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Top Mobile App Trends to Watch For In 2017

  • February 2, 2017
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Change is the only constant in a world where smartphones rule the roost and technology changes happen at the drop of a hat. It is important to stay current and relevant with changing times and the competition in the mobile apps business is fierce to say the least. Trust us here! We know what we are talking about. Being the leading mobile application development company in the country, we like to watch out for trends and predict what is here to stay and what might be the popular choice in the days to come. We have compiled a few top trends that we think are here to stay; read on.

#1: Augmented reality is going to make waves

There has been a lot of talk surrounding augmented reality. It is already being used in marketing and to enhance user experience. It is expected that augmented reality will be integrated into mobile apps (especially the utility based ones) in 2017. Tools pertaining to augmented reality can be used for predicting user preferences and what the person would like to do. For instance, detecting words could result in opening apps that connect to them and so on. We are very excited about this feature!

#2: Security as always is paramount; now more than ever!

Application security has become the focus in recent times and a lot of effort is going into this area. Smartphone security and app security are gaining increasing importance with studies showcasing how security is a major issue with many apps. There is a lot of focus on this and mobile app developers are focusing on improving this aspect in every mobile applications platform.

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Did you know that a revenue stream of more than $70 billion is expected from mobile app downloads in 2017 according to a study?

#3: Location based services are here to stay

Even in the last year, location based services garnered a lot of attention and we saw a lot of apps that integrated such services and apps that used real time information becoming popular. This trend will continue to prevail through this year too. After all, considering their usefulness, every app should consider using real time information as much as possible. We ourselves have dabbled in this area (with a lot of success, we might add) as part of our mobile app development.

#4: Cloud based apps are very popular

Cloud based apps are driving a lot of mobile data traffic and they are expected to increase through this year. Apps are expected to become way more powerful and explore the full potential of cloud computing in the coming years. What we see as of now is just a speck and we can expect a lot more apps based on cloud and cloud computing in 2017.

#5: Wearable technology is expected to garner more mileage

This is one area where there has been a huge shift. Since they were introduced, wearable technology has found a lot of takers and there is a lot of innovation happening in this field. With minor players to giants focussing on this, there will be a lot of advancement in this area.

There are many other areas such as lazy loading, blur backgrounds, navigation, and automation of designs, virtual reality and many such other interesting areas that are sure to gain a lot of mileage in 2017. With extreme competition and app failure rates being very high, innovation and focus on user experience is the key to survival in the mobile app development scene.

Watch this space for more such interesting info about mobile applications and explore our website for details about our services.

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