How You Can Develop a Food Delivery App Like Deliveroo?

The on-demand business models and mobile apps have also changed food delivery services. Whether you want to enjoy late-night dessert, pasta, smoothies, or barbecue, food delivery apps make it super easy to order from your favorite outlet. For this reason, many businesses are already investing heavily in food delivery app development to start their own services. In this guide, we are going to help you learn how you can develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo.

Key Highlights of the Blog 

  • Food Delivery App Market Overview 
  • What is Deliveroo? 
  • Types of Food Delivery Apps 
  • Food Delivery App Development Process 
  • Food Delivery App Development Cost 
  • Why Should You Develop Your Food Delivery App with MobileCoderz?

Food Delivery App Market Overview

  • In 2020, the international food delivery app market was valued at $6,752.32 million
  • It is projected that this market will reach at least $62,836.97 million by 2030
  • The Android devices contributed the largest share to the food delivery app market 
  • The number of active food delivery app users is expected to grow by 2,691 million by 2026 
  • From 2019 to 2024, the food delivery app services are expected to reach a CAGR of approximately 6.72%

What is Deliveroo?

Deliveroo is a UK-based food delivery app that connects customers with restaurants. Thus, by using the app, the customers are able to place orders online from their favorite restaurant and receive doorstep delivery. 

The company aims to make restaurant food more accessible through digital technologies. Their mobile app is known for using a smart algorithm that always ensures maximum efficiency in deliveries. In fact, it focuses on improving the earnings for both restaurant and delivery agents, and reducing customer waiting time. Therefore, there is a limited radius to improve the efficiency of the app. 

People using the Deliveroo app are encouraged to order from the local restaurant to get better service and help the community. The company operates in over 200 locations across the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. This must give you a fair idea about their strong food delivery app development process. Keep reading the blog to learn how to build your own food delivery app like Deliveroo. 

Some Key Statistics About Deliveroo

  • There are more than 7.6 million Deliveroo users, and most of them are based in the UK 
  • The company had generated £1.8 billion in revenue in 2021. This was a 50% year-on-year increase 
  • In 2021, Deliveroo was connected with over 160,000 restaurants 
  • Deliveroo has over 100,000 delivery agents and most of them are UK based 

Types of Food Delivery Apps 

<img src="Types-of-Food-Delivery-Apps.jpg" alt="Types of Food Delivery Apps">

Before we get started with food delivery app development, you have to understand the different models of food delivery apps. This might help you in choosing the right mobile app development company to develop your food delivery app. These are some models for your food delivery app business;

a. Food Delivery App with Logistics Support

In this business model, you will need a third-party delivery partner, who can pick up the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customers. Thus, this type of business model is suitable for small-scale restaurants that do not have their own delivery system. If you are forward to starting with this business model, then you should hire a food delivery app development company for optimum results. 

b. Aggregator Food Delivery App 

This is perhaps the most widely popular business model to develop a food delivery app. In fact, Deliveroo is also based on this model. In this business model, your app will act as a mediator or communication channel between the customers and restaurants. Therefore, this model is suitable for big food businesses that want to expand their delivery system. Hiring the best app developers can help capitalize on your aggregator food delivery app. 

c. Dedicated Restaurant App

This business model is most suitable for restaurant businesses that already have an existing delivery system. By developing a food delivery app, they are able to improve their existing infrastructure and operations to ensure faster deliveries and more satisfied customers. Dominos, Mcdonald’s, and Burger King are some of the best examples using this model. 

Food Delivery App Development process 

The food delivery app development process isn’t very straightforward. In fact, it would be best if you hire a food delivery app development company to help you make critical business, technical, and creative decisions. Let’s break down the food delivery app development into 5 simple steps. 

1. Strategizing the Features 

This is the first that you have to do before starting the food delivery app development process. In fact, it will become a lot easier when you have defined the feature list for users, delivery partners, and admins. Here are some critical features that you must include in your restaurant app; 

Features for Client-Side 

Here are some key features that you should consider including for the user side of the food delivery app; 

  • Easy Sign-In 

The users should be able to create and sign in to their accounts within a few taps. In fact, they should be able to utilize their social media accounts to Fast Track the process. 

