How to Develop a Sensational Facial Recognition App?

Would you believe the facial recognition app has the power to do miraculous things?

Just go through these recent real-life events and you might feel the evolution of a super-intelligent technology that is set to transform our future. 

In London, the Piccadilly Circus lights implemented a facial recognition application to capture information related to the age, gender, and mood of customers passing by their store and then create person-specific advertisements. Interestingly, using this information, they were able to hit the right potential customers. However, they had to face backlash from people regarding privacy issues due to the use of such data without their consent. 

In 2018, a case created headlines when a medical geneticist Omar Bdual-Rehman utilized a face recognition app to confirm a rare disease called Mowat-Wilson syndrome in a 3-year-old boy. This app helped him identify this rare genetic disorder by analyzing the facial patterns of the child. 

At the CES convention in Las Vegas, some car manufacturing companies demonstrated how facial recognition applications can be used in automotive. They showed face recognition applications can recognize vehicle owners, send signals when drivers fall asleep, automatically position side mirrors, and unlock the doors as the car owner comes closer. 

All these things have happened today which seemed almost impossible a long time ago. Facial recognition technology has next-gen capabilities that can not only solve the biggest industry problems but also empower people to do advanced things. 

Be it healthcare, automobile, retail, education, banking, security, or shopping, multiple sectors are leveraging Facial Recognition Technology
 for various purposes and achieving stunning outcomes.

So, if you also have the vision to take advantage of facial recognition technology. Then, here we would tell you how to develop a facial recognition app that would bring a sensational change to your business. 

What Is A Face Recognition App?

A face recognition app is a mobile application that analyzes facial patterns to identify or confirm the identity of a person. It uses artificial intelligence, deep learning, data learning, and biometric technology. This app basically maps nodal points and patterns of human faces and then matches them with a database or existing recorded images or videos. 

It is mainly used to provide accurate verification of persons. However, facial recognition apps are not just used for verification but also for various other activities.

How Does Facial Recognition Application Work?

<img src="How Does Facial Recognition Application Work" alt ="How Does Facial Recognition Application Work">

A facial recognition application uses AI and biometric algorithms to scan and measure the subtle differences of a human face and match them against the database. This process involves the detection of the face, matching the recorded faceprint with the existing database against images or videos, and confirming the identification of the person. A facial recognition app works through the following parts-

Mobile device: It is a smartphone, tablet, mobile device, or any computer hardware device that has a camera to capture images or record videos. 

Network connectivity: It enables the device to transmit images or recorded data to the cloud or another location for further analysis. 

Facial recognition SDK: This is a dedicated software kit or API integrated with the mobile app to enable facial recognition capability. It extracts face prints and patterns from captured images or videos and matches them with the existing database or produces programmed outputs. 

Database of faces: This database includes a rich collection of personal identities. 

Current Market of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology is evolving significantly with the growing adoption across multiple industries. It empowers a system or application with visual biometric identification abilities. As a result, this technology is used for several purposes such as: 

  • Patient identification
  • Diagnosing genetic disorders
  • Automated Checkout Process
  • Store security and fraud prevention
  • Campus Security
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Workforce management
  • Increasing learning engagement
  • Customer verification
  • Running cardless ATM transactions
  • Improved Public Security
  • Food Image Recognition
  • Product discoverability by visual search
  • Better user engagement on social media
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Smart banking
  • Biometric identity verification

Therefore, companies work with facial recognition application development companies to build customized facial recognition software or app. In the past few years, its usage has increased a lot. In 2017, Apple launched Face ID as the first-ever sign-in feature option using this technology. 

At present, around 15-%20 of 11,000 financial institutions including banks in the USA use this technology for document verification to validate the identity of users. Top tech giants companies like Facebook and Google use the auto-tagging feature to map a user’s face for uploading the profile image. 

A report from the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, facial recognition algorithms has confirmed that facial recognition software and systems were found 20X better when it comes to searching a database to match a photograph. As per a Bloomberg report, the global facial recognition market will reach $11.62 Billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 21%. 

