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5 interesting swift features you need to know about

  • February 12, 2016
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Ever since Swift became open source, there is a lot of frenzy surrounding it and every mobile application development company has focussed its energy and resources towards working on interesting and dynamic new apps powered by Swift. Read on to learn some of the most interesting features of Swift.

Structs can be extended in Swift

We love that Swift allows for structs to be extended; we use it for adding functionality to an already existing structure. Literals too can be extended in Swift and the developer community is welcoming the extension feature with open arms.

swift 5 features

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Swift allows for a safer use of Collections

While the Syntax and functionality are similar to the Generics in Objective C, Collections are much safer and more easily understood in Swift as collections can be defined with specific types here. Not only is this a much cleaner approach, but it also helps catch errors during compile time rather than the run time.

Strings are way cleaner in Swift

Strings are often found to be notoriously difficult to deal with in Objective-C by most developers while in Swift; it is not only simpler, but cleaner as well not to mention the additional comparison feature.

The Switch statement in Swift is drastically better than its Objective-C counterpart

The Switch statement is yet another improvement when it comes to a comparison between Swift and Objective –C and most developers agree that the Switch for Strings is a most welcome addition in Swift.

The much welcome initialization safety angle

Apart from having to explicitly handle the nil case, Swift also has initialization safety – if a member is not initialized after the initialize block, Swift won’t proceed to build your app! This would save a lot of time and debugging for developers and this again is welcomed by all dedicated mobile app developers.

Our tryst with Swift

Now that we have gone about a couple of interesting and useful additions in Swift, it is time to explore what Mobile Coderz as an iOS mobile application development company has to offer in the area. It has always been our endeavour to explore exciting new platforms and frameworks to come up with exciting mobile apps and web application solutions that are trendy and easy to work with. We have worked extensively on Swift ever since it became open source and our mobile apps and web apps written based on the language have become huge hits with customers. Our team is proficient in Swift and we constantly keep tabs on the latest updates and upgrades to the language.

We are an award-winning mobile application development company and our products that have been built based on Swift have met with unprecedented success. We dabble in UI/UX design, iOS and Android App development as well as custom PHP development. Explore our website for more details about our services and watch this space for more details about exciting recent trends in iOS apps, Android apps and so on.

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MobileCoderz has established itself as the first choice of small and medium-sized businesses in the mobility space within a short span of time. We have a young & talented team of mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and App Developers.We have a client base that spreads across emerging startups to small & medium size Business across the globe. MobileCoderz has helped in the development of World Class mobile apps for 500+ clients, collaborating with its team of 120+ nerds.

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