Why Should You Prototype Mobile Apps?

Before we get into why you should prototype mobile apps, let’s look at what exactly prototyping is all about. Simply out, a mobile prototype is actually a model of the end product. Typically it is a working model that is often used to help clients understand how exactly the app will function. Another advantage of having a working model is that it is easy to communicate the design and navigation to every stake holder and also facilitates a better development process. Being leaders in mobile app development , we prototype all our mobile apps. In this write up, we hope to throw light upon the benefits of mobile app prototyping and why developers should consider doing it whatever be the mobile applications platform they are working on.

#1: Validates your idea and presents avenues for further exploration

With a clear design and working model of your mobile app present, all the stakeholders get to weigh in on it and thus tweaks and improvements are suggested and when you finally freeze it, you have an idea that is validated and approved by everyone concerned. Being a mobile app development company with lots of experience, we have also found that this approach opens doors for further exploration and is cost saving too. We believe that innovation is the key to success and mobile app prototyping paves way for it.

#2: They are the most powerful tools for development

Prototypes aren’t meant for the end user, they can be used by the development team and minimize the time spent on the total development and here’s how. You can identify flaws, bugs and improvements early on right during the design stage. You can also get a hang of problem areas and plan your development accordingly. Basically, a prototype helps you examine the design and idea pretty closely and thus evaluate better.

#3: Excellent when you wish to go for funding

Rather than convey your idea by word of mouth or using wireframes, when you present your prototype to your client, you could help them understand better and thus it is a very powerful presentation tool. The impact of a presentation with a prototype is very different from other presentation means and we as a mobile app development company rely on this all the time! And hey, it works too!

#4: You can even use it for customer engagement

Wondering how? You can actually run your mobile prototype through your users too! Such a user test helps you avoid pitfalls that cause most mobile apps to fail. There may not be demand in the market for your app’s functionality, users may require other features in it, and competition may be too huge and so on. When you test waters by running your prototype through a user test, you can avoid potential problems and work on the feedback to come out with an app that is an instant success.

So, what then is the takeaway?

With benefits such as innovation, user testing, better opportunities for funding, catching design flaws early on before you even begin development and cost effectiveness, mobile app prototyping is the way forward when it comes to developing a mobile app. Every company with a reputation for quality and creativity in the mobile app market depends on prototyping during mobile app development. We vouch for it as it helps you touch base with audience and is a good tool for improving efficiency during development and testing.

Watch this space for more such interesting information pertaining to development of mobile apps and explore our website too for our services.

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