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6 Rock-solid Strategies For Successful Dating App Development in 2020

  • February 6, 2020
  • By priyanka negi

‘When love is in the air, dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, CrushLook cross across everyone’s mind.’ Since the concept of online dating rolled out in the market, millennials are getting crazy for dating applications. Instead of going over those boring traditional methods of approaching someone special, people are more comfortable in discovering their soulmates online. Hence, more & more aspiring appreneurs are turning towards dating app development as youths around the world are seemingly impressed with the idea of meeting their matches online.

Zoom-in To Some Interesting Stats for Dating Apps

The global online dating market generates a sum of $2.5 billions of profits. 

The splendid adoption rate of dating apps reflects the growing significance of online dating services in our lives. Now the world understands that there is nothing to be ashamed if you want to go online to “meet” and “date” someone at one place.

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From youngsters to middle-aged adults, more than a quarter of people are active on dating sites and apps to meet their partners.

As per a report by SurveyMonkey, more than half of the youths perceive dating platforms as a way to get involved in casual hook-ups while older adults are more inclined towards dating apps for serious or long-term relationships.

Gone are those days when you’ve to wait for cupid to find love of your life. Unlike social media interactions, apps for dating are specifically developed to get connected to like-minded people for dating purposes.

Wait, we‘re not over yet! There are some more intriguing stats to define the reasons behind the rising demand for dating app development in 2020:

  • 75% of people who met their partners online respond positively while 58% of casual users are somewhat satisfied using dating apps.
  • According to a survey report by eHarmony, out of the global dating app users, 52% are men and 47.6% are women.
  • Women aged above 21 years tend to opt for online dating services. However, females are more likely to use apps for dating than men after reaching at 26. That’s the reason why developers who want to create a dating app prioritize the opinions of female users.

Also, the splendid success of Tinder encouraged businesses to hire a trusted dating app development company to make money. More than 50 million users get registered on Tinder every month while its competitor i.e Zoosk app attracts 30 million users every month.

Now if you’re in the business of dating services, you must be interested to know the secrets of fruitful dating app development, right? So, here are 6 key strategies of creating a dating app like Tinder in 2020:

1) Determine Our Target Users

One of the key factors behind the success of your product is the behaviour of potential users. Apart from focusing on target customers, don’t forget to consider dating preferences of other users who don’t match with your criterion that outlines the app’s user base.

Even after facing abrupt criticism, dating apps like Tinder will never be abandoned by online daters. So, just start gathering insights & figures to understand user perspective towards the concept of finding love online. Your dating app design must portray all the major components that every potential user admires while dating online.

If you’re planning to build an app like Tinder then you must ask these questions to yourself first:

  • What are the age, gender, location, income, occupation, & background of potential app users?
  • What are the common preferences & personality traits of people you’re targeting?
  • How users spend their typical days & spare time?
  • What are their opinions on using online dating apps?
  • What are the major problems faced by people while dating online?

2) Know Existing Competitors

Although the market is already flooded with hundreds of dating apps, only a few of them are trending on the app stores. To cope up with the cut-throat competition in the online dating industry, you need to do some research work to explore the market to know your existing rivals.

Every dating app development company marks these pointers to refine their study on competitors:

  • Enlist the crucial features of hot dating apps like Tinder and determine their key selling points.
  • Outline the user reviews & feedback for the most trending & least popular dating apps in advance.
  • Try to determine the factors behind user satisfaction to provide significant advantages with your dating app design. Knowing that what’s lacking in your app model will help you in avoiding things that people won’t like with their online dating experience.
  • Focus on both local and global competitors as their global user base is also valuable to foster your business.

3) Analyze the Feasibility of Your App Idea

More than 60% of males & 70% of females in the US admit that they never dated online.

Even after knowing the dating app development cost, will you be interested to invest in it? It sounds a bit confusing but do consider these stats before changing your mind!

“Dating apps market generates approx. $1667 million revenues solely in the US.”

 4) Work On a Match-making Algorithm

match making algorithm

The majority of dating app development service providers believed that an algorithm is a building block of enhanced user interaction on dating apps.

As per eHarmony’s report, 52.4% of online daters admit of using apps like Tinder to find their potential match with common interests while 47.6% of them accept their desirability to find someone with attractive physical characteristics.

So, it’s quite obvious to say that you need to work match-making algorithm to build an app like Tinder. You can do this by gathering useful data to match people as per their dating preferences, likes & dislikes, locations, interests/hobbies, & other facts related to their background.

5) Keep App Security at Priority

Online dating is in shadow since the cases of frauds & harassment began piling up reportedly. For successful dating app development, you must look through the security concerns at first.

IBM Security reported that over 60% of top online dating apps are vulnerable to security leaks or the risks of phishing, fraudulent actions, location tracking, & other activities that may cause security breaches. Moreover, one more source states that a number of popular dating apps are unsafe for users.

Whether you’re developing a dating app for Android or iOS, you must get a security checklist to ensure that user data remains protected from hackers or fraudsters. A profile verification method must be there to avoid fake profiles, or an option to link social media will be there to validate that the user profile is genuine.

6) Outline Primary App Features

We’ve got a long list of features for dating apps and yes, you guess it right, swiping-right functionality is what most of the clients ask to leverage in their apps. Just go through these key features for fruitful dating app development:

Profile creation: User accounts with bio, images, sex, interests, etc.

Match finding: Match-making algorithm to screen people with common interests

Push notifications: Real-time updates for messages, match found, reminders, & more.

Chatting: An interactive chat feature to let users interact with their match.

Social media linking: One-click login with social media accounts to match people with authentic data & profiles.

dating app development 2020

Ending Notes

Upon considering the stats defining the success rate of mobile dating apps, you must be curious to know how much does it cost to build a dating app? The budget required for building a dating app varies with your app idea, features, & technologies used for its development.

If you really want to become an ace with your dating app then you should be more creative & clear about your idea for dating app development in 2020. The fun of online dating is what makes it successful as it encourages people to find their special one on their mobile phones rather than wasting their time in treasure hunts!

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