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4 Theories To Predict The Future Of 5G App Development

  • May 25, 2020
  • By priyanka negi

The intense craze for the next-generation 5G technology has been a hot subject of discussion among modern developers and tech geeks. The impact of revolutionary 5G on mobile network technology is all set to transform the digital mobility with some exclusive pros that will make some favorable impact on our current living standards. A report by GSMA in 2019 states that by the end of the year 2025, 5G technology will scatter across the global mobile industry with more than 15% of market share with access on more than 1.4 billion devices browsing actively on the 5G networks. The role of the fast 5G networks in reshaping the future of the mobile app development industry in several ways.

With so many speculations about the benefits of 5G are crossing over the minds of tech lovers, it is time to sneak into the futuristic space of 5G app development to perceive the practical face of this trending technology. On the verge of fast-speed networks, 5G technology is set to influence our core mobile app development strategies and approaches in the coming years. Unarguably, as the 5G technology starts rolling out in the mobility industry even during the outbreak of COVID-19, the market will witness the splendid rise of businesses, developers, & consumers who’re yielding the fine advantages of this technology.

In this blog, you will get all the requisite insights of 5G & its impact on mobile app development trends. Before diving into our top 4 theories to predict the future of 5G app development, let’s get:

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A Quick Overview Of 5G Technology 

Before you misinterpret 5G as a modified version of 4G, be clear of this point that it a brand new network infrastructure. The robust potential of 5G technology gives a functional boost to mobile networks & enhances signal strength for an uninterrupted browsing experience along with faster data sharing & connectivity speed of approx. 10 gigabits/second.

There is no doubt that 5G apps will run with 10 times faster speed than the apps we’re using nowadays. All the credit goes to the capability of 5G that dominates wireless technology in terms of rendering high-speed data transfer functionality to enable relentless communication b/w users.

However, when it comes to mobile app development, 5G technology presents so many possibilities for present-day app creators who might be pondering over these 4 theories to take the most out of this technology in the future:

1. ‘Smart Spaces’ Will Get Into Action

The very first theory emphasizes the advantage of 5G app development for telecom enterprises as telcos shall face challenges while marketizing 5G as a different service from existing 4G networks. The illusion regarding 5G as a modified version of 4G will bring countless opportunities for telecom ventures to multiply their profits by generating revenues from networks with high-density users & traffic.

Here comes the role of smart spaces in the expansion of 5G spaces that are probably predicted to go around airports, conference facilities, stadiums, theme parks, etc. Both businesses as well as consumers will take benefits of these so-called smart spaces with the integration of 5G technology.

2. Wearables Will Conquer 5G Zones

According to IDC’s report, the global market of smart wearable gadgets will surge to the count of over 500 million unity by the end of the year 2023. These stats reflect that wearables are the future of the tech-centered world as this technology has been retaining spectacular popularity since the day it was introduced to the tech enthusiasts.

From Amazon to Google & Facebook, most tech giants are sparing no effort to equip their platforms & software with the potential to connect with the wearable device through varied touchpoints such as AR & VR apps, video, & search.

Since 5G technology goes well with wearables, we can say that developers love using 5G for wearable apps with improved connectivity, speed, capacity, usability, & other performance-driven approaches for better user experience.

3. Privacy and Security Will Take The Lead

It is predicted that 5G will stretch out its horizons across global networks. Hence, with more and more active connections and users, the risks of data breaches are presumed to increase while using 5G apps. Though industries like healthcare, gaming, automation, entertainment, etc will rely on 5G technology in the next coming years, security threats & data leaks will remain big concerns for developers. Even network downtime or lack of connectivity won’t disrupt the functionality of 5G apps like data breaches do.

4. The Automotive Industry Will Be The First To Embrace 5G

From automotive to manufacturing, smart infrastructure firms, & healthcare sectors, these industries will become early adopters of 5G technology. Gartner’s prediction reveals that the automotive industry will raise the biggest business opportunity for IoT app development in the upcoming years with more than 53% of 5G-enabled IoT endpoints by 2023.

The prediction for 5G’s impact also unfolds its role in simplifying car manufacturing via secure & speedy real-time connectivity that will certainly bring speed, efficiency, & productivity for the automotive sectors.

Ending Notes

With so many speculations, we can surely say that 5G will solidify the backbone of emerging technologies & tools for connectivity & real-time data usage. In addition to this, technologies like the Internet of Things, wearable, M2M communication, etc. will also embrace the benefits of 5G app development in the forthcoming years.

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priyanka negi

Priyanka Negi is a content specialist who works as a technical writer at MobileCoderz Technologies. She holds remarkable experience in SEO writing for several industrial domains. Her adeptness in technical writing is backed by a proven track record of being a prominent professional in the IT industry.

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