  • Profile Management 

The users must have complete control to edit, modify, or erase their personal information from the food delivery app. The right mobile app development company will help you implement this feature. 

  • Advanced Search Tools

The search options should include advanced filters based on user location and preferences. As a result, users will be able to get better options when it comes to their favorite food. This is a must-include feature if you want to develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo. 

  • Order Tracking

This is a very important feature for the users to track the real-time position of their order. Thus, you must provide this convenience by collaborating with a leading food delivery app development company. 

  • Easy Payment Gateways 

The users must be able to pay easily with multiple payment options in the food delivery app. This would increase the revenue streams for restaurant businesses and service providers while providing a better service to the customers. 

More Important Features

  • Automated Receipt

The food delivery app should be able to generate automated receipts. In fact, these receipts should be sent through emails, SMS, or notifications. 

  • Reviews & Ratings 

Adding this feature to your food delivery app gives more power to the users to rate and review restaurants according to their preferences. Thus, future customers are able to make more informed decisions while ordering food. 

  • Push Notifications 

The users should be given periodic push notifications about the latest updates, deals, discounts, promo offers, and delivery status. Above all, this improves the convenience of business and customer service. 

Features for Delivery Partners

Hiring a leading food delivery app development company can help you ensure the best features even for the delivery partners. Here are some critical features that you should include; 

  • Easy Registration

The delivery partners of the restaurant app should be easily able to register. In fact, there should be a system to verify their credentials. 

  • Profile Management

The delivery agents should also be able to customize and manage their profile and data on the food delivery app. Furthermore, they must be able to set their availability status according to their convenience/ 

  • Order Management

The delivery partners should be able to set the status of their delivery to “in progress”, “delivered”, or “canceled” according to the progress. 

  • Navigation

The food delivery app must include a proper navigation tool that can help the delivery agents to navigate smoothly. 

  • Delivery History

The delivery agents should be able to browse through their delivery history and manage individual customers. 

  • Earnings

This option will help the delivery agents to calculate their earnings, trips, schedules, and more. Thus, you should hire a leading mobile app development company to add this useful feature. 

Features for Admins/Restaurants

The admins and restaurants should be able to micro-manage every aspect of delivery and execution. Thus, you must include the following features during the food delivery app development process; 

  • Easy Registration with Multi-Level Access 

The admins should be able to easily register in order to manage the food delivery app. Plus, it must be possible to assign different admin rights for each admin.

  • Profile Management

The admins should also be able to edit or remove their personal information from the food delivery app. This would give them better control over their data. 

  • Content Management

This feature would allow the admins to manage menus, offers, and content on the food delivery app. Hire the best app developers to provide top-notch content management tools. 

  • Order Management

This feature allows the admins to manage each and every aspect of an order. 

  • Payment Management

This feature gives admins complete insights and control over the payments and earnings from the food delivery app. In fact, they are able to micro-manage transactions of individual orders and deliveries. Hiring a prominent food delivery app development company can help you develop a robust payment management system. 

2. Working on the UI/UX Design 

The UI/UX design is the most important aspect of mobile app development in today’s competitive age. Thus, hiring a trustworthy mobile app development company can help you ensure a minimalist, interactive, and user-friendly experience for the users. 

Let’s Explore the steps for a World-Class UI/UX Design 

  • Creating the Workflow & Architecture

This is basically all about defining the user journey and defining how the information will be shown to the users. Thus, you have to define how data will be collected and every possible user interaction with your food delivery app. The best app developers can help you use workflow diagrams to get a complete idea about user interactions. 

  • Creating Wireframes 

By hiring a trustworthy food delivery app development company, you can create the wireframes for your app. These are like digital blueprints of the conceptual layouts that give a better understanding of the final visual representations. Thus, wireframing provides an intuitive, strong, and device-specific user experience. 

  • Working on Prototyping 

Working on a prototype will provide you with a clickable visual representation of your food delivery app. Therefore, if you want to start prototyping then you must have experience with Figma and Invision. A good mobile app development company can help you to simulate the user experience and the food delivery app’s workflow in the real world. Thus, you will be able to conduct the initial testing of your app’s functionalities and design. 

