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Is Flutter likely to Replace Java for Android App Development?

  • June 25, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Long gone are those times when there were finite frameworks for Android app development. The current market for mobile app development has transformed drastically. Flutter, the cross-platform app framework, has prioritized convenience. 

Flutter app development is an open-source framework mainly used to develop apps for Android and iOS platforms. The apps that are built using Flutter SDK can provide an excellent user experience. It can also help you to launch apps such as food delivery, e-commerce, food, etc. The developers just have to develop a single codebase for different platforms.

A Detailed Comprehension of Flutter

Is Flutter likely to replace Java for Android app development?

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Mobile apps crafted on this framework can offer the ultimate user experience. It will also help the businesses to launch the apps in the market quickly. This framework has been used by multiple industries, including shopping, e-commerce, food, health, etc.

This framework has numerous qualities, such as conducting a quick development process. Flutter framework is known in the market for alluring visuals and cost-effective solutions. Numerous Android app development agencies consider it as a reliable solution.

Why is Flutter So Prominent?

This framework is immensely considered for custom Android app development. And because of this, there is a high probability that Flutter can replace Java. We have highlighted the top reasons why this framework is becoming popular in comparison to Java.

Why is Flutter so prominent?


Time is one of the essential aspects of this fast-phased industry. A proficient app developer will take almost three months to develop Android apps. But thanks to Flutter, you can quickly develop the entire project through conventional methods.

Various Platforms

Concerning Java, Flutter can undoubtedly build apps in different stages like Android and iOS. The process is quicker and hassle-free as it does not need a lot of coding. It is one of the huge benefits of why various A-lister organizations favor this system. You can hire a flutter app developer and get productive solutions instantly.

Unlike Java, Flutter is the best framework to develop apps on different platforms. It includes iOS and Android. You can manage all tasks easily and in a faster way. It does not need much coding.

Utilizes Dart

Dart is a programming language and is much like Java. It is employed in the Flutter framework for Android app development.

For example, you are planning for Android or iPhone app development and application in Android and iOS, utilizing Dart is simpler to move from one platform to another. It can also save you additional time and a cost-effective solution in comparison to JavaScript.

Quick Performance

Many Android app developers favor utilizing Flutter. This framework also empowers the developers to get associated with the development design. It will also likewise permit you to address the mistakes and flaws in the market rapidly. 

In addition, this framework guarantees fewer blunders and elite performance in comparison to native app development.

Numerous mobile app development companies are adopting this innovation to cope with the market’s flaws. While adopting this technology, there are certain things that you must pay specific attention to. 

  • It is enclosed with two pipes up with the framework of Swift. And thus, the pipe is not specifically fixed for Objective for the platform of iOS. 
  • It needs direct gear so that it can handle real adoption.
  • User experience and performance are mandates for an active app.


For example, to develop an Android project, you may need 3 Java developers to build the first version of the apes. And the estimated time may go up to 2 months. In contrast, you can develop the whole app in 2 months by employing only a single Flutter developer. 

You can save plenty on manpower. So, get abreast and hire a Flutter app developer today. They can be your best digital partner who can implement some amazing strategies.

Moreover, you just have to develop of the code amount in comparison to Java.

Is Flutter replacing Java?

Is Flutter replacing Java?

Industrial specialists have accepted Flutter as the powerful contender to develop Android apps. Hence, it is speculated that it can replace Java. Flutter can replace numerous native app development like Java. It has opened and shown positive output for Android and iOS.

Flutter can make the development cycle less convoluted. It has numerous widgets and features. This can assist developers or brands in developing iOS or Android app development services. This platform has a native approach and looks slick. 

Below in this blog, we have highlighted some differences between other cross-platform apps and Flutter:-

  • Speed in communication: Flutter, for all good reasons, does not employ the bridge of JavaScript for the interface of communication between the mobile device and app.This directs that you have to face less context for switching. Moreover, your app can be natively compiled by decreasing the time of communication.
  • Animations in 60 fps: This framework can offer animations at a 60 fps SanDisk speed rate. You can even achieve it while JavaScript Bridge is absent. No other frameworks are capable of delivering this performance.
  • Compilation of timing: You enforce the compilation of this framework ahead of its time. For this, you can quickly compile the code of Dart to machine code natively. This feature can help you in battery life, disc space, time, memory, etc. 
  • Full hot reload: This feature has excited many flutter app developers. Here, the developers can utilize just-in-time compilation and construct the app. You can do it with great speed.

You can instantly see the changes in a few seconds the moment you make changes. This feature is exceptionally practical and recommended by numerous Android app development companies.

So, should you consider Flutter app development seriously?

  • Evolution of Fuschia

Presently, Google is making development on another operating system. This is termed Fuschia. It is speculated that this OS can be a replacement to Android and Chrome.

  • Perception of Google for Android

You must keep a close check on the announcements. The last Google I/O conference was supposed to be held in 2020, but it got canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hire flutter app developers; they will keep you updated about the latest version and development. 

  • Prediction of experts

Android app developers believe that the prominence of this platform will achieve its zenith shortly. Hence, you must take Flutter seriously for your next project. 

  • Confusion and opportunity in Flutter app development

The process of Android development is complicated, confusing, and at times less performing. Flutter app developers can enjoy the user-friendly solution. It helps provide simplified solutions to build apps in iOS, Android, or any other operating system.

  • The rapid rate of migration 

It is speculated that numerous businesses are porting to Flutter IDE from native Android apps.

Flutter vs. Java: Who won the tug of war?

Flutter vs. Java: Who won the tug of war?

Google has introduced Flutter, and it has proved to be an evident framework. Even though Flutter is new to town and this framework is however within the emerging periphery. 

Have plans to hire Android app developers? Get in touch with leading Flutter app experts.

MobileCoderz Technologies is the leading Flutter app development company. We are acquainted with the latest trends and technology. We have helped many start-ups to establish their business in the market globally.


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