booking apps, a scooter sharing application must be compatible to run uninterruptedly on varied platforms.

e. Smart Lock to pause & end ride:

In case, if a user wants to take a break or rest during a ride, he/she can pause the ride and lock the scooter using the feature. Once a rider takes a break, he/she can continue a ride by clicking on a resume button. In this way, a rider can manage his ride in an effortless manner.

f. Push Notifications:

Instant notifications keep users informed about confirmed rides, payments, offers, end rides, & other important details.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An E-scooter App?

Since on-demand e-scooter rental service is all about the convenience of users, it is a crucial factor to simplify the steps involved in accessing an app for it. The idea is to ease the process of scheduling a ride with the integration of geo-location feature for adding pick-up & drop-off location of a scooter. We ensure to make an app as simple & quick as possible to enable users to find the nearest vehicle within a blink of a few seconds.

The estimated costs of e-scooter app development depend on countable factors involving the required features, resources, & expected timeline for app creation and project delivery. Considering the basic features of an e-scooter app, the required budget will come out to be $60,000 as per an hourly cost of $35. However, most scooter sharing app development agencies charge their clients on a basis of three basic modules that categorize app features around admin, users, & customers. Overall, the estimated cost of developing an app for e-scooter rental services varies with the complexity involved in the customization & integration of important add-ons. The best option is to outsource your scooter-sharing app development project to companies in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, & other nations as their pricing packages are far more cost-effective as compared to the local service providers of your marketplace. Although the hourly charges majorly vary from $15 to $35, you will get quality & satisfaction while working with a top agency like MobileCoderz.

Final words 

With more & more startups entering the global mobile app industry, entrepreneurs are eager to get indulged in the business of on-demand scooter sharing and generate huge income. Several stats are revealing that the demand for e-scooter app development is consistently increasing in countries like Germany, Spain, France,

The US, UK, & more. The cut-throat competition between the leading market players like Bird, Razor, Jump, Lime, etc. is imposing a big challenge for newbies and it will be quite interesting to see that how they eventually emerge in the market. Once you consider all the reasons to get an e-scooter app, it becomes obvious to estimate the costs of designing & development. Looking for further assistance? Don’t wait to contact our team and get insights into our strategies & development process.

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