3. The Food Delivery App Development Process 

This is the core development process in which you first need to finalize the development approach. There are three types of the app development processes; 

  • Native App Development 
  • Web App Development 
  • Hybrid App Development 

– Native App Development 

Native apps are developed for a specific operating system with a unique codebase (Android, iOS, or Windows). Furthermore, these apps have better performance and user experience. However, it takes more time and resources to build native apps. 

– Web App Development

Web apps work on a web browser and are considered to be cost-effective. They provide good functionalities by just building a robust mobile version of a website. However, they don’t provide the experience like native apps. 

– Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are a combination of native and web apps. They use the same codebase and a framework that provides an almost native app-like performance and functionalities.

After finalizing the development, the mobile app development company will help you in the development process. Their best app developers will integrate the best development tools, databases, and APIs to create the best user experience. They usually have years of experience in both Android app development and iOS app development. In fact, their experience will unify the back-end, API(s), and front-end together. 

In order to make the mobile app development process smooth and adaptable, they follow an Agile development approach. This approach helps them to stay proactive and adapt to changing markets and demands. This methodology is greatly used by a leading food delivery app development company like MobileCoderz. 

4. QA Testing of the Food Delivery App

The food delivery app development process isn’t complete without rigorous testing of the app. Thus, hiring the best app developers will help you ensure an app without bugs, glitches, errors, or faults. These are important testing stages that you must consider for your food delivery app; 

  • User Experience Testing 

The user experience testing process is important in both iOS app development and Android app development. In this process, we have to ensure that the final user experience aligns with the experience given by the design team. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your app has consistent styling elements, icon design, fonts, color schemes, navigation, etc. 

  • Functional Testing 

In functional testing, the QA team has to ensure that every function is working according to the intended plan. Therefore, you have to find out every possible testing scenario that might cause a bug or glitch in your food delivery app. 

  • Performance Testing 

This is a very important stage in both iOS app development and Android app development. In fact, you are able to learn about the overall performance of your food delivery app. Thus, try to evaluate the performance based on the following aspects; 

  1. The response of the food delivery app under particular user requests 
  2. The loading speed of the app under different loads 
  3. Everything about battery drainage or memory leaks 
  4. The optimum utilization of network bandwidth 
  5. The food delivery app package size 
  • Security Testing

Security is an important concern during iOS app development and Android app development. Therefore, you must conduct security testing during the food delivery app development process. It would help you ensure that your app is secure and safe from vulnerabilities. 

5. Deployment of Food Delivery App 

The deployment process is also not easy as it may seem. In fact, both iOS and Android have different guidelines and review processes for successful deployment. Thus, it would be best if you hire a mobile app development company to develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo. The best app developers will maintain a strict checklist to abide by the respective guidelines of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Food Delivery App Development Cost 

If you want to develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo, then you should also learn about the costs. However, you must understand that each food delivery app project differs from another project. Moreover, the final cost also depends on the features that you want to add to your app. 

Here are some factors that might determine the overall cost of developing food delivery app like Deliveroo; 

  • Number of features for the app 
  • The chosen platform 
  • Third-party plugins and integrations 
  • Design and app interface 
  • Hourly rates of the hired developers 

As mentioned above, it becomes hard to give a fair estimate of the food delivery mobile app development cost before evaluating the app’s requirements and features. Still, it usually costs around $15,000 to $20,000 to develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo. Furthermore, if you want a more accurate estimate then you should consider contacting a food delivery app development company. 

Why You Should Develop Your Food Delivery App With MobileCoderz? 

So, you must have learnt about the market potential and success of Deliveroo. Now, you must be curious to build your own food delivery app. MobileCoderz is a leading name when it comes to high-quality and cost-effective food delivery app development. We have the best app developers who have extensive experience in food and restaurant app development and have worked with multiple clients over the years. In fact, we have the top expertise in iOS app development and Android app development. Hire us to get a client-centric and quality mobile app development process.

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