Top Trending Web Development Frameworks in 2023

Are you still wavering about developing a site for your business? As a cutting-edge and modern-age business, it is of supreme significance to have an online presence, and the most crucial and advanced step is to construct a site. The world of the internet has tremendously evolved and has completely changed from the day of its launch. The sites serve as a mark of professionalism, credibility, and an expansion of the brand identity of the business. The introduction of web development frameworks has added another dimension.

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Quick-Witted Web Development

Gen X and millennial clients cannot be easily intrigued. Nowadays, the clients anticipate using a website that is abreast with the latest technologies and trends. They are much more mature, demanding, and aware of the recent advancement in the market. An apprehensive customer always checks for businesses that are in tune with the recent trends and if you fail as a business owner, then you are making an utter mistake for your business.

According to MobileCoderz, there are numerous frameworks of web development available in the market. Hence, must ensure to choose the framework that works well for your project/ business.

you need to choose the right web development framework that suits your business the best. 

The Top 10 Popular Web Development Frameworks 

1. Skyrocketing Web Development Framework: Express JS

Express Js web development framework

  • On account of the soaring prominence of Node.js, Express is possibly the most gravitating and used framework for the development of the web these days. 
  • It is prominent among Uber, IBM, and Accenture, and numerous different organizations.
  • These types of web development frameworks are said to be compatible with frameworks such as Sails, Kraken, and Loopback.
  • Express delights itself as an insignificant, opinionated, and quick web development framework. 
  • It gives some core functionalities of the framework without concealing the features of Node and uses the powerful presentation of the non-concurrent Node.js. 
  • It is additionally very adaptable and supports REST API and full applications.

The Popularity of Express JS

Over the last decade, the framework Node.js has experienced a meteoric rise. But recently Express.js is enjoying tremendous popularity. 

As per the data shared by GitHub, this is the seventh most prominent framework. 

Express js web development framework
Source: GitHub

It has been noted that more than fourteen lakh downloads happen on a weekly basis, with the more NPM packages. 

According to the survey conducted by Stack Overflow, this web framework is ranked in the fifth position. 

express js web development framework
Source: StackOverflow
Developers love this platform for its minimalistic features. Why? Check this image below:-

[express js web development framework

2. Model-View-Controller Web Development Framework: Rails

rails web development framework

  • You can call it a user-friendly framework. It can assist the beginner to quickly initiate web development. 
  • There are numerous valuable pearls for Rails, which are library-like dependencies that will broaden up the features and functionalities of your preference. 
  • It will help you to construct a website quickly and effectively. 
  • The communities of these types of web development frameworks are not only user-friendly but also reliable.  You can go through the resources, screenshots, and tutorials that can help to master them right away. 
  • Hulu, Airbnb, GitHub, and Shopify are the leading clients of this magnificent framework.

3. Out-Of-The-Box Web Development Framework: Laravel

Laravel web development framework

  • It is one of the superlative web development frameworks that employs PHP. 
  • In comparison to the other framework highlighted in this blog, this framework is comparatively new.
  • These types of web development frameworks come with an API. You can see this framework as out of the box, and it likewise has a decent number of packages. 
  • You may come across instructional websites and screenshots with a plethora of videos about this framework. This can help the beginner to contemplate the construction of the website using this framework instantly on frontend technologies, Laravel, and PHP which is available in the ecosystem. 
  • These types of web development frameworks must be emphasized to be a beginner’s heaven. 

Popularity of Laravel

laravel web development framework

You can enrich yourself with a template that is totally enterprise-grade with the huge development of velocity. It is because of this reason Laravel enjoys great prominence in the market. 

4. All The Time Popular Web Development Framework: Spring

spring web development framework

  • This framework is based on Model-View-Controller and employs Java, the most prominent language. 
  • Sites such as TicketMaster, BillGuard, and Wix are the most prominent leaders who use this theme. 
  • These kinds of web development frameworks acquire numerous projects that can assist you to instantly gauge your businesses and boost the performance that is necessary. 
  • Even though the learning curve of these categories of web development frameworks is quite steep, exclusively when you are not a pro in Java.

5. Vibrant Web Development Framework: Angular.js

angular web development framework

  • These models are front-end web development frameworks that can train you to construct a  richer application of the single-age like a pro. There is so much to learn and try!!
  • It is a vibrant platform that can help you to develop a complete and client-sided app. 
  • The first version utilized JavaScript and in their later releases, it adopted Typescript.
  • Leading players like Paypal, Microsoft, and Google use this framework. 
  • The major cons of these kinds of web development frameworks are their size in comparison to other frameworks. In fact, by nature, it is not all SEO-friendly and optimized.

Popularity of Angular.js

This popular framework has much lesser traction over the few years. You can term it as an enterprise-grade as well as a mature platform. It has been noted that it is loved by numerous businesses all across the globe. Hence, this is ranked as the popular framework. 

