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Things To Discover About Visual Storytelling Apps & Their Features

  • November 10, 2020
  • By priyanka negi

Storytelling is an art that captures your imagination with impactful narrations. Let’s scrutinize why the concept of visual storytelling is a prevailing game-changer in the present scenario:

Not all individuals are addicted to living streaming, Netflix series, TV shows, and virtual games, there is a broad section of people who are impressed with the idea of visual story-telling. With millions of stories, animated movies, plays, podcasts, epics to read and share, the trend of narrating stories through a digital medium continues to gather immense popularity since the day it rolled out in the year 2013.

One thing about visual storytelling apps that startle users from the very first sight is the dynamic style of narrating a series of twists, plots, or storylines. They not only impart long-lasting impressions on the minds & hearts of spectators but also serve as a bombastic source of entertainment with mind-blowing visuals and realistic or imaginative stories.

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Nowadays, the majority of media businesses and entertainment houses are adapting visual storytelling techniques and platforms to convey impactful messages to their target audience. The advantages of getting interactive visual storytelling apps keep par with the motive of introducing it to the customers and that’s why it worth to be a part of your business strategy. However, with a market full of existing competitors and potential risks, the majority of aspiring appreneurs think twice before investing in the full-cycle development of an app for visual storytelling.

If you are longing to get more clarity on the concept of visual storytelling apps then take a moment to go through this blog right now!!

Intro To Visual Storytelling For Mobile Apps UI/UX Designs

Aiming to captivate users with digital storytelling, programmers design a mobile app to communicate interactive stories with a collaborative segment of images, videos, graphics, music, audios, & other media elements.

To keep the audience engaged in your digital content, you can think about introducing a story app for these benefits:

‣ Better understanding of the app’s purpose

Lack of clarity dissolves the right interpretation of the concept behind your app. If users are not familiar with the core idea or purpose of a visual storytelling app then it won’t get a good response in the market. By showcasing your brand or business through visual content on your storytelling app, your customers would get familiar with your ideology and respond similarly.

More impactful way to interact

The blend of startling UI designs & interactive elements achieves attention one tapping on the app’s screen. When it comes to a storytelling platform, users won’t forget your brand & story once they get compelled by the visual narration. This makes a clear picture of the scenario, time, place, & other materials of the event with help of a captivating interface & stunning components on the visual storytelling app.

‣ High engagement from app users

The role of digital storytelling enables users to understand the core idea behind the story with immersive visual experiences on the app. It conveys the message with better clarity on the subject that attracts better engagement to keep your audience glued to your story.

‣ More in-app purchases, more profits

Most paid storytelling apps offer special benefits to their subscribers. Businesses implement a strategy of showcasing personalized visual stories & plays to users so that they relate them to the real world. That’s the right way to monetize your app and generate more leads for more revenues.

Now take your time to watch out for these strategies to go ahead with visual storytelling for mobile app UI/UX design.

5 UI/UX Design Tactics To Build A Visual Storytelling App

1. Know your target audience

Visual storytelling is all about the influential impact of digital stories or content on the brain of people. To make your app work in this context, do some research work to gather some insights about the preferences, demands, likes, & dislikes of your target customers. Keep all the pin-point details of your potential customers to stay in sync with their changing behavior and response towards your service or product.

2. Make it simple, clear, & interactive

An interactive story with a sensational storyline will keep your audience hooked and entertaining with every scene and plot. The idea of visual storytelling revolves around a simple yet impactful way of sharing a message that excites users with the positive impact of graphics and visual features of your app.

3. Give priority to the first impression

The very first face of your visual story plays a crucial role in attaining better user engagement. If your app fails to fascinate customers in the beginning, it is less likely to keep them engaged throughout the story and this will be a big disappointment for you.

4. Keep it more realistic than imaginative

Visual storytelling turns boring when it loses emotions or sensitivity. To make it interesting and exciting, your mobile storytelling app must feature some specific elements to render strong emotions with a realistic mood of all the roles & characters of the story. This will cater to the trustworthiness and credibility of your brand or product with each & every part of the story served to the audience.

5. Visuals and typography must go hand in hand

Last but not least, the fifth important UI/UX design strategy for a storyteller app for kids and grown-up users are centered on the match of typography and visual characteristics of the app’s interface. Make sure that the typography used on your app goes well with the texture of your app so that customers won’t get confused.

These are the five pillars of a successful mobile app development strategy with the integration of interactive storytelling tools. The concept of digital storytelling is the future of the media and entertainment industry and that’s why getting a visual storytelling app for profitable investment for your business.

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priyanka negi

Priyanka Negi is a content specialist who works as a technical writer at MobileCoderz Technologies. She holds remarkable experience in SEO writing for several industrial domains. Her adeptness in technical writing is backed by a proven track record of being a prominent professional in the IT industry.

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