Native Vs Hybrid Mobile App: Which One Is Best For Your Business?

Mobile apps are rapidly growing and have become the strongest tool that all businesses must invest in. Today we have apps for everything, be it online food, medicines, clothes, and whatnot! So, businesses have realized that investing in app development is important to stay ahead in the market and be updated with their user’s needs. 

By offering iPhone app development services that reflect your ideas and goals, you can expand your business quickly. So, what’s next that hits your mind? It is choosing Native vs. Hybrid App! for the iPhone app development services

Hybrid and Native app development methods have their own advantages and limitations just like any other technology. Also, today users want a smooth and secure app with tons of personalized features. And that’s exactly what businesses need to develop! 

This article examines the ways that Hybrid and Native development differ in giving performance, security, app updates, UI/UX interfaces, and more. Thereafter, we will help you choose the best option among Hybrid and Native mobile apps for your company.

What is Native App Development Used For?

A Native mobile app basically refers to software developed to run on a specific technology or platform. It uses gadget-specific tools and programming, as it’s developed to work on a particular smartphone and operating system. 

Native apps, on the other hand, are designed to work on various frameworks, offer improved execution, and can benefit from the latest innovation. Native mobile apps are effective and fast to run. They not only give users access to the entire Native (UI) design and controls but also allow them to be more active.

Technology Stack –

Creating Native apps for Android or iOS requires different platforms. Here we will discuss the technology stack needed to hire iOS app developers or companies.

For iOS:
  • Objective-C: It is a programming language with lots of libraries and development experience. You can utilize it with multiple other programming languages as well.
  • Swift: Swift is Apple’s most recent programming language superior to Objective C. It also surpasses Objective-C in performance. Swift is utilized in new apps because its capabilities and UI are extremely intuitive. Only the best native app development company can use these technology stacks.

Examples of the most popular Native apps: Pokemon Go, Spotify

What is Hybrid App Development Used For?

A Hybrid software uses Cascading Style Sheets, Hypertext Markup Language, and JavaScript to build Native and web-based elements. Through APIs, Hybrid apps have access to all smartphone capabilities. 

Although Native applications can be downloaded and run offline, the application does not offer cross-platform applications. It is hosted on a web app, so it has an app like a web application.

Technology Stack

The three frameworks commonly used to develop Hybrid apps are explained below.

  • React Native: The social media giant Facebook created this cross-platform program. It offers a simple user interface, excellent speed, and speedy development time.
  • Xamarin. Microsoft supports this open-source framework. It is an excellent option for essential apps because it’s easy to update. When it comes to business-related projects typically, it’s the best choice.
  • Ionic: Ionic uses technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to develop mobile applications. It’s really easy to learn and use.

Examples of popular Hybrid applications: Gmail, Uber, Amazon App Store.

Native or Hybrid Apps: What’s the Best?

1. Native vs Hybrid Apps | Performance

Because Native apps are developed particularly for a single operating system. These apps utilize storage and memory better and also provide high-performance levels.

But, with an application developed using the Hybrid Framework, it takes time to add the latest features. So, when your iPhone app development services require complex functionality and features and features, then Hybrid development isn’t the best solution for you.

2. Native vs Hybrid Apps | Costs and Timing of Development 

Hybrid applications are the most economical and take the minimum amount of time to get develop. Whereas Hybrid apps are simple to maintain as they are based on one codebase. Native apps have multiple code bases because they individually support each platform.

3. Native vs Hybrid Apps | User Experience

Native apps are developed specifically for an app store and deliver the best user experience. These apps are based on screen size, hardware capabilities, and more. In comparison to Hybrid apps, you cannot get an enhanced user experience due to one code base for every OS.

Another point where Native apps have a small advantage is speed. Native apps use the language Native to your device. This could slow down the reaction time within the application.

Since it depends on the browser speed. A Hybrid application could be slower and lagging than a Native app. This is something to consider before you hire iOS app developers for your dream app project.

4. Native vs Hybrid Apps | Security

SSL configuration and Javascript injection are both cited as vulnerabilities by critics of Hybrids. They also depend on plugins, which create the additional code layer to discover any security flaw.

Native applications utilize security features Natively without the use of plugins. They also use security features more directly and thus making their implementation simpler and straightforward. 

In the end, Native programming could be the best choice for security applications that need a high detail level. So for secured iPhone app development services, you can always trust Native app development. 

5. Native vs Hybrid Apps | Market Time

The time to develop apps is naturally longer for Native apps. This is because each platform needs a different development effort, releases, and updates. Thus, releasing the exact feature to all platforms simultaneously is quite difficult because of the multiple codebases. Only the top iPhone app development companies develop Native apps.

However, cross-platform frameworks used in Hybrid applications rely on plugins to enable the capabilities of devices. When the desired plugin is unavailable, developers are required to develop them, which could delay the delivery. But, the development time of Hybrid apps is significantly less than Native applications.

6. Native vs Hybrid Apps |  App Updates

When you develop your application Natively, you can modify your application to get the new modified features without relying on ongoing community support.

Through Hybrid development, content updates are directly made via the internet. Changes to content are quick and easy unless there’s a functionality modification. 

Instead of launching apps, many of these updates are delivered secretly. This helps make the deployment of updates and bug fixes easier and user-friendly.

Do you want a clear-cut and precise answer? The only advice we can offer to you is that the best one for you is the one which can customize your needs and adapt to your requirements. 

Your resources and your needs will decide your final choice.

If you are still in doubt, you can contact an iPhone app development company like MobileCoderz Technologies. The team can explain to you everything related to the development time and final product.


So, which technology should you choose to hire iOS app developers for your project? Well, as explained above, both Hybrid and Native app development have their own capabilities and limitations. They are suitable for users with individual needs.

You can choose Native and hire top iPhone app development companies for your project to get an excellent user experience and responsive app. But it can be a bit costly to hire iOS app developers to develop Native apps. 

With Hybrid, it is less costly to hire an iPhone app development company or a developer. But the cost can rise if you add up more features and functionalities. Remember, if you’re investing a significant amount of cost then you must have the best iPhone app development company with skilled mobile app developers.

You can trust MobileCoderz to create your app using either Hybrid or Native. Our best iPhone app development company provides app solutions to users all around the globe. Our team of developers and designers together can help you create your vision and get the best from your app. Contact us today!

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