According to GitHub, it is the third-most loved framework. 

angular web development framework
Source: GitHub

According to Stack Overflow developer, Angular.js is the third most used framework.

Angular web development framework
Source: Stack Overflow

6. Superlative Web Development Framework: Vue.js

vue js web development framework

  • These sorts of web development frameworks are the arising star. 
  • It was initiated as an entity project and instantaneously advanced into conferring as one of the eminent and most manifesting web development frameworks of the JS.
  • There are a plethora of cool things stated about these kinds of web development frameworks
  • Firstly, it is a progressive platform. Checking this closely you can clearly understand that if you are already running your project in another framework, you can quickly adapt it (for anyone specific area of your project). You do not have to worry about the operation. Everything will operate just as you want it to be!!
  • Secondly, it has an amazing architecture with a number of components to experiment with. It is best for your project because it has the best ecosystem that will assist you to construct the entire apps

Popularity of Vue.js

In the continent of Asia alone, particularly in the country named China, this framework evolved at a faster rate and is extensively used by developers and the industry.

According to GitHub, this framework is the most starred framework on the web.

vue js web development framework
Source: GitHub

As per the survey conducted in the year 2020 by StackOverflow, it is the seventh most prominent framework.

vue js web development framework
Source: StackOverflow

7. Functional Web Development Framework: CakePHP

cakephp web development framework

  • CakePHP offers an easy-to-use and streamlined API. you do not have to worry about the visuals or the perfect fit. 
  • The most last-to-the-minute iteration of these models of web development frameworks uses PHP 7.2. 
  • It has lots of components and features to efficiently and quickly prototype all the applications. 
  • These kinds of web development frameworks are developed on Model-Controller View design. This will allow you to effectively and safely work on your project with no specification for perplexed setups using YAML or XML.
  • It flaunts extraordinary features such as amicable and security licenses and is best for business applications. 
  • If you are already using PHP, then you must certainly go for this rapid prototype to build your website.

8. Versatile Web Development Framework: Symphony

symfony web development framework

  • Symfony is one of the web development frameworks that is developed on PHP. 
  • It is appropriate for complex venture-level or large-scale industries. 
  • Symfony 3.1 (is the latest version) can assist you to develop scalable websites that are adaptable to changing industrial requirements. 
  • Symfony can operate with platforms like Drupal, Piwik, and PHPBB.
  • It is one of the steady web development frameworks and includes a bunch of PHP components. 

9. Model View Template Web Development Framework: Django

django web development framework

  • These types of web development frameworks are a Model-View-Template structure that utilizes Python for the development of the web. 
  • Prominent names like YouTube, Instagram, and Google adore this framework like anything. 
  • It follows the pattern of Over Configuration and the DRY. 
  • One of the fundamental reasons that you should opt for in Django is Security. 
  • These kinds of web development frameworks give strategies and tools to the developers to fabricate and build a safe site or actualize the security features, it includes forestalling the execution of code in the theme layer.

Popularity of Django

This framework strokes the correct set of balance between the features of enterprises and rapid application development. Hence, it is considered the prominent server-side framework. As per the reports shared by Github, it is the second most framework (that is server-sided). 

django web development framework
Source: Github

As per the study conducted by Stack Overflow, the developers love to use Django because of its clean design. 

Django web development framework
Source: StackOverflow

10. Micro-Web Development Framework Developed in Python- Flask

python flask web development framework

  • Flask is one of the Python-based web development frameworks that does not use any particular tools or libraries. 
  • It does not incorporate any libraries of third-party but supports extensions. These extensions can add necessary functionalities for your sites such as upload handling and authentication, and validation. 
  • Top names that use this framework are AdRoll, Netflix, and Keen IO.

python flask web development framework
Source: Google Trends

Make Your Choice

But, before you choose any framework for your project on web development, consider the below-mentioned criteria:

  • The web development framework you embrace should endure a large community of developers.
  • It must also sustain regular security and feature updates.

The right type of web development framework has the caliber to assemble and immaculate the practical rich web apps. Below we have highlighted the small process to designate the correct framework for your next web app project- 

  1. Document your business non-functional, functional, and business requirement app. 
  2. Have a discussion about your project with the web development company (if you do not have one, get in touch with our experts).
  3. Pick the right framework that works best for you.

In a nutshell!!

In this blog, we have enumerated and given you a concise prologue to 10 amazing web development frameworks that are popular these days.

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Connecting with MobileCoderz Technologies Pvt Ltd is a single process. Our specialists will brainstorm and conceptualize all your business ideas, considering your economic situation, client base, competition, and the wide range of various variables before assisting you to pick “ an excellent and superlative framework” from the plethora of website development frameworks. 

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