Hence, seeing these market trends and statistics, it is evident how substantially this technology is expanding. 

How to Develop a Facial Recognition App?

Facial recognition app development requires a well-defined process. This application uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, computer vision, and high-end third-party API or cloud integration. 

You can also use ready-made facial recognition systems of applications from various third-party vendors. However, if you want to build a custom facial recognition mobile application from scratch for any business purpose, then follow the below steps

1. Define The Project Requirements

Facial recognition apps can be used for several use cases. It can be implemented in banking, financial, security, marketing, and many other different requirements. Therefore, the first step of the facial recognition app development process is to define your project requirements. You need to define for what purposes you want to develop a facial recognition app. For this, you should determine the following things: 

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What is the mobile OS platform Android or iOS?
  3. What are the key features?
  4. What does your app need to identify?
  5. What did you want to achieve from this app?

2. Decide The Key Features of the Facial Recognition App

<img src="Features of Facial Recognition App" alt="Features of Facial Recognition App">

Facial recognition apps can be utilized for multiple purposes like identity verification, surveillance, marketing, smart banking, and more. Hence, depending on your specific requirements or use case, you should choose the required features to be included in the app. Here are the common features of a facial recognition application that you can incorporate accordingly:

  1. Image detection capability
  2. Computer vision for identification
  3. Image analysis 
  4. High accuracy for database matching
  5. Algorithm accuracy
  6. Adaptability
  7. Data security
  8. Access Control
  9. Fraud Prevention

3. Choose The Technology Stack

To build a facial recognition mobile app, you would need to select a technology stack. What tools and technologies you would incorporate depends on your mobile app development approach. 

If you are developing a native app you have to use native technology resources like Android Studio, and native iOS SDK. And if you are building cross-platform then React Native, Flutter. Here are the tech stacks for facial recognition app development that you can choose for your project

For Android

  • Programming language: Java, Kotlin, javaScript
  • Development frameworks: Android Studio, React Native, Flutter
  • Face recognition APIs: Google’s ML Kit, Amazon Rekognition, Microsoft Face API

For iOS

  • Programming languages: Swift, Objective-C
  • Development frameworks: native iOS SDK, React Native, Flutter
  • Face recognition APIs: Firebase with ML Kit, FaceX, Facial search and recognition API

4. Find an Expert Mobile App Development Company

Once you are ready with all the project details, it’s time to find a mobile app development company dedicatedly for your face recognition app project. You need to choose a company wisely that holds proven specialization in implementing technologies to build facial recognition features. 

They would integrate the right SDKs and APIs to enable all the required functionalities in the app. They have a dedicated team of app developers, programmers, AI specialists, and tech experts for developing facial recognition apps and software. 

5. Test and Launch

Testing your face recognition app is very important. Since the app processes sensitive user information like face ID, the app needs high-end data security features to protect this data. Your face recognition app development team must conduct all types of tests to validate the security standards of the app. And once the app is validated by the team, you are now ready to launch or deploy your app. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Facial Recognition App?

Face recognition app is an advanced-scale mobile application. It incorporates high-end technologies like AI, ML, deep learning, integration of dedicated APIs and SDKs, augmented and virtual reality, and more. 

In addition to this, a face recognition app may serve different requirements. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate the cost of facial recognition app development without the details of any specific project requirements. 

However, on average, the cost of developing a face recognition app may fall between $10,000-$30,000. The best way to estimate the cost is to directly approach a facial recognition app development company and get a quote.

To Conclude

A facial recognition app is a powerful and intelligent mobile application. It provides plenty of benefits to multiple industries in several ways. With facial recognition apps, businesses can bring high-level security standards and even enhance their marketing approach. From big brands to small companies, every business size is leveraging the benefits of this technology. 

But since facial recognition app requires advanced technologies and professional expertise, you would need assistance from a reliable Mobile App Development Company to build a full-fledged app. And MobileCoderz is one such company that can assist you in developing a custom or business-oriented facial recognition app powered with the latest features. 

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