5 Celebrity Look ALike Apps To Take Inspiration For Your Next Business Idea

Are you one of them who is curious to discover your celebrity lookalike? Well, you may not have any convincing excuses if you’ve not tried any of the celebrity look-like apps yet but after this blog, you will surely get reasons to get them on your smartphone. The craze for apps that allow users to check out their matching faces with the world-famous personalities is going high on everyone’s mind. Millennials these days are dumbstruck with the concept of figuring out their doppelgangers on these trending celebrity look-alike apps.

What’s New To Explore In Celebrity Look Alike Applications?

As per records, in 2019, over 246 million Americans shared their pictures & locations regularly on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. etc. And surprisingly, these stats are predicted to turn 257 million by the end of the year 2023. No doubt, somewhere and somehow we all are addicted to mobile phones & apps that connect us to interact with family, friends, & other like-minded people.

Apart from taking selfies with loved ones or scrolling down the news feed, people are now indulging with apps that are based on celebrity look alike face recognition. Have you ever imagined or questioned yourself that which celebrity do I like?  No need to push your brain to recall a celebrity face that resembles you as modern android app developers have innovated so many celebrity mobile applications with engaging features & functionalities to inspire you in endless ways.

Celebrity apps are based on a game-changing algorithm that uses facial recognition technology to identify the most celebrities with similar facial features & looks to the app users. Anyone can download and install these apps as no specific permission or subscription is required for their access.

Top Trending Celebrity Look Alike Apps That Inspire Entrepreneurs In 2020

The popularity of celebrity mobile apps is unquestionable these days. These types of apps are most liked by young-aged users who are very curious to try out new technologies and join the trends. Just like other sensational & unique platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., all eyes are glued to the market of popular apps that refine & compare one’s looks to the big stars of the entertainment or business industries.

Unquestionably, the majority of aspiring appreneurs these days are no more in a dilemma of either to get inspired from celebrity look alike apps or not. Most startups are emerging around these types of app ideas that inspire millions of minds with thought-provoking concepts of engaging users with out-of-box features & functionalities. Businesses that are intending to kick start their journey on the grounds of the mobile app market must consider these top 5 celebrity lookalike apps in 2020:

1. Gradient

Those days are not old when Faceapp went viral & became our favorite within a few months of launch but soon it began losing its fans when they realize that it stores user pictures without their permission. Well nobody is going to miss the Faceapp time as the Gradient app is here as its substitute.

The gradient is much more than just a photo editor application. Apart from facial recognition & editing, its mobile app development primarily focuses on user’s data safety with stunning doppelganger features that excites users to view& their best celebrity match instantly by uploading their pictures. This AI-powered celebrity look-alike mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone users with these exclusive features & beautification addons:

  • Mind-blowing AI-based portraits
  • Impressive filters & textures for astounding editing results
  • Options to analyze and interpret beauty score with AI features

2. My Replica

If you’re a profound photo editor then you must try this app to give a professional touch to your celebrity look-alike picture. By applying the best filter to the added photos along with minor touches & retouches, you can improve the picture quality to make it look like a real one. Here are a few more things you can do on this app:

  • Sharing edited pictures on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Users can ask questions about finding my celebrity look-alike or who is my celebrity replica
  • Get the best insights for accurate facial comparison with the popular celebs resembling the facial personality of users.
  • A wide collection of famous stars from different industries & backgrounds like music & entertainment, politics, history, sports, education, leaders, business, & more.
  • Comparison of the user’s face with well-known celebrities like Singers, Politicians, Historic people, Actors, Actress, Sportsperson, and much more available in the application.

3. Celebs

Even though its access is claimed as 100% free, the developers of this celebrity look alike app are making a lot of money for sure as it’s one of the most downloaded applications from the category of photography & editing. The app uses machine learning technology to let you find your twin from the celebrity world. Users can take unlimited pictures to get a perfect matching doppelganger with the fun of using the advanced facial recognizing algorithm of this celebrity look finder app. You may like these features of Celebs apps for Android &iOS:

  • Searching & identifying the best resemblance of the star face
  • Users can check which celebrity do I look like
  • A special feature to match your face with animals for fun
  • View & share their celebrity look-alike on Instagram&Snapchat stories.

4. Star By face

It is time to take your creativity to the next level by trying this wonderful app that works as a celebrity look-alike generator using facial recognition technology. You can use a picture of your own to generate or create one that resembles celebrity faces. Like other celebrity look-alike apps, Star By face also uses facial recognition technology to track the facial data of the uploaded image & match it with facial features of popular celebs. To prevent data breaches, the app doesn’t store personal data of users & photos are automatically deleted once a user completes the recognition process. These are some exclusive features of this app:

  • Generates high-quality celebrity look-alike pictures with desired modification
  • Matches pictures with thousands of celebrity face for more choices
  • Machine learning makes the app easy to use and engaging

5. Y Star

Download this app to get exact and accurate celebrity look-alike of your own in just a few seconds. It is as simple as using your device’s camera as you just need to simply click a picture on Y star application & wait till the moment it scans your facial features with so many celebrities at a time. After all, you just need to trust this app as it will never fail in finding the ditto version of your irrespective of gender, age, scars, & facial features of a person using it. Find your celebrity twin on Y star by using these features:

  • Users can use the front camera while clicking the pictures for better results & clarity.
  • Facial features & points such as eyes, mouth, nose, & more are focused on getting filtered results with precise face mapping with the celebrity faces.

Investing in user-centric mobile app development on the idea of celebrity look alike app is rewarding for every newbie who is longing to give an exemplary start to his entrepreneurial journey. With a unique skillset & innovative mindset, top mobile app developers are identifying newer ways to take the legacy of the concept that goes around AI-based technology & facial recognition for picture matching, editing, modifying, & more.

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