Top 10 Full Stack Web Development Tools To Use In 2021

There are tons of Full-Stack Web Development tools available in the market. It is an absolute package for front-end and back-end development. You can easily develop your project in a more agile way with the help of these tools. 

Since there are numerous options available, you cannot just waste your time experimenting which tool suits you and which does not. You will end up wasting your energy and time to find the right tool. A good Full-Stack Web Development company can assist you for this more.

We have highlighted the top web app development tools in this blog that are quite popular. It will make your development process efficient and accessible.

Without wasting any extra time let us check some amazing full stack development of 2021:-

Full-stack Development Tools

1. Atom

At a certain point, Atom enjoyed substantial utilization among engineers. Nonetheless, since Visual Studio Code showed up, it has seen less appropriation. It is a disgrace since it is an incredible code editor that is reasonable and suitable for various applications.

atom full stack web development tool

It is the best front-end tool developed by the GitHub app, which may clarify why it has been pushed down the hierarchy at Microsoft. In any case, it is refreshed and updated routinely.

The editing of text is highly functional and acts like its greater kin. It is integrated with in-built GitHub. There are likewise many additional add-ons termed as packages.


There are bounties accessible to help tailor Atom to your projects and work process. This full stack app development tools includes a few topics to browse and a few, like One Dark. These are so well known that they have discovered their way into different editors as well.


It is a useful code editor that merits an attempt. Notwithstanding, Atom is based on Electron. Some users indeed raised complaints regarding large files and projects running gradually. 

In accordance, we recommend this tool to be better for quick scripts and smaller projects. But again, you should avoid it for complex works.

Why Choose Atom?

  • Flexible and versatile tool
  • Technical features

2. GitHub

Around 2 million businesses nowadays use GitHub for web development. This tool decreases the errors and compose the methods for code composing simpler.

github Full Stack Web Development Tools

Moreover, it is known in the market for its extraordinary community. These developers can assist you in case of confusion and difficulty.

This tool has 1.4K GitHub forks and 6.4K GitHub stars.

Shopify, Netflix, and Airbnb are well-known brands that are utilizing this tool for web development.

Why Choose GitHub? 

  • Simple code for hosting
  • Can easily manage the projects
  • Simple documentation with quality codes

3. WebStorm

It is one of the extraordinary Full-Stack Web Development tools with powerful JavaScript IDE.  This tool can assist you in writing codes of JS with much less effort. Moreover, this tool is enriched with multiple features. This can make the processes simple and quick for the users.

webstrom Full-Stack Web Development tools

Some of the alluring features of WebStorm is its completion of codes and prompt error correction. As a result, you can really manage with fewer mistakes and develop the code faster. 

This tool manages with numerous other tools. Another remarkable feature of this framework is the definition finder. It will let you find the definitions of anything. 

Why Choose WebStorm?

  • The themes and color schemes make this tool fun to operate on. 
  • You can receive tremendous support. Hence, you will not end up being in a challenging situation in any case if an issue arises.
  • An outstanding choice for reviewing and editing. 


This traditional stack of web service “MAMP” is still holding its place strongly.

These tools will combine with an OS (Operating System). It includes Windows, macOS, or Linux.  This can be used along with Python, Perl, MySQL, Apache web servers, etc. This tool can still earn you a lot of prominence in the year 2021.

MAMP Full Stack Web Development Tools To Use In 2021

It is macOS and is one of the significant versions of this innovation. Hence you can work on the process for deployment and design. It is true that you may end up in a long-winded setup for modern web applications. But you can enjoy the marvelous potentiality that this tool has to offer,

In tools like DevKinsta, you can choose the slick GUI with the stack of web services. This full-stack app development tools is free. If you want, you can use the premium version of this tool for Mac and Windows. It can ramp up the functionalities and offers robust and comprehensive tools for web development.

Why Choose MAMP?

  •  Flexibility and pricing
  • Aficionados of command line

5. npm

It is one of the exquisite Full-Stack Web Development tools. It is best for JavaScript. You can easily develop reusable packages of codes and can compile it in a robust and new manner. This tool is flexible and is employed by over 1000 JS developers.

npn Full Stack Web Development Tool

It has 3.2K GitHub forks and 17.2K GitHub stars. There are over 4554 companies that are using npm in their technological stacks. These enterprises include Reddit, Instacart, and Stack. 

