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How eLearning Apps Amid CORONA VIRUS Mitigate Pandemic Impact on Education System?

  • May 11, 2020
  • By priyanka negi

The long-term discontinuation of on-going business operations due to the global spread of COVID-19 is a matter of concern for the global industrial segments. The impact of the nationwide lockdown will almost cripple the nation’s economy as per the projected downfall of the domestic and international market. Looking through the current scenario of rising coronavirus cases in the country, the majority of businesses are adopting alternatives to commence their business procedures amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Apart from e-Commerce, e-Pharma, healthcare & fitness, gaming, & other essential services, most educational institutions & independent tutors are taking advantage of eLearning apps amid coronavirus to facilitate learners with interactive online classes & live sessions. E-learning is not a new concept for present-day learners from reputed institutions, teachers, parents, & other governmental verticals. To counter the impact of continual closure of schools & universities across the globe, online education amid coronavirus brings a vast exposure to the world of e-learning applications for more than 91% of the students scattered across the worldwide corners.

Keynotes to Favor the Role of Online Education During the Lockdown

Amid coronavirus lockdown, virtual classroom learning apps are the ultimate saviors for universities & educational institutions. There is no doubt that remote learning is rewarding in uncountable ways and that’s why the demand for the best e-learning apps for business is exceeding in the education domain. Right from tutors to lecturers & school administrators, all the entities of the education system are encouraged to use educational apps or digital learning platforms for delivering virtual live lessons & classes.

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If you’re on the way to introduce a supplementary tool alike an e-learning app equipped with features & add-ons like online video-based micro-courses, simulations, graphics, models, animations, puzzles, e-notes, e-books, or varieties of facilities for online digital education. Here is some statistical evidence to prove that the digital drive of eLearning apps amid COVID-19 is transforming the current state of the education system positively:

  • More than 43% of learners learn more efficiently as compared to students who’re not active on elearning apps amid coronavirus.
  • Among 89% of apps used by smartphone users, more than 50% are used for attending online lectures.
  • Over 64% of students are reliant on educational apps to attain knowledge and training skills.
  • Around 71% of users admit that they access e-learning apps on their mobile devices rather than using websites or web-based portals. 70% of students feel more confident while attending online classes.
  • 45% of online learners tend to complete their courses more speedily than those who use desktops.

These amazing statistics on e-Learning encourage institutions to hire educational app developers and get the best learning app for business. Amongst the most trending educational apps like Duolingo, Quick Maths, DragonBox, Science 360, class dojo, Amazon Kindle, etc., the demand for mobile learning apps based on these specific categories is surging in the presence of existing apps for online education during a lockdown:

  • Training & assessment software: These types of e-learning mobile applications present interactive puzzles, quizzes, questionnaire, & tests for students from different grades. Learners can take part in these tests to check their knowledge & score. The software will present the overall score on the dashboard once a user completes the test.
  • Course or program based apps: Learners registered on specific programs or courses are using courseware apps for online education amid coronavirus. These types of apps are designed to support interactive e-learning through online videos, slideshows, short clips, & other video-based content that run within the app only.
  • Distance learning apps: Students who’re already enrolled in distance learning programs use these types of educational apps to continue with their studies. These apps run online classes & live classroom sessions that are specifically organized for distance learning students.
  • Educational apps as service portals: Almost every education institution runs an e-portal to update their students about their new facilities, upcoming programs, training sessions, admissions, examination dates, results, other services offered. Nowadays, students are encouraged to use this e-learning apps to get in touch with their teachers and attend their online lectures to complete their syllabus during coronavirus lockdown.

Apart from these most popular e-learning mobile app categories, the demand for a wide range of apps based on online dictionaries and encyclopedias is increased in the education sector amid coronavirus lockdown.

Why the Education Sector is Adapting eLearning Apps Amid Coronavirus?

Currently, e-learning apps are ruling the global education sector and undoubtedly, they’re set to dominate the industry even after the world overcomes the pandemic situation. Go through these pointers to understand that why hiring a mobile app development company is the best idea to get a robust e-learning app amid COVID-19 pandemic:

An Expansive Community of Online Learners

E-learning apps connect the students from a worldwide community of learners, tutors, & education institutions beyond the boundaries of demographic locations & other factors. These e-portals eliminate the barriers of demographical, locational, behavioral, & cultural differences that exist b/w learners and teachers during the teaching phase.

The role of online education amid coronavirus pandemic becomes clearer when students are more interested in participating in virtual sessions & programs rather than attending face-to-face learning classes. From schools to top institutions or universities, e-learning apps amid coronavirus are helping students as well as teachers to cut down the issues occurring in the learning processes alongside countering the impact of COVID-19 lockdown across the nation.

Education Apps Facilitate Interactive Learning

E-learning is the only alternative to physical teaching in this pandemic situation. Although classroom lectures & face-to-face interactions are irreplaceable, online classes provide an interactive learning environment for enthusiastic learners.

The concept of online education amid coronavirus influenced mobile app development service providers to come up with new methods & integrations to e-learning apps. These e-learning mobile apps are made more interactive, user-friendly, & engaging with gamification& multimedia integrations.

E-learning Is Meant For Everyone

Regardless of demographic, language, & cultural differences, e-learning apps amid COVID-19 are accessible to everyone. From teachers, independent tutors, parents/guardians, students, or any other entity can connect over e-learning mobile applications to learn the desired chapter or clear their doubts on a wide number of topics. Since the pandemic situation is restricting us to step out, learners & teachers are interacting with each other via education apps and the government is also attempting to monetize these e-portals to benefit students.

Education Apps Are Simply Accessible & Easily Available

E-learning mobile apps are 24/7 available to be accessed anytime by the end-users. Students & teachers can log in to their respective portals whenever they need to use these education apps. Although all the online classes and real-time sessions can only be attended as per the schedule, students can go through study material & test courses whenever they want to.

eLearning apps amid coronavirus provide descriptive resources & better learning opportunities for students and that’s why these platforms are made easily accessible and connectible to all devices in just a few clicks.

Wrapping It Up!

E-learning apps amid COVID-19 lockdown became a backbone for the education system as college students, schools, and universities are no more worried about their academics. Since all sorts of online courses & syllabus are now available on education apps, learning during this pandemic situation has been made possible with the help of mobile app technology.

Therefore, e-learning apps are the real saviors of each & every entity or venture associated with our education sector. In conclusion, we can say that online education is a way to survive in this global crisis as the schools, universities, colleges, & other educational institutions are likely to stay closed for the next two or three months. The role of education in our economy can never be ignored as it is a building block of the entire industry that serves the students, teachers, & businesses reliant on it. So, connect us today to get started with an eLearning app amid coronavirus to keep going with the trend and counter the impact of the pandemic situation. We hope the crisis ends soon!

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priyanka negi

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