4 Common App Development Mistakes That Could Cost Your App Heavily!

With apps overflowing in the market today, having your app stand out among million others is indeed a Herculean task. As seasoned app developers, we have found developers making a few app development mistakes that could seriously cost them and their app; read on to learn our pick among the common app development mistakes that developers usually commit. Do avoid these if you wish your app to be a success (we fervently hope you avoid these mistakes!).

1. Don’t Be So Secretive With Your App Idea!

We do understand why you would want to maintain secrecy over your brilliant idea; for after all if it gets leaked and someone races you to the finish line, you lose out on the brilliance and sheer novelty of your idea which could have resulted in a huge market for you. We recommend that you use a good team as a sounding board for your ideas so that they can help you identify the problems in your approach and help you rectify them before you begin development. Have a trusted circle and share it with them alone and get their inputs while developing your apps. As a leading mobile application development company in India, we recommend that you do this!

4 common app development mistakes

2. User Experience is Very Important, Give it the Due Importance

However brilliant your idea might be, it is extremely important to ensure a smooth user experience for if anything can kill your app, it is poor user experience. It is a deterrent when it comes to people wishing to use your app and nothing can cause you as much trouble as an app with poor UX. We recommend that you go with a beta test for your target audience, rectify the bugs identified and then release it to the general public. Use proper design techniques and have some UX experts on board to ensure that you give a lot of focus to this critical element. Whatever be the mobile platform that you are working on, it is important to consider the UX aspects; we do know what we are talking about here! After all, we dabble in all the mobile applications platforms there are and our apps have been very successful!

3. Too Many Functions in Your App Can Spoil the Broth!

This is definitely true! While this may puzzle you as most people consider having a lot of functions to be advantageous. Trying to do too much at once will give you a sure shot at failure than when you choose doing only a couple of things. This goes for marketing as well! Envision a roadmap for your app, have a vision and think as to what you want your app to deliver initially and what features you can add gradually to it. This is a better approach than stuffing it with a lot many functions and executing them poorly.

4. Not Planning for Bugs Post-launch of the App

This is something that is totally unacceptable! Support for apps post-launch is quite important to ensure a good user experience. However much you try, bugs will creep in and having some plan to address them is very important. Your app will fizzle out quickly in case there is no support and users will rate it negatively! We recommend having a post-launch support plan; we do it all our apps whether they are developed in Android, iOS or Windows and this is one of the key contributors to our success as the leading mobile application development company in India.

I hope these common App Development Mistakes will be helpful to you in building your own future-ready app.

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