Why Choose npm?

  • Manages public and private codes
  • Great community
  • Can reuse and develop almost 470,000 packages of free code.

6. Slack

Slack is one of the best web app development tools. This platform can streamline all the communication effectively with the team members. The in-built internal and external sharing allows anyone to share their valuable files.

slack web app development tool

It is noticed around 7667 companies have employed Slacks. These include companies like Pinterest, Airbnb, and Shopify. 

Why Choose Slack?

  • Robust search
  • Scalable  archiving
  • Dropbox, Google Docs, Twitter, Asana, etc
  • Integration of GitHub
  • Support of multi-array switching
  • Preferences of flexible notifications

7. Notepad++

Notepad++ ofcourse did not replace any other editors like VisualStudio Code IntelliJ IDEA. But you cannot ignore the support it provides for general applications for text editing and simple scripts. 

This full-stack app development tool is nowadays utilized across a wide range of projects. 

It is the only editor for Windows. This includes specific development like:-

  1. Split and tabbed windows.
  2. Supports 80+ languages of programming
  3. Functionality of auto-completion
  4. Function list 

full-stack app development tool notepad

Why Choose Notepad?

  • Flexible when it comes to managing the project
  • Supports three approaches which include project, workspaces, and sessions
  • Can use extensive projects 
  • Customizable

8. Backbone

It is yet another tool for Full-Stack Web Development. It will assist you in adding the structures to the codes of JavaScript. Backbone is one of the most prominent tools for web app development. It can transform all your data to models. This development tool is good for one-page apps. It will also support you to keep your cords organized.

backbone full stack web development tool

This tool has got 5.6K GitHub forks and 27.7K GitHub stars. 

There are almost 3415 businesses that employ Backbone. Reddit, Uber, and Pinterest are some of the best examples of these web development tools.

Why Choose Backbone?

  • Enriched with 100+extensions
  • Offers numerous kinds of building blocks. This includes routers, events, views, models.
  • It will automatically update HTML when you change the model.
  • Makes the code organized, systematic, and simple.

9. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is one of the unique web development tools. It is packed with a number of features. This includes syntax highlighting, code refactoring, etc.

Visual Studio Code web development tool

This tool is a product of Microsoft. Thus, you can use it with different frameworks and languages. It includes Rust, Ruby, and JavaScript. 

It has 18K GitHub forks and 111.1K GitHub stars.

Almost 2826 companies are using this tool nowadays. Microsoft, Trivago, and Alibaba Travels are some examples. 

Why Choose Visual Studio Code?

  • Best tools for refactoring
  • TypeScript IntelliSense support
  • Strong multi-language IDE
  • Better integration of GIT
  • Better use interference
  • Simple Plugins

10. TypeScript

It is one of the excellent web app development tools. This tool will assist you in compiling the codes for better apps. It is known for supporting static codes for verification and versatile features. 

Updates are on a timely basis; thus, your web app can have dynamic and smoother operations.

TypeScript full stack web development tool

It is enriched with 9.1K GitHub forks and 68.6K GitHub stars.

As per the sources, almost 3254 corporates used these tools. Vox Media, Slack, etc, have employed this tool.

Why Choose TypeScript?

  1. Support definition files such as C++ and C
  2. Support numerous libraries of JS
  3. Robust kinds of systems. This includes generic and JS features
  4. The seamless hybrid of static and hybrid typing

In a nutshell!!

Full-Stack Web Development is not that easy nor quick. But the tools mentioned above can make your development process quicker. From writing codes to communication, this tool can do wonders to your project.

It is good that you get your projects developed by leading full-stack web developers.

MobileCoderz Technologies is an established Full-Stack Web Development company. They can creatively develop your project and develop your robust solution in a minimal time. In addition, they will have experience in working for different domains. Thus, they will know about the challenges and will be enriched with tips and tricks to overcome problems.

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